Shorthand Connect


This plugin will allow premium Shorthand users to connect their WordPress installation to Shorthand ( This will allow users to single click publish Shorthand stories into WordPress.

Experimental Features

  1. Import media assets via cron – This feature allows your WordPress installation to ingest Shorthand Story assets via a delayed CRON. This feature was introduced for users with VIP Hosted sites and those who have hard timeout limits set.


Future Directions

  • A nicer feed view of the story


  • If you are experiencing issues related to assets being loaded via http (and your site is using https), check your settings and ensure that the site URLs are set to https.


Only try these after experiencing issues

  • Firstly make sure that your www directory is owned by the correct user
  • In your wp-config.php file, add define('FS_CHMOD_DIR', 0777 );
  • Contact and for further support and feedback
  • Some WP Plugins can aggressively cache or control how content is displayed at the theme-level; check page templates to ensure nothing is conflicting.


  • Coming soon


  1. Install the search for the plugin and install it within wp-admin.
    • Or alternately upload shorthand_connect to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings -> Shorthand to add your Shorthand API Token retrieved in the next step.
  4. Get your API token from (Only Admin/Owners will have access to generate API Tokens)
    • Open the workspace settings; either by clicking your organisation name from the dashboard OR from the top right menu when editing a story.
    • Under the sub-heading API Tokens generate either a Team Token or Workspace Token.
      • A Team Token only has access to published/prepared stories under the associated team.
      • A Workspace Token has access to all published/prepared stories.
  5. Optionally change the CSS settings in the options to best present stories within your theme.
  6. Optionally your theme can override the display of Shorthand stories via single-shorthand_story.php in your theme directory.
  7. Optionally apply post-processing in the form of regex queries; within Settings, Post-Processing.
      "query": "/<title>(.*?)<\\/title>/",
      "query":  "/regex string/",
      "replace":"String to replace it"



  • If you have any questions, please contact


December 6, 2017
Include easily a Shorthand Story to wordpress. It could have more customization options, but it does the job. Keep in mind, the plugin will download the content of the story to your wordpress, so if you don’t have enough memory, wordpress will crash while trying to update/publish the story
January 17, 2017 1 reply
In theory this would be a great plugin for letting clients drop their Shorthand stories into their own websites rather than manually uploading the files to the server. However, there are a number of problems with the plugin that make it basically unusable in its current form. The main one is that the default template for a Shorthand story includes get_header() and get_footer(), and drops the Shorthand story in using the_content(). This means that what should be a full-width design is actually crammed into the content area of a default template, however wide that is. The plugin seems to assume that get_header() and get_footer() don’t include content wrapping tags, but that’s not a helpful assumption. The plugin also drops the entirety of its HTML code into the_content() including the <title> tag and <meta> tags such as viewport, Open Graph, Twitter and charset. That’s a strange decision given that the body tag isn’t written out in that code. Either you assume that the body tag hasn’t been written and include the meta tags, or you write the body tag yourself. This wouldn’t matter so much if you were able to override the default template by using a single-shorthand_story.php template file in your theme, but this doesn’t override the template provided by the plugin, so your choice is to edit the plugin files – which would get overwritten by any updates – or use the default template. Finally, even if you do edit the template file in the plugin just to drop in the Shorthand content, the content doesn’t render correctly for some reason – there are missing slides which seem to be overlaid by other ones. It also tries to load non-existent web fonts from the shorthand directory, meaning that the fonts aren’t rendered correctly. Perhaps there are ways around this, but that’s difficult to tell because Shorthand haven’t seen fit to write any documentation on how to use the plugin here in the plugin directory and just direct you to their support email addresses, which isn’t acceptable for basic usage instructions. Two stars for something that does sort of work, with an easy-to-set-up API connection, but this needs significant improvement, including basic documentation, before it’s usable.
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  • API Fixes
  • Fixes to sanitisation handlers
  • Method for story file uploads for WPVIP updated


  • Swapped connect server to use sh_v2_api_post_json & sh_v2_api_post


  • Security Fixes & Updates
  • JSON Post-Processing Fixes
  • Further updates to meet WPVIP Standards


  • Security Fixes & Updates
  • JSON Post-Processing Fixes


  • Code clean up & bug fixes
  • Remove legacy API code
  • Introduce a ‘Disable Advanced Custom Fields’ option under Experimental Features


  • Added Mass Publishing Feature


  • Restyled and repositioned “Update Shorthand Story” button for better clarity.


  • Fixed global variable error causing Cron failure
  • Added button to update story from Shorthand


  • Media-only fetch will now strictly fetch only media to remove potential over-write errors upon extraction.


  • Add extra debug option to execute media-only fetch.
  • Fixed error display on Cron failure.


  • Add experimental option to offload media asset fetch to cron job.
  • Add experimental option to enable a series of debugging tests (buttons on new story form).
  • By default the no_update field is set to true after the initial save.


  • Refactored the zip extraction code. Added hooks to story copy flow.


  • Restored flush_rewrite_rules() to shorthand_options.php that was lost in a previous update.


  • Mis-fire release for 1.3.20


  • Restored previous WP file_get_contents fetch for VIP-hosted customers


  • Added alternate method of story ZIP extraction for WP VIP-hosted customers.


  • Removed references to v1 API (has been deprecated for 12+ months) and updated filesystem calls to be WP-specific.


  • Fixed incorrect trunk copy in previous release.


  • Added story-specific error tracking and targeted updates for those using WP VIP Hosting.


  • Bumping versions


  • Bumping versions


  • Added Post-processing Regex JSON for stripping/modifying head and body content of Shorthand Stories. Also added custom field “no_update”; if true, updating the WordPress Shorthand Story won’t fetch and replace the existing content.


  • Updated Installation instructions (Documentation only)


  • Updated Contact emails


  • Updated Signed URLs for thumbnails


  • Updates to internal php and API handling


  • Better sanitize input


  • Add support for hashed themes


  • Add the ability to remove abstract from post (useful for wordpress as a backend)


  • Support for WordPress v5
  • Clean up settings
  • Remove cURL


  • Update stable tag


  • Update testing information
  • Default to v2 in new install settings
  • Fix a bug where v1 stories were not identified correctly


  • Better support for switching between v1 and v2 of the API


  • Support for the latest release of Shorthand 2.0


  • Support author and custom-field in post type


  • Enable Shorthand version selection


  • Fix release issues


  • Plugin release for version 2.0 support


  • Support for Shorthand 2.0


  • Bump version number


  • Don’t show all stories on update story
  • Allow single-shorthand_story.php to be overwritten
  • Put meta-data in the correct location (inside the head)


  • Add stable tag.


  • Add support for post feature image (thumbnail).


  • Update description.


  • Change author and instructions.


  • Sanitize form inputs.


  • First release.