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Store Locator Plus is a location mapping and directory system with over 10,000 active installations.
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Store Locator Plus has all the features you need to create a location finder on your website.
Whether you have ten locations or ten-thousand, you can manage them with WordPress.
There is no special programming or extra setup required.
Enter your locations, create a page and put the SLPLUS short code on it.
The Store Locator Plus search form and map will “magically” appear.

The Store Locator Plus plugin is used by some of the biggest international brands like Bosch, Goodwill, Old Spaghetti Factory, and The Big Green Egg.
It has been used to created interactive store finder maps, service directories, and as a product finder.
Visit the SLP Customers page to see a sample of some of the people that are using the plugin today.


  • Supports tens or tens-of-thousands of locations.
  • Fully customizable with basic HTML and CSS which can be managed via the admin panel with select Add Ons.
  • A bundled REST API provides an easy way to build mobile apps and custom framework interfaces.
  • Supports multiple countries and languages.
  • Extensive Add On library available.
  • Free support at our forum.


Get It All with a Premier Subscription

This optional subscription service is a great way to support the plugin.
The subscription is not required; your base plugin as well as any add-on packs will always remain fully functional.
The Premier Subscription gives subscribers access to Premier-Member-only sections of the site including a “always first” support forum where questions are answered within 1 business day and follow on direct email is provided for more complex questions or issues.
Premier Members have access to the live chat Slack channel for Store Locator Plus.
Premier Members have an “everything offered” downloads page which includes all production plugins and add-on packs as well as early access to pre-release products.
Subscription pricing is locked in at the original price when signing up even as the features and services grow.
Premier subscriptions include the Premier Plugin with new features added on a regular basis.
WooCommerce integration, territories, cluster map markers, and more come with the Premier add on.

Customize The User Experience with the Experience add-on.

  • Custom tailor the results output with a custom HTML/shortcode admin entry.
  • Change sort order on the the results.
  • Works with other add-on packs, like Tagalong, to show per-location icons.
  • Modify location field labels.
  • Custom tailor the search form with a HTML/shortcode admin entry.
  • Turn the search interface on/off.
  • Works with other add-on packs to display category drop downs, tag drop downs, and other search features.
  • Custom tailor the map info bubble custom HTML/shortcode admin entry.
  • Center the starting map at any location in the world.
  • Turn the map display on or off or let the user decide with a slider switch.
  • Modify the built-in Google Map controls.
  • Put location search in your widget-enabled areas.
  • Direct users to the default map page, or show results right in the widget area.

Enterprise Location Management and Reporting via Power

  • Location Sensor support.
  • Data import and export.
  • Location search reporting.
  • Categorize locations.
  • Assign map markers and icons to locations.
  • Assign multiple categories to a single location.
  • Create SEO friendly per-location pages.
  • Directory building options.
  • City/State/Country list can link directly to the locator page with automatic search results showing the locations.
  • Adds a dozen extra contact specific data fields for each location.
  • Adds a half-dozen new fields to the basic location data.

Third Party Add-Ons

Allow Users To Manage Locations with User Managed Locations

  • Provides a user capabilities interface to grant/deny access to SLP location management on a user-by-user basis.
  • Site administrators have access to the full management interface.
  • Users granted location management capabilities can add, edit, and delete locations they own from their WordPress login.

Add Custom Data Fields with Extended Data Manager

  • Add custom data fields to your location data.
  • Choose which fields to show or hide, including fields created by other add-ons.

Add Social Media links for all of your locations with Social Media Extender

  • Setup links to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or Instagram
  • Add any social media service with a configurable URL and icon builder
  • Show the icons on the search result listings

Connect Gravity Forms with Gravity Forms Integration

  • Use Gravity Forms to build forms that load up location data from site visitors.

Add Events with Event Location Manager

  • Connect your locations to specific events.


Support for the plugin can be found in the Forums.

If you have an urgent issue or want one-on-one support you can purchase premium support.

You can also view the Product Documentation for more information.

Special Requests

I accept feature requests for all plugins. The most requested features will make it into the next version if time permits.

If you need something NOW, or are looking for something beyond a basic “tweak” of the plugin, please check out the
Customization Service.

Upgrades and Patches

The main product will always remain fully functional and free. The product is tested with each new WordPress release and updated as required.

If you’d like to have some of the latest “bells & whistles” purchasing add-ons is a great way to help support product development.

My Philosophy

I strive to create code that runs efficiently and without bugs. Well-written plugins are few and far between. While there are plenty of plugins that look nice, many of those plugins, including the “cool shiny ones” have hidden problems. Over 90% of the plugins available on the WordPress plugin directory generate dozens, if not hundreds, of warnings and errors when you turn off the “hide all the problems” settings.

These hidden problems impact memory usage, fill up disk space, and reduce performance. While you may not see the errors on your WordPress site, they are still being tracked. The more errors, the more disk I/O, the slower the app.

During my 20 years of software development, I have found that leaving “innocuous” warnings in place tends to lead to trouble further down the road. Warnings today often become errors tomorrow. Many programming languages, PHP included, continue to tighten security and close loopholes that are typically found living near warning messages. Some warnings are telling you to “change this now, it will be gone tomorrow”. Eventually tomorrow will come.

While my plugins may not be the prettiest on the block, I do try to make sure that all the hidden stuff you don’t see is designed as well as it can be. My code is not perfect, but when I find a bug I try to fix it fast. If I create a bug I try to fix it even faster.

I like to write plugins that last. I hope you appreciate my work.

Rate This Plugin

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Rating the plugin, hopefully with 5 stars, helps increase the exposure on WordPress, which generates more downloads and purchases of add-ons.
The more add-ons I sell the easier it is to put food on the table and give me more time to code cool new features.

Give us a chance to address your concerns if this plugin doesn’t earn 5 stars by contacting us directly or by posting in the support forum at the website.



You can find the Getting Started With Store Locator Plus Video on YouTube.


  • WordPress: 3.8 (Version 4.4 is recommended)
  • jQuery: 1.7 (same as WordPress 3.3, comes with WordPress)
  • PHP 5.2.4 (Version 5.6 is recommended for security reasons, per WordPress)
  • MySQL 5.0.15 (Version 5.6 is recommended for security reasons, per WordPress)

Main Plugin

  1. Search for “Store Locator Plus” via Plugins/Add New on your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Click install.
  3. Get a Google API key and save it under the General / Server / API Key settings.
  4. Add your locations through the ‘Locations’ page in the Store Locator admin panel
  5. Create or edit a page and add the [SLPLUS] shortcode.


Installation Instructions

You can find the Getting Started With Store Locator Plus Video on YouTube.


  • WordPress: 3.8 (Version 4.4 is recommended)
  • jQuery: 1.7 (same as WordPress 3.3, comes with WordPress)
  • PHP 5.2.4 (Version 5.6 is recommended for security reasons, per WordPress)
  • MySQL 5.0.15 (Version 5.6 is recommended for security reasons, per WordPress)

Main Plugin

  1. Search for “Store Locator Plus” via Plugins/Add New on your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Click install.
  3. Get a Google API key and save it under the General / Server / API Key settings.
  4. Add your locations through the ‘Locations’ page in the Store Locator admin panel
  5. Create or edit a page and add the [SLPLUS] shortcode.
How do I report a bug?

Post in the support forum.
You can also contact us via email.

What are the Add Ons?

Add ons extend the functionality of the plugin beyond the basic service and features and can be purchased ala-carte.
This gives those customers who want more out of the plugin the extra features they desire while keeping the main plugin as
efficient as possible for everyone else. It also provides a great way to support future development while getting a
“little something extra” when contributing to the development of the product.

All plugins are true add-on packs. They are non-destructive OPTIONAL additions to the base plugin.
They do not require the base plugin to be uninstalled or re-installed.
Installing an add-on pack will not change location data or modify base plugin settings.

What are the terms of the license?

The license is GPL. Learn more on the License Terms page.

How can I translate the plugin into my language?

Store Locator Plus is now part of the WordPress Translate system.

You can translate this readme file and the text strings in the main Store Locator Plus plugin at Translate.WordPress.Org.

For the Add Ons, the language files are distributed with each add-on pack.
If you translate an Add On send the .po and .mo files to


Super! Great customer support.

After a really nice chat with Cici, I decided to change my review to 5/5 stars. The plugin really works great, and I don’t know what I thinking before. Everyone should try this out for themselves.

Fantastic Plugin & Support

This is a really excellent plugin that works exactly as advertised, with premium add-ons that extend the functionality depending on exactly how robust and granular you are looking to get. I had a minor issue with one version and support was friendly, fast, detailed, and thorough. This is one of those plugins you want to pay for or extend just because of how easy and well it works for the purpose it’s intended for.

Fantastic Plug-in And Support

Love the SLP plug-in. You load it and it just works. Should you need support with the product, Cici is there to help. Not only does she provide you with a solution to your issue but she also takes the time to educate you on troubleshooting. I would recommend this plug-in to others.

Works as expected – great support

We’re using this plugin for over two years now. From the beginning with a bench of expansion packs like Experience, Tag, Pro and so on. Even most of all updates went fine, except one or two where the page was broken completely. However the fix was provided very quickly and we continued working with the newest version. The plugin meets our requirements and it has been kept updated very often. Due to that it was absolutely ok for us that they changed the add on strategy after more than 2 years. If you want to have something valuable, then you have to pay for it. We missed the announcement for the coupon period but asking support they provided us new coupons for purchasing the new plugins. Support and product definitely provides the values which we’ve paid for.
Thanks again for the great support.

Works As Advertised

Pretty easy to setup. Got my 6 locations loaded and the map on my site in less than 20 minutes. Didn’t need to use support so I can’t comment on that. Does what I need and was quick and easy. Perfect for me. Might even play with the add ons to update the look of it after I get my site cleaned up. Good job!

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Contributors & Developers

“Store Locator Plus for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Store Locator Plus for WordPress” has been translated into Swedish. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Store Locator Plus for WordPress” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code or subscribe to the development log by RSS.




  • The “Experience” tab is now named “Settings” to better reflect its purpose.



  • Use minified admin CSS when available.
  • Fix CSS loading with some themes that are not co-mingling minified and non-minified CSS properly such as the Store Locator Plus theme we use on our SLP branded sites.



  • Use WP Best Practices minimalist plugin loader approach to reduce overall WordPress plugin overhead.


  • Fix problem in activation module when upgrading from older SLP modules that would break some sites on initial distance calculation.



  • Improved add on update checking.
  • Extended JavaScript interface for external applications including MySLP.
  • Code simplification for less disk & memory storage.
  • Improved code architecture takes advantage of PHP5 and PHP7 caching,especially opCache which can significantly improve performance.
  • Much less data I/O during location search means slightly faster location searches that use less RAM on the server when running.



  • Fix Map Center setting for users upgrading from SLP 4.7.3/4.7.4 where map center was stored incorrectly.



  • Custom Map Markers and Icons now has a direct upload interface with media manager.


  • Legacy Widgets Add On no longer supported, use Experience


Fix the rogue “add_on” for people that upgraded from an older version of SLP.



  • A new plugin style gallery taps into our live style server for a wider selection of map styles.
  • Premier Member styles from our style gallery is now shown alongside standard plugin styles.
  • Add new [slp_option name=”” ifset=”div”] layout controls for better UX building.


  • Address bug in valid lat/lng test which impacts numerous location validation and map center tasks. Impacts any longitude starting with zero as second digit after 1 such as -10. locations.


  • Legacy Enhanced Search Add On no longer supported, use Experience.
  • Legacy Add Ons Enhanced Map, Enhanced Results, Pro Pack no longer reset to default SLP layout settings if left empty.
  • Drop support for slp_render_map hook.


2017 URL and branding updates. The WordPress plugin site is now at



  • Faster DB loading of options.
  • Added support for cron hooks in smart options.
  • Update admin CSS menus for narrow displays.
  • Improved schedule jobs processing and messaging for Power and Premier add ons.
  • Allow enqueue of minified admin.css files.
  • Revised lat/long field type and created index for improved performance.


  • Dismissible notification events.



  • Faster Map Rendering.
  • Add support for results interaction with add on packs.
  • Gracefully capture invalid REST API requests for smart options that do not exist.
  • Highlight related settings when hovering over a setting.


  • Update to plugin style manager to stop dropping/duplicating style files.



  • Add hooks and filters to allow add ons to extend the Plugin Style headers.
  • Add Serbia as a supported country.


  • Add on updates now fire after SLP has been initialized. Required for inline Premium Plugin updates.
  • Fix bug when turning on Show Map Togle with Enhanced Map or Experience Add On.


  • Drop support for Pages add on older than version 4.4.04.
  • Drop support for Enhanced Search older than 4.4.