This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



Pilo’Press is a framework plugin for WordPress. Based on ACF and ACF Extended, it allows you to create layouts among other things and use the Flexible Content field as a page builder.

Pilo’Press uses Tailwind CSS for style templating which can be setup and build directly from the back-office.
Please note that Tailwind CSS is not mandatory, you can choose to use it or not.


This plugin requires Advanced Custom Fields PRO and Advanced Custom Fields: Extended plugins in order to work correctly.

Getting started

  1. Activate Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin
  2. Activate ACF Extended plugin
  3. Activate Pilo’Press plugin
  4. In your theme, create a pilopress folder
  5. Within the pilopress folder, create layouts subfolder
  6. Within the pilopress folder, create assets subfolder
  7. In the index.php file, add the following code:


Tailwind CSS

In the administration, under Pilo'Press > Styles, when you click on “Update & Compile”, TailwindCSS will be compiled remotely using TailwindAPI. Minified CSS files are then created under /pilopress/assets/styles.min.css and /pilopress/assets/styles-admin.min.css.

You can manually enqueue those files in your theme for the front-end & the back-end, but we recommend to use automatic enqueue code above.

It is possible to manually retrieve the Tailwind PostCSS & JS fields of the administration if you want to build TailwindCSS locally. To do so, you can use the following code:

$tailwind_css = get_field( 'pip_tailwind_style', 'pip_styles_tailwind' );
$tailwind_config = get_field( 'pip_tailwind_config', 'pip_styles_tailwind' );

For more details, see Tailwind CSS Documentation.

Customizing style

To customize default Tailwind CSS styles, go to Pilo'Press > Styles from left navigation menu or top bar menu.

For more details about customization, see Github Page.

Add new layout

  • In the admin menu Pilo'Press > Layouts, add a new layout
  • Configure the layouts fields
  • Create PHP, CSS and JS files in your theme layout folder /your-theme/pilopress/layouts/your-layout
  • You have to name those files the same way you did in back-office settings

Note: only PHP template file is require.


To display the content of your post, you have to use the following function:

// Pilo'Press content (doesn't need 'echo')

// Pilo'Press content (needs 'echo')
echo get_pip_content();


See GitHub Page for complete example.


Available hooks are list and describe in GitHub Page


Plugin Install

  1. Activate Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin
  2. Activate ACF Extended plugin
  3. Activate Pilo’Press plugin

Theme Install

  1. In your theme, create a pilopress folder
  2. Within the pilopress folder, create layouts subfolder
  3. Within the pilopress folder, create assets subfolder


August 26, 2021
Super useful. Easy to get started if you use their starter theme and templates.
August 16, 2021
This is a great plugin! Works super and is easy to use. The support is also very great. 5-stars.
June 16, 2021
It’s a great tool for create a website. You can create functional and custom interface for your client. Teams have published free components, for not start from scrath A slack community was created. 5 stars for your job and continue like this.
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Contributors & Developers

“Pilo'Press” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Pilo'Press” has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Pilo'Press” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Changelog – 05/04/2023

  • Added: TailwindCSS CDN feature
  • Added: filter pip/layouts/flexible_render_style to allow CSS enqueue via ACFE
  • Added : filters pip/shortcode/button/start_html_output and pip/shortcode/button/end_html_output for easier HTML customization with pip_button shortcode
  • Added: filters pip/tailwind_api/front_build_args and pip/tailwind_api/admin_build_args
  • Added: action pip/flexible/layouts/prefix
  • Improved: admin styles for layout preview displaying better (not getting overriden by WP default styles anymore)
  • Improved: clearer Tailwind CSS error when compiling
  • Improved: layout’s JS files version based on filemtime()
  • Improved: way of handling the path of uploaded fonts
  • Fixed: Default Content / Locked Content not creating duplicates anymore when activating Polylang
  • Fixed: JS conflict with moving a layout with the “up” or “down” controls in the pip_flexible when there was another flexible content within
  • Fixed: some parts of ACF V6 UI that were hidden – 12/10/2022

  • Added: TailwindCSS3 & JIT compatibility
  • Improved: ACF v6.0 new UI compatibility
  • Fixed: Tailwind CSS overriden configuration modifications being erased on layout edit
  • Fixed: Component field value not being correct when a layout is toggled off (ACFE feature) before the layout that contains the component

0.4.3 – 08/07/2022

  • Added: Filter pip/locked_content/fields to allow user add fields to locked content layout
  • Added: Filter pip/locked_content/html to allow user alter HTML of locked content layout
  • Added: Filter pip/builder/hide_on_screen to allow user to enable / disable the_content
  • Added: Filter pip/tailwind/config/prefix to allow prefixed TailwindCSS generated classes
  • Improved: “Set locked content (Post)” is displayed on 404 error page but it shouldn’t
  • Improved: Change edit locked content icon in admin bar
  • Fixed: Title missing conditional in [pip_title] shortcode for home page.
  • Fixed: Locked content – “Last posts” layout-like seems to trigger “locked content” set in another post-type
  • Fixed: Default content – notice on multisite
  • Fixed: PIP_Pattern doesn’t retrieve correct pattern_post_id in other than default language when logged out
  • Fixed: Fix component field when not in pip_flexible

0.4.2 – 07/03/2022

  • Fixed: Location match for “Components” location condition
  • Fixed: Remove Categories and Collections columns in layout sync screen to avoid columns to break
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Dark mode detection
  • Fixed: Layout field group thumbnail not taking the whole space
  • Fixed: AlpineJS enqueue through module
  • Fixed: Layouts actions on newly added layout
  • Fixed: Console log leftover in preview
  • Fixed: Fix duplicated keys in pip_layout_var
  • Fixed: deprecated acf.add_action to acf.addAction
  • Improved: Add message when layout thumbnail already in folder
  • Improved: Use WP_Filesystem instead of file_get_contents() or file_put_contents()
  • Improved: Update TailwindCSS Native colors values according to TailwindCSS v2
  • Improved: Add style around layout in admin when an error occurs to facilitate error location
  • Improved: Rank Math compatibility for Breadcrumb + possibility to set a custom breadcrumb
  • Improved: Export/import layouts style + wording
  • Improved: Adding custom actions in Site Template aswell
  • Added: Layout slug column in layout listing
  • Added: Add option to show only button, font family and style checked as “Available in editor”
  • Added: Preview for typography, colors, buttons and fonts in Pilo’Press > Styles
  • Added: Import and Export tools for layouts
  • Added: Search bar inside layouts selection modal
  • Added: Edit layout, Move layout up and Move layout down actions
  • Added: pip/flexible/layouts/icons filter
  • Added: pip/flexible/layouts/icons/hide filter
  • Added: pip/shortcode/breadcrumb filter
  • Added: New module “Patterns(with Default Content & Locked Content per post-type / taxonomy) – 01/10/2021

  • Improved: Change to
  • Improved: Change way to get terms, improved performances in admin
  • Improved: Change custom styles, colors and fonts wrapper argument to false, to allow user to apply different styles in
    same paragraph
  • Added: Add pip/shortcode/button_group/class filter

0.4.1 – 02/08/2021

  • Fixed: Pilo’Press navbar now displayed on new layout page
  • Fixed: import for tailwind components position in code
  • Fixed: PHP error on fresh install
  • Fixed: PHP notice from wp_localize_script()
  • Fixed: Hide actions on sync layouts page
  • Fixed: Remove collection’s badge from layout title when doing AJAX
  • Fixed: Conditions to show layouts and Pilo’Press” flexible on options pages
  • Fixed: Allow 3rd party buttons in TinyMCE toolbars
  • Fixed: Infinite loop in specific cases for Components loop
  • Improved: change button’s “classes to apply” field from text to textarea
  • Improved: Add “disabled” status in button states choices
  • Improved: Allow HTML in button shortcode text
  • Improved: Allow button shortcode to be a download link + add downloaded file name option
  • Improved: Administration of fonts in Styles
  • Improved: Pilo’Press’ styles files version (from Pilo’Press version to filemtime())
  • Improved: Save all styles options when saving one page
  • Improved: Thumbnail preview when selected size is Full
  • Improved: Allow custom styles in TinyMCE to be applied on part of text instead of whole paragraph
  • Added: Add option for a FontAwesome icon in pip_button shortcode
  • Added: Add pip/shortcode/button/icon_margin filter
  • Added: Add pip/custom_font/url filter to allow URL modification for custom fonts
  • Added: AlpineJS module in administration panel. You can now enqueue easily AlpineJS with a toggle and specify its version (default to 3.0.6)
  • Added: Add pip/alpinejs and pip/alpinejs/version filters
  • Added: Add a notice in administration if Pilo’Press is active but no pilopress folder is found in active theme
  • Added: Add spacings in Configuration tab
  • Added: Add option to WYSIWYG fields to enable Dark mode by default
  • Added: Fallback fonts option
  • Added: CSS Vars for colors, screens, container paddings and fonts

0.4.0 – 04/02/2021

  • Fixed: pip_get_formatted_post_id() function used in get_pip_content() and return nothing if used on custom post
    type archive when no posts
  • Fixed: Render when multiple components on the same post
  • Fixed: Sync link on layouts listing page
  • Fixed: Use pip/builder/parameters filter for Header flexible and Footer flexible
  • Fixed: Location match when location is set to Components > All
  • Fixed: Redirection to ACF field groups when you duplicate a layout
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with ACF: Font Awesome plugin
  • Added: Variables system to layouts
  • Added: Allow user to compile locally, without TailwindAPI
  • Added: pip/tailwind_api filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind/config_file_name filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind/styles_file_name filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind/css/after_base filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind/css/after_fonts filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind/css/after_components filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind/css/after_utilities filter
  • Added: pip/formatted_post_id filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind_api filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind/config_file_name filter
  • Added: pip/tailwind/styles_file_name filter
  • Added: Filter choices in pip_font_color fields
  • Added: Type of class returned by pip_font_color fields (text, background or border)
  • Added: A lot of helpers to get data from back-office
  • Added: TailwindCSS error message when compilation failed
  • Added: Automatically create configuration file on layout insert or update
  • Added: New “component like” location rule
  • Improved: Make style back-office feature oriented
  • Improved: Code quality
  • Improved: Theme colors field type. Add return format choice and default value option
  • Improved: Categories and collections filters on layouts listing page
  • Improved: “pip_title” shortcode – 02/11/2020

  • Fixed: Reset h2 style inside TinyMCE
  • Improved: When TailwindCSS compilation via TailwindAPI crashes, show an error message and don’t replace CSS file content
  • Improved: Allow main flexible in nav menu location
  • Improved: Change version of generated CSS files to filemtime( FILE ) – 10/09/2020

  • Fixed: Configuration file placeholder misleading
  • Fixed: Component loop
  • Fixed: PHP 7.4.9 warnings
  • Fixed: Error if no layout slug
  • Fixed: Top admin bar on plugin activation
  • Fixed: Field groups colors in “Layouts” listing
  • Fixed: Field groups in sync listing
  • Improved: Add auto layout thumbnails for Site Template
  • Added: Filter pip/builder/parameters – 07/09/2020

  • Fixed: Remove thumbnail and collection badge from layout title
  • Fixed: Image inside layout folder used as thumbnail
  • Improved: Add top nav menu as ACF did
  • Improved: Add see more for components listing in Pilo’Press dashboard – 22/07/2020

  • Fixed: Collection badge style with automatic thumbnail – 22/07/2020

  • Added: pip/layouts/always_show_collection filter
  • Added: Layout configuration file option
  • Added: Allow png, jpeg, jpg file inside layout folder to be used as thumbnail. The file needs to be named as the layout slug.
  • Added: Create layout folder and PHP file on layout creation
  • Improved: Rename helpers functions
  • Improved: Reset TinyMCE styles in a cleaner way
  • Improved: Register conditions for Pilo’Press field types – 16/07/2020

  • Added: Create pilopress/assets and pilopress/layouts folders on plugin activation
  • Improved: ACFE Compatibility
  • Improved: Group Pilo’Press field types under “Pilo’Press” category
  • Improved: Use layout slug to autocomplete file names
  • Improved: Use layout slug for location check, allow multiple layouts to have the same name
  • Improved: Show collection badge only on layouts with the same name instead of on all layouts
  • Fixed: Filters in layout modal when collections are used
  • Fixed: Remove Collection meta box on field group pages
  • Fixed: Translations – 17/06/2020

  • Improved: Collections name tag
  • Improved: Layouts Configuration Modal setting now also display Local Field Groups
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Dark Mode not working in some specific cases
  • Fixed: Readme URL – 10/06/2020

  • Improved: Collections name in layouts label
  • Improved: Builder name is now displayed in the Builder Modal
  • Fixed: Flexible Content PHP notice
  • Fixed: Builder Mirror being displayed on pages – 10/06/2020

  • Added: pip_maybe_get() helper function
  • Fixed: Fix WYSIWYG dark mode – 09/06/2020

  • Fixed: Fix WYSIWYG dark mode values and detection – 08/06/2020

  • Fixed: Fix WYSIWYG dark mode being required in specific case

0.3.2 – 08/06/2020

  • Added: Dark mode for TinyMCE Editors
  • Added: PHP Sync for layouts
  • Added: Collection taxonomy for layouts, displayed before layout title. Example: “Collection: Layout title”
  • Improved: get_pip_header() and get_pip_footer() are include in the_pip_content()
  • Improved: Styles from Pilo’Press automatically enqueued
  • Improved: Add layouts categories and collection in JSON and PHP files
  • Improved: Hide category and collection columns if no term exist in layouts admin page

0.3.1 – 29/05/2020

  • Improved: Translations
  • Fixed: Save of builder field group

0.3 – 20/05/2020

  • Improved: General Dashboard
  • Fixed: Layouts Json Sync when the folder doesn’t exists
  • Removed: TailwindCSS PostCSS & JS file generation have been removed

0.2 – 19/05/2020

  • Fixed: Layout path prefix field to correctly check theme path
  • Fixed: Google Fonts are now enqueued using wp_enqueue_style()
  • Fixed: TaildwindAPI now use native wp_remote_post() function instead of CURL

0.1 – 14/05/2020

  • Initial commit