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Random Posts Within Date Range Widget


This plugin allows you to create a widget that will display the title/date/excerpt from random posts in a specified(or open-ended) date range. It can also be used outside of a widget to create custom loops of random posts within a date range. The following can be specified:

  • Number of posts to display
  • Whether or not to show dates
  • Whether or not to show excerpts
  • Excerpt length (number of words)
  • Start date and End date of posts to randomize
  • Whether or not to always use current date as end. (Allows you to include new posts without editing settings every day)
  • Option to use relative time instead (To chose from random posts from last week, year, etc.)
  • Category to choose posts from. (Example: Random posts from sports category in the past week. This is the original reason I needed a plugin like this. Comes in handy for the newspaper site I run.)

Please contact me if you run into any issues, either via email ( or Twitter (
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  • An example of the plugin in action. Formatting/style can be changed via CSS. Check the installation guide for details.
  • This is the widget settings box you'll see in your widget admin screen.


Will you add xxx feature?

I’m definitely up for adding some more features, but at the same time, I don’t want to get away from the primary purpose of this widget. It’s easy for this sort of thing to get out of control. No one likes bloated software.

Ideas for new versions are included but not limited to:

  • Support for thumbnails
  • Ability to select which authors to choose.
  • Custom CSS within widget settings box

Let me know what features you’d like to see, and I’ll consider adding them.



  • Initial version of the plugin


  • Adds ability to use random_posts_within_date_range() function to access functionality outide of widgets and create custom loops with random posts.
  • Correction of small formatting problems with widget settings page in right-to-left languages.


  • Fixes small bug with post dates on the widget.

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