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Casengo Live Chat Support

Live Chat by Casengo, fully functional, easy to use and has great design! Install live chat support on your WordPress site today!

Casengo Live Chat Support allows you to add live chat to your website quickly and easily. With Casengo Live Chat Support, you can handle questions via live chat, email directly from your website. Casengo Live Chat Support helps you to respond faster to questions than ever, and to improve their satisfaction with a delicious combination of live chat and email.

Casengo Live Chat Core Features & Benefits

  • Casengo supports WhatsApp as a customer service channel. WhatsApp has been integrated to help businesses communicate with customers
  • Live Chat Customization. Change look and feel of live chat button and form
  • NEW Forward cases. Use Casengo to forward cases to people outside of your customer support team.
  • NEW Mobile App. Use Casengo on your phone or tablet.
  • NEW Pro-active. Increase online conversion by automatically a chat window after 5 seconds
  • Multi-brand. Manage multiple websites from within Casengo
  • Knowledge base. Boost self-service with the Casengo FAQ plugin
  • Team collaboration. Easily ask co-workers to help out
  • Quick replies. Quickly provide customers with the right answer
  • Mailboxes. Manage multiple mailboxes from within Casengo
  • Reporting. know your company's peak periods
  • Flex users. Add short-time users for flexible support
  • In the cloud. Handle customer enquiries from anywhere
  • Instant overview. Customer status clear at a single glance
  • Simple setup. No training or technical knowledge needed
  • Hybrid messaging. Seamlessly blend live chat with email and WhatsApp messages
  • Whatsapp. You can now connect your Whatsapp account with Casengo to support your customers directly with Whatsapp
  • Check out this video about Whatsapp in Casengo

    Check out the Casengo Live Chat Video

    To configure the live chat support plugin, you need a Casengo Live Chat account. Have an account already? Way to go! If not, sign up here. You'll be ready to go in two minutes tops. Casengo Live Chat is free to trial for 14 days.

    It's really easy. Get started in 2 minutes tops.

  • Step 1. Create a free trial Casengo Live Chat account at casengo.com/register
  • Step 2. Log into your WordPress Admin Site, search for plugin 'Casengo Live Chat' and install it.
  • Step 3. Go to the Casengo Live Chat config section in WordPress and set your unique Casengo subdomain, color theme and position!
  • ...et voila, on your website you'll discover your very own live chat button, ready to be clicked on by your happy customers!

    Do you want to chat or support your customers on the go? Use the free Casengo mobile app:

  • Click here for the Android app
  • Click here for the iPhone and iPad app
  • Do get in touch with tips or questions, as we're constantly working on making Casengo Live Chat the best, fastest and smartest customer support tool ever. More happy customers!

    Questions or suggestions? Click here to chat with us. We'd love to help you out.

    Casengo's Live Chat happy customers

    Lots of companies, small and large, have been using Casengo Live Chat for a while now. Check out these testimonials to find out what they think about our customer support software.

    "We opted for Casengo Live Chat from day one, as it is a very user-friendly Cloud customer service app with an attractive pricing model. Casengo Live Chat allows us to centralize all customer enquiries - whether through email, live chat or WhatsApp - in one single inbox. This is critical for providing excellent service to our users. The Casengo Live Chat app is plug and play: setting up the account took us hardly two minutes, and installation of the WordPress Live Chat widget was just as easy." - Philippe Joly, Yelo

    "We decided to use Casengo Live Chat mainly because we'd be able to get started right away. You hardly need any technical knowledge to get this live chat and customer support app running." - Dorians Hofs, Parfumswinkel.nl

    "I downloaded the Casengo Live Chat plugin for WordPress. The live chat button appeared in one go, and I was able to change both its text and colour to match our corporate identity. Brilliant!" - Davy van de Haar, BeLikeUs

    "Since using Casengo Live Chat, we can respond to our customers 3 times as fast. It surprised us how easily customers switch between email and live chat. Casengo's Live Chat just so simple." - Dick Franken, Takeaway.com

    About Casengo

    Casengo’s cloud application for customer support empowers online retailers and other small businesses to respond to customer questions faster and better than ever. One team inbox for customer chats, emails and WhatsApp messages. Passionately founded in 2011, devised and developed in Amsterdam. Casengo's Live Chat Cloud-based, affordable customer support software brings the human touch back into customer service and live chat. Regardless of channel type, it simplifies real-time conversation by presenting a unique Live Chat Hybrid Messaging Timeline. Whether a company consists of just one person or a large team, it's always time to Casengo.

    Casengo support more than 50.000 customers and was recently named "1 of the hottest startups in Europe" by Wired.com.

    Go to casengo.com for more information on product features and pricing.

    Requires: 3.3 or higher
    Compatible up to: 4.3.8
    Last Updated: 1 year ago
    Active Installs: 1,000+


    4.4 out of 5 stars


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