SiteSpeaker TTS Plugin


The SiteSpeaker text-to-speech widget is embedded into your posts and give users an alternate way to consume your content as audio.


  • User sees a 'Listen to this article' button at the top of every post.
  • When clicked, the button expands into an audio player and starts speaking.


  1. Sign up for a free SiteSpeaker account.
  2. After signup, login to the customer dashboard and add your website domain(s).
  3. Click on ‘Get Code’ in the dashboard and note down your API key.
  4. Install the SiteSpeaker plugin through the WordPress plugins store.
  5. Activate the plugin through the ‘SiteSpeaker Settings’ menu in WordPress.


What is Text to Speech(TTS) technology?

Text to Speech technology reads aloud digital text—the words on computers, smartphones and tablets. TTS helps people with learning disabilities improve their reading comprehension.

How does SiteSpeaker work?

The SiteSpeaker widget appears at the top your posts as a button labeled “Listen to this article”. When clicked, the button is replaced by an audio player that plays back the synthesized speech of your article content.

How is SiteSpeaker sold?

SiteSpeaker provides a free plan for customers with small websites and low traffic. Beyond a level of usage, you will be asked to upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go plan, which is billed based on the number of listens per month.

Is SiteSpeaker billed on the domain or account level?

A SiteSpeaker account can have any number of domains. Billing is based on the cumulative number of listens per month for that account.

Where can SiteSpeaker be purchased?

SiteSpeaker can be purchased globally in any country using a credit card.

How do your website’s users use it? Do my users have to download anything?

Users of SiteSpeakers simply click on the play button of our website widget to use SiteSpeaker.

Do users need to download anything to use SiteSpeaker.

Users do not download anything to use SiteSpeaker.

Which devices and browsers support SiteSpeaker?

SiteSpeaker supports all device types including desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Does SiteSpeaker work on HTTPS and password protected websites?

SiteSpeaker works in HTTPS and password protected environments.

What CMS’s do SiteSpeaker support?

SiteSpeaker supports all CMS’s and has a direct plugin with WordPress.

What languages do SiteSpeaker support?

SiteSpeaker currently supports 25+ languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Chinese Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Arabic.

What kind of data and reporting does SiteSpeaker collect and share?

SiteSpeaker collects the URL of the article listened to, time of day, device type(desktop/mobile), OS, and GEO.

Do users have to signup/login to SiteSpeaker to use it?

Users do not need to signup or login to use SiteSpeaker.

Where does SiteSpeaker recommend a webmaster place the Listen button on a website?

SiteSpeaker recommends websites to place the widget on the top of articles or in a visible place above the fold in the content.

Does SiteSpeaker sell my website’s user data?

SiteSpeaker doesn’t sell website user data.

Does SiteSpeaker support native mobile apps?

SiteSpeaker does not support native mobile apps at this time.

Does SiteSpeaker support DOCs and PDFs?

SiteSpeaker does not support DOCs or PDFs at this time.

Can I cancel?

SiteSpeaker can be cancelled anytime.


August 5, 2021
This team should be a prime example of great support service! Would like to commend the support person who helped me but I didn't get the name, unfortunately. You are awesome! The plugin works and is easy to set up, sounds amazing, and shows up in the right place! Great product/project keep up the good work.
February 22, 2020
Thank you very much, it works very well unlike others.
December 24, 2019
I've tested every speech-to-text plugin I could find, but there were always one problem or the other. And then I found this delightful critter that just worked beautifully from the start. It's also an attractive addition to my posts. Great stuff, guys!
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