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Widgets for SiteOrigin

A collection of highly customizable and thoughtfully crafted widgets. Built on top of the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle.

Widgets for SiteOrigin is a bundle of customizable, lightweight and responsive building blocks that can be used to create exciting digital experiences. The widgets can be use with either the SiteOrigin Page Builder or any other widgetized area.

Included widgets

  1. Blog Widget can be placed anywhere on your site and can use any of our five highly customizable design layouts. You can combine the variations of the available settings to create appealing magazine or news pages. You can create custom archives using the handy navigation feature.

  2. Portfolio Widget allows you to show off your work in a neat grid. The widget makes use of an optional customizable project type filter. When a project type is selected, only the projects from that category are listed. The projects can be displayed with either the default or gallery designs.

  3. Tabs Widget looks great inside any sized column. On smaller screens the tabs buttons stack up and are easy to use. Further customization is possible with the use of icons for each tab.

  4. Accordion Widget allows you to compartmentalize information and improve user experience on your site. Logically very similar to the tabs widget, the accordion stacks items in a vertical list. This widget also doubles up as a toggle widget by checking the option to open multiple toggles at once.

  5. Filter Accordion Widget extends on the accordion widget with the use of filters. The already compartmentalized accordion items can be further categorized and sorted using the filter bar above it.

  6. Audio Widget allows you to easily add audio to your site. The widget lets you upload a audio file which will then be wrapped in a custom player. The widget will probably be handy for musicians or podcasters.

  7. Video Widget makes it easy to add videos to your site. The widget allows you to either use self-hosted videos with a cover image and control themes, or use oEmbed to add videos from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo etc..

  8. Media Box Widget is a simple and elegant combination of text and media. This widget is a fantastic way to highlight small bits of information, such as skills, features or services you offer. Choose to use icons, images or an oEmbed link. In addition you can easily link to other webpages using a highly customizable button.

  9. Testimonial Widget is the best way to showcase quotes from your customers. The widget combines a quote, it's author, his/her image and a link back to their website. This is can be used on your Sales, Pricing or Home pages to encourage trust.

  10. Person Widget is a great way to highlight your personnel. This widget combines text, imagery and social media links to create a personal profile block. It can be a great addition to your Team, About Me or Home pages. You can increase the interactivity of the profile by choosing to place the social icons or the about me text over the profile image.

  11. Pricing Table Widget allows you to easily create pricing elements for your products or services. Create as many plans as you want, and control the title, features and pricing for each. You can also choose to make one or more plans featured. The widget is responsive and highly customizable.

  12. Slider Widget lets you choose from a number of slider settings and styling options to create simple image slider.

  13. Alert widgets are useful elements that can be dropped into a form or inline on a page. It can communicate success, warnings, failure or just information. Choose between 6 beautiful designs and an option to add a close button.

  14. Number Counter Widget is an engaging way to display numerical statistics to your visitors. This widget is commonly used as a marketing tool to impress visitors.

  15. Circle Counter Widget is a great way to display a single animated statistic. With the animation turned on, the circle will gracefully fill up, till it reaches its preset value. Using three to four of these circles side by side, lets your visitors learn a lot about you a single glance.

  16. Bar Counter Widget is a beautiful way to display useful stats to your visitors. With the animation turned on, the bars start filling up as they enter the viewport. The repeater field in this module lets you have as many bars as you need.

  17. The Divider widget is useful as a separator between different sections of your content. It is also a simple way to add horizontal spacing between different elements on your page.

  18. Button Widget can easily add buttons anywhere on your site. Choose between 6 beautiful and animated button designs with customizable settings such as colors, shape, size, alignment, icons, button hover effect and button click effect.

Additional Feature:

Visibility is a wonderful way to display specific widgets or rows for different screen sizes or screen orientations.

Widgets for SiteOrigin Pro is a premium plugin contain 6 premium addons.

  1. Enhanced Blog Widget Extends on the blog widget, and comes with a set of predesigned article templates. The widget also comes equipped with the default and AJAX powered navigation.

  2. Blog Slider Widget lets you easily add eye catching post sliders anywhere on your website. This widget is typically used at the top of pages and goes great in conjunction with the Blog Widget.

  3. Person Slider Widget is the best way to showcase your personnel on About Me or Team Member pages, where you would like to highlight their bio. This widget brings together text, imagery, social media links and a smooth slider in a cohesive manner. Use the many settings provided to create unique designs.

  4. Testimonial Slider Widget is a great way to encourage trust from your visitors by displaying quotes from your customers. This widget will snuggly fit in your Sales, Pricing or Home pages. Use the many settings provided to create unique designs.

  5. Chart Widget allows you to visualize your data in a number of different ways. Choose from 6 chart types, each of them animated, fully customizable and engaging.

  6. Animation feature lets you an easily animate widgets. Choose from 18 different animation effects.

Check out DEMO and DOCS.

The plugin now come with email support. Email us at team@wpinked.com. Purchasing the Pro plugin gives you prioritized support and help with minor customizations.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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