Webba Booking Lite


Webba Booking is a powerful and easy to use WordPress appointment plugin specially thought for Service providers to optimise their time and for the comfort of their customers.

Setup reservations with ease and quickly and let your customers to book appointments on any devices with a step by step simple booking process. It can be used by a big company or one specialist.


Demo page: webba-booking.com/demo/



Backup your custom translations before plugin update.

Key features:

  • Responsive layout
  • Service categories
  • Multiple booking in one session
  • Appearance customization
  • Javascript API
  • Services
  • Connections between service providers (chain booking)
  • Group booking
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Basic or Extended booking mode
  • Shortcode
  • Manual booking
  • Custom fields
  • Flexible time search
  • Split your workday as you want
  • Responsive back-end calendar
  • Holidays
  • Localization
  • Easy to start

Features available in Premium version:

  • Email notifications and reminders
  • Online payments with PayPal
  • CSV export

Please note:

Email Notifications, csv export and online payments features are visible here only for demo purpose. These features are only available on Premium.

More information at webba-booking.com.

Minimum Requirements
WordPress 3.6 or greater
PHP version 5.3 or greater
MySQL version 5.0 or greater


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Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser.

To do an automatic install of Webba Booking, log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Webba Booking” and click Search Plugins. Once you have found our plugin you can install it by simply clicking Install Now.

After clicking that link you will be asked if you are sure you want to install the plugin. Click yes and WordPress will automatically complete the installation.

Manual installation
The manual installation method involves downloading our plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favorite FTP application.

  1. Download the plugin file to your computer and unzip it
  2. Using an FTP program, or your hosting control panel, upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installations wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin.

Getting started
When the title of the plugin has appeared on your dashboard, you may start the setup. The following steps are required to make it possible for customers use your newly installed plugin:

Browse all the tab and fill with your datas and desired settings
Add a booking form to a website page.

Update to premium version

  1. Deactivate free version.
  2. Download the premium version from Envato.
  3. Install and activate premium version.


How can I embed the booking form into a post/page?

Just find the button Webba Booking form above content editor for a post or a page.


The free version is really only a demo


This is a review of the ‘Webba Booking Lite’ version, not the premium. And because the lite version does not send an email, you have absolutely no way of knowing if anyone has booked an appointment without continually logging in to WordPress to check. Not ideal! So therefore the Lite version is really only a demo at best.
HOWEVER, I understand an update to send an email to the administrator would enable the Lite version to be useful for an evaluation period.

PREMIUM 3 stars at best.
I would only give the premium version 3 out of 5 stars due to the lack of integration with Google Calendar or other external calendar. With the premium version you are dependent on checking your emails and then signing into WordPress. Not really ideal.

The need to integrate with Google Calendar is crucial so you can be instantly aware of bookings on all devices that integrate with Google Calendar… watches, tablets, phones etc. So whilst this booking plugin is highly developed, to use it in the real world to actually manage and respond to new bookings, it is CRITICAL you are made aware of any new appointments the moment they are made. So, Google Calendare (or some alternative way) has got to be at the very top of the roadmap. Alerting about new appointments is the requirement.
*** If it had this feature, I have to say we would buy this plugin immediately, no questions. ***

There is an option for a ‘schedule’ (service) to select an alternative form such as Gravity or ContactForm7 etc. It is not immediately clear that some adjustment is required to make this work, but as ever we developers never read the instructions. The instructions give a good explanation on how to make use of this excellent feature.

Add the ability for the Lite version to send an email to the administrator at least and the Lite version gets 4 stars.
Add support to the Premium version for Google Calendar API and you will probably move to the number one booking app. All the other features are just nice to haves… The ability to know when you have received a booking is simply the most important feature of all.

There are other significantly better free plugins simply because of the email alerts.
Because the paid version does not integrate with Google Calendar API, this limits the ability to ensure your team is instantly aware of a new booking without being dependent on reading an email.
If you do not need the Google integration then the paid version is likely to be a good choice. But it does cost more than many other excellent booking plugins, but it is very very good.

HOWEVER, this is one to watch, as it has SERIOUS potential to be possibly the best booking plugin ever if it gets support for the all important Google Calender API.

I amended this review to 3 Stars in anticipation of the Administrator alert email.

Great plugin & great support

Webba booking is easy to use and designed well.
You have wide range in customising it your needs.
Very fast and effective support as well as swift cooperation.

I like it

The support for this plugin is really quick. The support team helped me in every question. The plugin is really great.

Super module

5 stars
Good work team! It is exactly what i needed and you made a great job with it!

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Contributors & Developers

“Webba Booking Lite” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.1.10 27/03/2017

  • Improvements: input fields appearance in Safari mobile improved.
  • Improvements: time slots interface improved for services with flexible step.
  • Improvements: ability to set the step for services with multiple places per time slot.
  • Improvements: option to disable loading javascript files of pickadate popup calendar .
  • Improvements: option to set the limit of the booking in the multiple booking mode.
  • Improvements: new appearance option for checkout button in the multiple mode.
  • Improvements: option to make the phone field not required in a booking form.
  • Improvements: placeholders in the “Booking done” message.
  • Improvements: options validation improved.
  • Bug fix: hide checkout button on booking done.
  • Bug fix: incorrect message on deleting data in the backend tables.
  • Bug fix: bug in Safari with checkout button.

3.1.6 07/03/2017

  • Bug fix: bug with the loader animation.

3.1.5 27/02/2017

  • Improvements: autolock of group booking services improved (option to reduce count of available places).

3.1.4 24/02/2017

  • Bug fix: bug with multiple booking in one session on certain configuration.

3.1.3 20/02/2017

  • Improvements: multiple time slots selection in one session.
  • Improvements: group services by categories (shortcode improved).
  • Improvements: autolock feature improved (ability to lock appointments by service category).
  • Improvements: option to show customer’s local time in the time slots, based on time zone.
  • Improvements: additional masked input embeded (more compatibility with mobile devices).
  • Improvements: advanced appointments status system.
  • Improvements: customer’s comment length extended to 1024 symbols.
  • Improvements: jQuery no-conflict mode on front end (as option).
  • Improvements: checking current time bofore booking form submit.
  • Bug fix: bug on certain date formats in the appointments table.
  • Demo: CSV-export.

3.0.15 12/12/2016

  • Improvements: add, edit appointments in the appointment table.
  • Improvements: option to send a copy of emails to predefined email address.
  • Improvements: option to disable dates in popup calendar if no time slots available.
  • Improvements: option to set preparation time for the service to prevent booking on today, tomorrow etc.
  • Improvements: popup calendar style improved
  • Improvements: options interface improved

3.0.9 13/11/2016

  • Improvements: option to check if the rendered page has shortcode.
  • Improvements: time slot autolock feature.
  • Improvements: option to display cancel button.
  • Improvements: autolock on manual booking.
  • Bug fix: bug with booked timeslot when show booked slots enabled.
  • Bug fix: unable to select current day on 7 days services.
  • Bug fix: bug with autolock services with custom gaps.

3.0.5 27/10/2016

  • Improvements: custom fields in the appointment table.
  • Improvements: status wording improved.
  • Bug fix: form refreshing.
  • Bug fix: email templates with images.

3.0.4 22/10/2016

  • Improvements: compatibility with Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension.
  • Improvements: email validation improved.

3.0.3 16/10/2016

  • Improvements: option to hide the form when a booking is done.
  • Bug fix: update active time slot when a booking is done.
  • Demo: unlimited email templates for notifications and reminders.

3.0.1 06/10/2016

  • Improvements: schedule tools to lock and unlock range of dates..
  • Bug fix: booking form bug on IOS 9.

3.0.0 01/10/2016

  • Improvements: custom user roles for service access.
  • Improvements: custom user roles for service access.
  • Improvements: unavailable dates in date picker.
  • Improvements: Minor CSS improvements.
  • Bug fix: default book button text fixed.
  • Bug fix: date picker bug fix.
  • Demo: online payments interface.

2.2.6 22/08/2016

  • Improvements: appointments page.
  • Improvements: connection between services.
  • Improvements: frontend css improvements.
  • Improvements: editable form title with placeholders.

2.2.3 11/08/2016

  • Bug fix: error if appointment duration is less then 10 minutes.

2.2.2 10/08/2016

  • Improvements: Javascript API (enable to trigger custom js code on booking).

2.2.1 28/07/2016

  • Improvements: option to display booked time slot.
  • Improvements: option to edit booked time slot text (with placeholders).
  • Improvements: minor css improvements.
  • Bug fix: slot with 0 available.
  • Bug fix: error message in booking form with defined service.
  • Bug fix: time slot interval witout gap.
  • Bug fix: issue with the custom checkboxes.

2.1.7 11/07/2016

  • Improvements: Saving data on uninstall.

2.1.6 10/07/2016

  • Improvements: format of time on the time slot block.
  • Improvements: Detailed or simple timeslot view.
  • Improvements: CF7 select field validation (required / not required).

2.1.5 06/07/2016

  • Bug fix: phone mask issue.
  • Bug fix: list of users at service page.
  • Improvements: business hours setup with 15 minutes step.

2.1.2 27/06/2016

  • Minor backend improvements.

2.1.1 26/06/2016

  • Appointments limit removed.
  • Email notifications removed.

2.1.0 15/06/2016

  • HTML available for the translation settings.
  • Bug fix.

2.0.7 30/05/2016

  • Frontend css improved.
  • Service duration minimal limit removed.

2.0.4 19/05/2016

  • Minor bug fix.

2.0.0 07/05/2016

  • Appearance customization: 79 frontend design presets, 80+ options.
  • CF7 acceptance field support.
  • Active time slot visualization.
  • Minor bug fix.

1.3.3 24/03/2016

  • Color customization options.

1.3.1 01/03/2016

  • Team booking.
  • Frontend labels as editable options.
  • Minor backend interface improve.
  • Minor bug fix.

1.2.1 01/03/2016

  • Custom fields in booking form feature available.
  • Integration with the Contact Form 7.

1.1.0 02/02/2016

  • Appointment duration limit removed.
  • Romanian language available.
  • Russian language availabale.

1.0.8 22/01/2016

  • German language available.
  • Minor bug fix.

1.0.5 05/01/2016

  • French language available.
  • Minor bug fix.

1.0.4 16/12/2015

  • Booking form style updated
  • Translation enabled (pot-file included)
  • Bug fix

1.0.2 15/12/2015

  • Bug fix

1.0.1 10/12/2015

  • Backend interface improvements

1.0 07/12/2015

  • Initial release