This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Registration Statistics


Registration Statistics is a WordPress plugin that adds a tool in the WordPress admin section that allows administrators to choose a date range and see graphs and tables showing the number of registrations (i.e. new users) that occurred on each day and the number of cumulative registrations on that day (the total number of users who had registered on or before that day).

The graphs and tables are interactive; you can sort the tables by date or by count, and you can mouse over the graph to see the count at that point. You can also click on a point on a graph and choose to view a list of posts that were published on that day or during that month, which may allow you to see what posts might’ve caused a peak in registrations (and thus gauge what kinds of posts you can make in the future to spur on more registrations).

If you’d like to grab development releases, see what new features are being added, or browse the source code please visit the GitHub repo.


  • After clicking on a point on the graph, you can then choose to see posts published on that day or month, which may allow you to see what posts might've caused a peak in registrations
  • One of the interactive tables that is shown after choosing a date range
  • Choosing a custom date range using datepickers
  • The interactive graphs that are shown after choosing a date range
  • Choosing a predefined date range ("Last 90 Days" in this case)


Where should I go for support questions or to ask for a new feature?

Please feel free to either add a topic in the WordPress forum or contact me through GitHub for any questions about Registration Statistics:

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