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Gutenberg is now a reality. It brings with it, block based WYSIWYG approach while creating content in WordPress.
Unlike the single MCE editor of the past, each bit of content in Gutenberg is a block.
A paragraph, image gallery, blockquote, testimonial – they are all blocks. Blocks gives you more control and our plugin is developed to offer you more choices.
Our plugin is made with that in mind- making it easy to add blocks for gutenberg empowered blogs.

Easy Gutenberg Demos

Easy Blocks for Gutenberg is Editor Blocks based on Gutenberg Editor Plugin.

Installation Video Tutorial:

The introduction of blocks has necessitated the development of block plugins for WordPress. Our Easy Gutentberg Plugin (name) is also an humble attempt in that aspect. We have compiled few interesting blocks that should put at ease while using Gutenberg plugin.
Our plugin is basically, plug and play. If you’ve installed Gutenberg plugin, then all you need to do is install our plugin and you’re good to begin creating your blocks.
Currently, we have 7 different blocks. We have carefully curated the blocks that has been missing from other Gutenberg block plugins.

7+ Easy Blocks and Counting

Easy Blocks comes with 7 Blocks (Currently) to enhance your Gutenberg Editor Experience.

  1. Testimonial Block
  2. Alert Notification
  3. Call To Action
  4. Card Image and Text
  5. Image Content
  6. Heading & Sub Heading
  7. Blockquotes
  8. Testimonial Slider Block
  9. Click to Tweet Block
  10. Hero Image Block
  11. Instagram Block
  12. Author Box Block (Upcoming)
  13. Accordion Block (Upcoming)
  14. Teams Block (Upcoming)
  15. Team Slider (Upcoming)
  16. Number Block (Upcoming)
  17. Animate Counter (Upcoming)
  18. GDPR Conscent (Upcoming)
  19. Related Posts (Upcoming)
  20. Facebook Like Block (Upcoming)
  21. Logo Slider Block (Upcoming)
  22. Social Share Block (Upcoming)
  23. Blog Grid Block (Upcoming)
  24. Google Maps(GMap) Block (Upcoming)
  25. Maps Location (Upcoming)
  26. Banner Ads ( Upcoming )
    Many more are coming soon(by Weekly Update)

Are you Looking for Gutenberg Supported Theme?

Check out Polmo Lite, best Compatible Theme with Gutenberg and “Easy Blocks for Gutenberg” Plugin. Some Core Features of Polmo Lite:
– Modern and Clean Design
– Anchor functionality for One Page sites
– Parallax images in sections
– Custom Widget Areas
– Google Maps
– Blog Standard Layout
– Revolution Slider
– Service/Feature Box
– Testimonial Section
– Responsive Design
– Portfolio List shortcode
– Multiple customizable layouts for portfolio single items
– Portfolio Fullscreen Slider layouts
– Portfolio Single Gallery layouts
– Portfolio Single Masonry layouts
– Portfolio Full Width layouts
– Portfolio Custom layouts
– Portfolio Small Images layouts
– Portfolio Small Masonry Layouts
– Pricing Tables shortcode
– Team Section
– Client Carousel
– Image Gallery
– Post Type Supports- Standard, Image, Chat, Video, Gallery, Link, Status etc.

Some Features Of Our Easy Block Plugins –


The plugin is customizable by providing every element with lots of option to control every possible thing. You have the power to customize the blocks as per your choice.


The plugin does not allow messy code or extra asset which slow down your internet speed. It offers deactivation of unnecessary widgets to keep your site work smoothly.


We have an excellent and friendly support team for your assistance. Put your question in the support forum or you can contact us directly via live chat and contact form.

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  • Alert/Notification Block
  • Blockquotes Block
  • Call to Action Block
  • Card Block
  • Image Content Block
  • Testimoinial Block
  • Heading & Sub Heading Block
  • Click to Tweek Block
  • Hero Image or Banner Block
  • Instagram Block
  • Testimonial Slider


  1. Upload the Downloaded Folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You may need to refresh your Permalinks by going to Settings > Permalinks and tapping the Save button.


If you have any questions, please ask it on the support forum.

Can I use this Plugin without Gutenberg Plugin?

No, you cannot use Easy Gutenberg Plugin without “Gutenberg” Plugin. Because “Easy Blocks for Gutenberg” Plugin has Dependency with Gutenberg Plugin.

I’m Using WordPress v5.0. Do I need to Install “Gutenberg” Plugin?

No, since Gutnberg is on core with WordPress v5.0. You don’t need to Install “Gutenberg” Plugin.

How to Install this Plugin ?

Installation Process has been discussed on “Installation” Section. Video Tutorial will help you about Installation Process.

How to Configure this Plugin ?

Basically, there’s no Configuration required for using “Easy Blocks for Gutenberg” Plugin.

How to add Easy Blocks?

Navigate to any post or page which you want to edit. Then click on the plus button. Scroll down or search for “Easy Block”. Click on that option and you will see some blocks. Just add what block you like and edit the content.

“Easy Gutenberg Plugin” Installed but Not Working !!!

First, deactive Other “Gutenberg Blocks” plugin and try again. In most cases, it’ll be conflicting issue. Try Activate/Deactivate “Easy Blocks for Gutenberg” Plugin. If nothing works then post on our Support Form(Link Mentioned above).

How can I get faster Support?

We’ve two ways to give Supports for “Easy Blocks for Gutenberg” Plugin – Plugin Support Forum or Our Website Support. Since, this is a Free Plugin, Support reply may delay for answer but we’re Dedicated on our Website Support Forum.

I need Custom Blocks, can you Customize or Create for me?

We don’t provide Customization Support for Free Products. But, If you need to Create one we do Offer Customization Service.
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Working Great

I tried other Gutenberg Block Plugins, some plugin Blocks are broken. Tried "Easy Blocks" and on first sight looks very much professional. Developed with care. Keep up.
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Contributors & Developers

“Easy Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added: Added Hero Image Gutenberg Block
  • Added: Added Instagram Gutenberg Block
  • Fixed: Blocks Style issue Fixed


  • Upgrade: Version Bump


  • Update: WordPress 5.0 Style and Hooks Compatible
  • Added: Three new Blocks added – Hero Image, Testimonial Slider, Click etc
  • Fixed: Title and Sub Title Section Style Fixed
  • Fixed: Broken Styles on WordPress 5.0 fixed
  • Fixed: Call to Action Style Fixed
  • Upgrade: Version Bump


  • Minor Change in CSS Styles


  • Fixed: Fixed “InspectorControls”, “BlockControls” with “wp.editor” bug
  • Added: Working on Testimonial Sliders
  • Upgrade: Version Bump


  • Version Bump


  • Version Bump


  • Major Release on Structure Updates


  • Date: [20.Nov.2018]https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-blocks-for-gutenberg/)
  • Updated: Welcome Page Styled
  • Added: Welcome Page – Supported Free Themes Block
  • Added Navigations- How to Use, Documentation, Support, Free Themes and Changelogs
  • Free Themes: VideoStories, Polmo Lite, Reader WP Lite, Jewel Blog, Revideo, Videofy, Videomag, Videofire, Ultimate AMP
  • Update: “Polmo Lite” WordPress Theme has been updated with “Essential Blocks” Plugin Support
  • Added: Welcome Page – Demo links, Features Block, Documentation, Support, Changelogs
  • Removed: Removed Settings Page, all the Settings were on Blocks. So, there’s no need Settings Page. We’ll think about in future
  • Fixed: Renamed Title & Sub Title to Heading & Sub Heading, fixed style issue on text align
  • Fixed: Heading & Sub Heading Section Text * Block Alignment issue fixed on Front end
  • Fixed: Menu Icon Fixed
  • Fixed: Menu Name changed from “UGB” to “Essential Blocks”
  • Update: Block Keywords modified can be found now anything search like “EGB”, “Alert”, “Card” etc. Any text matching will show Search panel


  • Date: [18.Nov.2018]https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-blocks-for-gutenberg/)
  • Added: Welcome Page Added on WordPress Essential Blocks for Gutenberg Plugin
  • Fixed: Admin Notice Issue, Date issue fixed, Plugin Name and Link issue fixed. Wrong Link on Rating issue fixed
  • Fixed: Alert Block, Blockquotes Block Styling issue fixed.
  • Added: New Blocks – Call to Action Block, Card Block, Image and Content Block, Testimonial Block, Title and Sub Title Blocks were added.
  • Added: Welcome Page added


  • Date: [12.Nov.2018]https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-blocks-for-gutenberg/)
  • Fixed Block Style issues


  • Date: [09.Nov.2018]https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-blocks-for-gutenberg/)
  • Initial Release