• I’m not a techie, just a “user-type,” so when a reader asked me to add text-to-voice capability to my blog, it was intimidating. However, I tackled the challenge.

    I searched around, found one that I tried and … it was scary what it ended up doing! So, I tried again and came across SiteSpeaker.

    I found this plug-in super simple to figure out and add to posts (FYI #1 … Just add a “Short Code” block into your post and cut and paste the code that Site Speaker provides when you set up an account … which is free).

    I found a voice that is perfect for the content of my blog. Diction and pacing are excellent.

    I had what I thought was a technical issue and within a couple of hours (on a Sunday!), I had an answer explaining why this happened (FTI #2 … it takes 30 min. for the plug-in to refresh its cache, so if you make a change to your post’s text, it won’t be reflected in the text-to-voice version for 30 min. … quite manageable).


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