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SP Project & Document Manager

Project & Document Manager. file sharing & management tool to upload, share, track, group, distribute & organize any type of document.

Project & document management plugin, Businesses & Organization utilizing this application can maintain documents, records, files, videos and images. You can organize, manage client, student & supplier documents and accounts, control individual documents, and select specific distribution of documents all in an easy to manage online process.

The plug-in also demonstrates how quickly a business can take hold of their interactions with clients, sales organization, vendors, and all in between. With a straight-forward layout, access to template modifications and easy to manage features; clients can add and modify projects. The plug-in provides assurances that the user has complete control over the flow of information.

Works with WordPress Multi Site!

We now have an extensive documentation library http://learn.smartypantsplugins.com/

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We also now offer a premium version; please check out our website for more information: http://smartypantsplugins.com/sp-client-document-manager/

You can try a 30 day trial of the premium along with all the addons here http://www.documanaged.com/register/

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Industries Served

  • Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Legal, Education ,Consulting, Research firms Government, Architecture, Printers, Photographers, Manufacturing, Chemical, Distributors, Web Developers, Virtual offices, Media to name a few

Overall Features

  • Enhanced file and document security
  • Ability to choose and upload multiple files
  • Delete uploaded documents
  • Automatically zip multiple files
  • Custom Forms
  • Search by file name
  • Ability to allow deleting documents and files
  • Renaming of projects
  • Disable user uploads (View Only)
  • Disable user deleting of files
  • Ability to translate plugin to multiple languages using the .po files.
  • File Logging
  • Responsive

Client / Customers

  • Clients upload files and Documents online to their own personal page
  • Clients can create or add to existing projects

Administrator Side Features

  • Complete control on who can access specific files
  • Turn off ability for Clients to upload documents instantly.
  • Notification via email when a client uploads a file
  • Add files and documents to client page and projects
  • Download file archive of a user
  • Custom Naming of files
  • Create multiple upload locations
  • 50 latest uploads on main plugin page
  • Force downloads of file
  • Delete confirmation with custom notification
  • Thank you confirmation with custom notification
  • Add staff, supplier's, vendors, sub-contractors or partner's so you can distribute the files to other people
  • Attach file or send the file as a link
  • Projects allow you or the users to create projects to store files in
  • Allow the user to create projects
  • Ability to add files to any user
  • Download all the files of a project in a single zip file
  • Add multiple admin emails to receive files
  • Advanced admin file manager
  • Assign custom capabilities to user roles
  • File Logging

Premium Features

  • Mobile ready with a updated responsive layout
  • Add custom fields to your client upload form, Sort the fields, view them in the file view page or in admin
  • Search by tags
  • Change text for category (ex: Status)
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Auto deletion of files based on a time you set.
  • Thumbnail view mode for a windows explorer type look and feel.
  • Automatically create thumbnails of pdfs and psds (must have image magick installed on server)
  • File versioning system, don't lose old versions
  • Upload multiple files
  • File progress bar
  • Allow users to collaborate on files by creating groups
  • Switch between list view and thumbnail view
  • Assign a file or files to a category

Premium Add-on Features

  • Standalone Dashboard for your customers - Great for Branding
  • Integrate wordpress roles and buddypress groups. When you share a project with a group everyone from that group has access to those files.
  • Batch operations - batch delete and move files to different folders. Download files as a zip archive keeping directory structure intact.
  • Dropbox integration to allow your users to import files directly from their dropbox
  • Google Drive Importer, supports multiple files
  • One Drive Importer
  • Add unlimited sub folders for better organizing
  • Share projects with buddypress and wordpress roles!
  • AES Encryption to secure file data
  • Text alert notifications
  • Form manager which allows you to build forms to have your users input
  • Remote linking to link to external files not part of the document manager
  • Local Importer
  • Tasks and Reminders for files


  • Add Categories
  • Manage Categories allow an admin to designate categories for the user to select, for example a print company could use categories as statuses (Mockup, Draft and Final)


  • Allow a user to create folders
  • Collaborate with other users with groups
  • Assign a file or files to a project
  • Manage Folders


  • Client can view all categories set by admin

Full Support Available through email or Skype. Add-on packs available for more features!

Current Languages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian


Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 5 days ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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