The first dynamic captcha provider. Artwork to your visitors, and a simple tool for you!

An evolutionary landmark in the protection from bots and people without good intentions. Simple to install, simple to use. Security takes a turn for the best!


  • Easy-to-Read Dashboard!
  • Improved SSL support / implementation!
  • View other sites that use PlusCaptcha!
  • Clean Interface
  • Clean Captcha
  • Simple to setup.
  • NO MORE math problems, strange word combinations, colors, etc!
  • Automatic PlusCaptcha account generation (NEW!).
  • Size, color, difficulty personalization.
  • No instructions needed to setup and operate (NEW!).
  • Low bounce percentage.
  • PlusCaptcha for .Net is available!

Popular Browsers Support

  • IE – IE6+
  • Firefox – All versions
  • Chrome – All versions
  • Safari – All versions
  • Opera – All versions
  • Android (NEW!) – All versions
  • Mobile Safari (NEW!) – All versions

Other Browsers Support (NEW!)

  • AOL
  • BlackBerry (NEW!)
  • Camino
  • Dillo
  • Konqueror
  • Lynx
  • Mozilla
  • Netscape
  • Seamonkey
  • Shiira

Contact Options

  • General Info / Questions – info[at]
  • Support / Bug – support[at]

You will be a part of a large network of webmasters and bloggers on the cutting edge!

PlusCaptcha sports not just pictures of natural scenery, but branded corporate pictures that take your company and it’s web presence to the rest of the web!

You will see the power that is PlusCaptcha!

It’s Simple from Every Point of View

Simple to install and use.

Just download, activate and it’s ready to use however, you can personalize your account: color, size, difficulty and other options!

It is One Solution For All Devices

  1. HTML5, to devices who support it.
  2. JQuery (Javascript), for that small percentage that are using older browsers.
  3. Mail Validation, for other browsers on older, less-supported phones.

It is Fully Integrated with WordPress

  1. Integrated customizable contact form (with shortcode)
  2. Comment form
  3. Login form
  4. Lost password form

It is an evolutionary step away from old and insecure CAPTCHAS.

The “blind strip” (unique technology from PlusCaptcha) is able to provide that unique CAPTCHA immunity from bots.

Its Free

The basic services are free. Permanently. If you want to sponsor a PlusCaptcha with your own company logo, let us know! Usage however, is free!** We will provide the same amazing service to you regardless.

We have two primary goals

  1. To create brand awareness for our customers.
  2. To be the most secure and attractive CAPTCHA provider in the world.

Hey! You can help too!

Help us bring PlusCaptcha to others. Share the word about PlusCaptcha on social media, via email, you name it. If you need assistance with this, contact us at: support[at]


  • WordPress versions at or greater than 2.8
  • Outside connection hosting by fopen().


  • PlusCaptcha Dashboard Settings.
  • PlusCaptcha in action!
  • Customize your captcha!
  • UUID Code Page!
  • Advanced Contact Form Setup


  1. Download the PlusCaptcha plugin or install it directly from your dashboard (just search for “PlusCaptcha”).

  2. Install and activate the plugin.

  3. Click the WordPress menu item for PlusCaptcha

At this point, ** Your account was created automatically (NEW FEATURE!) and you don’t need to do anything else! Alternatively, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Create a New Account at

  2. Paste in the UUID (a 9-character code).

  3. Save the Settings and Enjoy!

Remember (NEW FEATURE!): if your account was created automatically, you can personalize it with the user and password provided in the PlusCaptcha Settings Control Panel.


February 11, 2018
This is quite a CAPTCHA method. I haven't seen anything like it. I am considering opening up ALL article / post comments now!
February 11, 2018
This is by far the most innovative, creative CAPTCHA available. And we're not jaded just because we created it. There are no others so compact and cool as PlusCaptcha. We've added some cool features, including SSL support.
September 3, 2016
The plugin is quite good, but the problem with WP 4.3+ makes it unusable. When PlusCaptcha is enabled then media library does not load images so you can't add any new image to the post, just the loading circle spins infinitely and nothing happens. I found lots of people having this issue.
September 3, 2016
Updated December 26, 2015 Quite never any answer of support. I go on to use it after some changes that I performed myself. The product is simple to use and functions but error appear in debug mode. Recently need to adapt for Mobile : the image to move size is exactly the size of a finger so it is very difficult to get a validation, curiously it is more easy on a PC with the precision of a mouse. A larger image could be the solution ? Above are my first comment with 2 stars on Nov 2014 I is a very interesting product and generally well done but with some not ended or not welldone parts. I found bugs and post here but they remain all along new versions and I have to patch after each upgrade... I go on using it but after doing myself needed changes after each upgrade. I am really upset to have to do this job which needs comparison of versions. This is lost time. Note that I can view the bugs because I run in debug mode while I am developing. These bugs which generate "warnings" issue not executed code or value replaced by NULL without consequence on the result of execution. As I cannot run the site without the option I get an unacceptable long list of errors which is displayed on each display of the site.
February 8, 2017
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Contributors & Developers

“PlusCaptcha” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Translate “PlusCaptcha” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Archived PlusCaptcha central server historical logs, which means better performance for you!
  • Additional testing and optimization for WordPress 5.* to ensure continuous compatibility!
  • A test implementation for both SSL and non-SSL for our users to try!
  • Back-end improvements on our end to better assist our users with troubleshooting.
  • Direct remote support for our WordPress plugin is available.


  • Improved user interface and instructions for PlusCaptcha WordPress users.
  • Improved calls to PlusCaptcha server to maximize performance on our new servers.
  • Implementation of SSL decisional logic. If your WordPress site uses https, the PlusCaptcha will as well.
  • Programming changes to facilitate the launch of PlusCaptcha Server, the self-hosted version of PlusCaptcha.


  • Improved error handling and validation.
  • Modifications to key code elements that utilize enqueue references for the best compatibility with WordPress.
  • Modifications to header re-write to facilitate external calls to create the captcha.
  • Announcing PlusCaptcha.Net – PlusCaptcha .Net project for .Net web sites and applications!
  • Visit


  • Documentation and context changes in release notes regarding code usage based on SweetCaptcha code (AG)
  • Warning notice regarding reports of SweetCaptcha code, the PHP framework on which part of PlusCaptchas service is based. (AG)
  • Copy of some code from the SweetCaptcha project and framework. Credits to the SweetCaptcha development and support team. (AG)
  • Error_reporting() logging modifications set to be dependent on WP_DEBUG Setting for troubleshooting template or plugin issues, to best support WordPress troubleshooting efforts for fellow plug-in authors. (AG)
  • Server / host references to,, and removed. They were part of a PlusCaptcha multi-server farm, distributed across different hosts (for load-bearing purposes). We manage that with different technology now. These server references are deprecated (AG)
  • References to our Captcha key and authentication module through a different domain, – this is a legitamate server and service of ours.
  • Modifications to our terms of service, at, which also explains brief ad text.


  • Addressed language context changes (AG)


  • Fixed Cross-domain bug reported by Ryan (WP)


  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) loged user side fixed. Thanks to Carlo Pelliccioni @ Hacktive Security


  • Fixed security things reported by, Thanks!


  • Padding footer fixed.
  • Padding form fixed.
  • Multiply themes audit.
    Credits: Mistakes reported to (Thank to Claude @


  • .Wrap and .W contextual style fixed.


  • .Wrap color fixed.


  • Provided more margin and change structure of comment form.
  • Fixed color letters in comment form.


  • Fixed mistake provided by feedback to (Thank to Claude @


  • New Easy to Read Dashboard!
  • Meet and Discover other Bloggers (and promote your)
  • Cleanest Interface
  • Cleanest Captcha


  • Default Hided Link


  • Little Plugin Size Reduction.


  • New: News section was added.


  • New: List of Browsers Supported and New Features.
  • Edited information about the plugin.


  • New: System to automatically PlusCaptcha account creation.
  • Fix: UTF-8 bug.


  • Release version.
  • Do not forget feedback to support[at]