• Im pretty angry and disappointed with the way the development of this plugin suite has been managed. After buying all the plugins and spending hundreds of pounds they made everything defunct and push a service plugin. I make it a point of avoiding the companies which take advantage of customers or who keep churning their business model. I am looking elsewhere to put my money.

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    The MYSLP SaaS subscription was suggested for those who do not wish to update and maintain the plug-in nor the requirement to have a paid Google API key (not the plugins demands, but googles). It is never forced on anyone, it was most likely a suggestion as the least cumbersome manner to get the best results especially for the clients who may have unique search parameters, international locations that Google tends to mangle. Updates to WordPress and gpoogle rewiring to be a paid API service changes how ALL locator plugins work. There have been other locator plugins that simply stopped providing updates and went out of business because of all the changes in this environment.
    We apologize if you took any suggestions from support as being taken advantage of. To tell you the truth there just isn’t any MONETARY margin to be made on these plugins, nor the SaaS model. If anyone has been taken advantage of, it is all the developers who coded THEIR free PLUGINS to incorporate the COMPLEX Google MAPS API service that has been constantly changing, We sincerely wish you success in your future endeavors.

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