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  • Updated December 26, 2015

    Quite never any answer of support.
    I go on to use it after some changes that I performed myself.
    The product is simple to use and functions but error appear in debug mode.

    Recently need to adapt for Mobile : the image to move size is exactly the size of a finger so it is very difficult to get a validation, curiously it is more easy on a PC with the precision of a mouse. A larger image could be the solution ?

    Above are my first comment with 2 stars on Nov 2014
    I is a very interesting product and generally well done but with some not ended or not welldone parts.

    I found bugs and post here but they remain all along new versions and I have to patch after each upgrade…

    I go on using it but after doing myself needed changes after each upgrade.
    I am really upset to have to do this job which needs comparison of versions. This is lost time.

    Note that I can view the bugs because I run in debug mode while I am developing. These bugs which generate “warnings” issue not executed code or value replaced by NULL without consequence on the result of execution.
    As I cannot run the site without the option I get an unacceptable long list of errors which is displayed on each display of the site.

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