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Simple Business Directory is a Multi-Purpose & Versatile Listing Directory WordPress plugin. One Page Business Directory Listing with Google Maps, Radius Search [pro feature], Store Locator, Staff Directory, Employee Directory, Vendors Directory, Restaurant Directory, Company Directory, Local Directory, Contact Manager, Store Finder, Address Book for Intranet etc. Create innovative and elegant Business Directory on your WordPress website in a matter of minutes with Google Maps, Upvote, Embed and a lot more features! Turn your website into a community driven Authority website by curating niche specific useful Business directories that your users will love, bookmark, embed and share!

Compatible with: Any theme & Editor like Gutenberg, Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder etc.

Simple Business Directory plugin Works with or without Map

The Most Powerful and Flexible Business Directory Plugin

Simple Business Directory is unique and different than typical business directory plugins. The building blocks of this directory plugin are Lists. You can create multiple Lists of business listings and show those Lists on a single page or multiple pages. This unique approach makes the plugin extremely versatile and allows you to create small or large directories for any porpose from 50-500 listings of any type.

Create innovative and elegant Business Directory on your WordPress website in a matter of minutes with Google Maps, Embed, Front End User Dashboard and a lot more! Turn your website into a community driven Authority website by curating niche specific useful Business directories that your users will love, bookmark, embed and share!

View Demo of Simple Business Directory Pro Version
View Demo of Simple Business Directory Free Version

Getting started with Simple Business Directory Pro version (the general principle applies to the free version as well)

Upgrade to Simple Business Directory Pro

This plugin also allows other website owners to Embed Directory Listings you curated, on their websites and increase sharing, engagement and value of your own website in return. As a HUGE bonus you can get Backlinks when your Curated Business Directory Listing is embedded on another websites!

What Can You Do with SBD

Simple Business Directory WordPress plugin lets you create unique, responsive, one page business listings or company directory that you can show on any page, anywhere with short codes.

Forget those old, boring directory styles and layouts. This innovative and powerful, yet WordPress PlugIn allows you to create and curate comprehensive Business Listings and Map Directories with detailed business information and Tap to Call feature with ease.

Curate dozens or hundreds of business listings of relevant website links and/or business phone numbers on any broad topic. Then show all your Listings in a beautiful layout on a single page – a single page business directory.

This is a MultiPurpose WordPress Directory plugin with maps that can be used in different scenarios and use cases. Here are some ideas:

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Create a Local Business Directory

Is your website or blog about Local businesses? Create an Interactive, modern local business directory complete with maps using SBD. Create different Lists for different types of business or Local Areas and display them all with Instant search and filtering options. Allow your users to upvote business listings, suggest or add their favorite businesses, create their own Bookmark lists or embed your business listings on their website and more!

This plugin is suitable for:

  • Restaurant Directory
  • Nightlife Directory
  • Spa Directory
  • Beauty Salon Directory
  • Shop Directory or Mall Directory
  • Church Directory
  • Schools Directory
  • College Directory
  • City Directory
  • Public Services Directory
  • Automotive Directory
  • Pet Shop Directory
  • Bank Directory
  • Address Book
  • and More…

Create a Staff Directory or Employee Directory

This plugin can be used for your company staff for the Internet or Intranet. Use staff or employee details like image, designation, address (optional), social media profile links to build the employee database and choose one of the 10 templates to display them in an incredible, searchable, shareable format. You can also use this flexible plugin as a Church Members Directory or Organization Directory of any type.

  • Note that some of these features are available in pro version only.

Create a Vendors Directory or Partners Directory

Are you a company with a large number of vendors or partner shops spread across the country or globe? SBD can work as an efficient Vendors Listing plugin to list them in a user-friendly manner and make all the locations instantly searchable (*pro feature).

Create a Store Locator or Dealer Locator

This multipurpose map directory plugin can be used as a store locator, dealer locator or store finder and help your customers find your retailers. It has all the features you need to create an instant searchable (*pro feature) store location finder on your website. Whether you have ten locations or 1000, you can manage them efficiently with SBD. There is no special programming or extra setup required.

Create an Address Book or Contact Manager
SBD can be used as an Address Book Plugin for your WordPress site. Use it as contact management plugin or tool to organize and manage your web and business contacts online directly on your WordPress website. With a very simple user interface, you can manage, add or style your addressbook and contacts directory! Manage all your contacts within WordPress with. SBD and its powerful Contact management system.


SBD Free version comes bundled with four modern and great looking templates that are fully Responsive and integrates with your current wordpress theme comfortably. Phone numbers can be set for Click to Call or Links can be marked to open in new window.

The advanced embed feature allows other website users to display your directory Listings on their websites. This increases sharing and engagement on your own site! This is an optional feature that you can turn on or off but a great interactive tool.

  • Unlimited Business Listings that can be displayed on any of your pages easily
  • 4 Beautiful, Responsive Templates
  • Embed Option for your Directories
  • Show Single List or All Lists
  • Integrated real support
  • Tap to Call
  • Click to Go to Website or Call – a shortcode option
  • Easy and Quick Short Code Generator, so you do not have to hunt down the shortcode parameters

Lite Version vs Pro Version

The Lite or Free version is perfectly fine if you plan to have a small business directory of few lists that you want to show on any of your WordPress page. You can even use combinations of other 3rd party plugins to monetize SBD.

A pro version is available also available with tons of extra features that can make your life a lot easier and make you money.

Pro features:

Incredible Usability

  • Build business lists with dozens or hundreds of links and show them in one page
  • Auto Generate Title and Description from website link
  • Auto generate thumbnails from website link using Google’s pagespeed tools AP
  • Auto generate latitude and longitude from valid address
  • Topic based Business Lists that can be Displayed Category wise
  • Use as Single Page Directory or Multi Page
  • Tabbed Category Listing of All Your Lists
  • Use as Business Listing, Resources page, Links page, Partners page, Associates page, Logo showcase, Local Business Directory, or Vendors page. Possibilities are endless
  • Add up to 5 Custom Fields as you need!
  • Integrated Google Map that you can display with your lists OR not. Automated map generation from valid Address.
  • Enable Tap to Call for main link (great for Intranet or staff listings)
  • Display only Google Map without Lists
  • Live, on page, Instant Search
  • Live, on page, Instant Filtering of lists
  • Radius search or Distant search with Google map
  • Edit front end languages easily from the plugin settings
  • Option to Show Featured Items at Top
  • Option to Mark Paid Items as Featured.
  • Scroll to Top Button
  • Optional Fixed Position Filter buttons that can be Left aligned or placed at top of your Lists
    RTL support

Community Features

  • Allow other users and businesses to submit listing
  • Complete front end user registration, login and link submission
  • Free or Paid Business Listing Opportunity
  • Auto approve option for user registration
  • New user role: SLD User
  • Auto approve links option
  • Manage user submitted businesses
  • Unlimited front end link submission for Admin user
  • Invite user interaction with Upvote
  • Choose your UpVote icon: Thumbs up, Firey Hot, Heart, Star or Smiley Face.
  • Allow users to embed your business lists on their websites
  • Allow registered users to create their own Favorite List of links

Innovative Designs

  • 10 templates to choose from
  • Fully responsive and modern designs
  • Templates designed for different use case scenarios
  • Fixed position filtering area option
  • Custom CSS to add your own style
  • RTL support

Extensive Customizability and Flexibility

  • Choose theme font or google font.
  • Configurable highlight color for each list
  • Customize colors, fonts and almost all aspects of the link lists
  • Complete control over list ordering
  • Custom Ordering of Lists
  • Order List Items by Up votes, Item title, Date
  • Randomize Lists and List Items
  • Almost 2 dozens shortcode parameters
  • Easy and Powerful Shortcode Generator – no need to hunt down all the different parameters
  • Custom JS and CSS panel to modify functionality
  • Pagination for List Items available as a shortcode option.
  • Mark Listing as New or Featured
  • Add up to 5 Custom Fields as you need!
  • Edit front end languages easily from the plugin settings
  • Possible to create custom template (requires technical knowledge)

Advanced Functionality

  • Google Map from Addresses Entered into Business Listings
  • User GeoLocation or Current Location auto detected
  • Radius search or Distant search with Google map can be turned on or off
  • Upload image or use Font Awesome icon
  • Auto Generate Title and Description from website link
  • Auto generate thumbnails from website link using Google’s pagespeed tools AP
  • Auto generate latitude and longitude from valid address
  • Rich snippet support with JSON-LD for multi page mode.
  • Front End User Registration with Captcha, Log in, Listing Submission
  • Alternaive option for listing submission button (link to a contact form or google doc)
  • Admin Approves User Submitted Links to Listing or Set to Auto Approve
  • 3 widgets for Latest Links, Most Populat Links and Random Links
  • User Up Vote Items (restricted to 1 vote per day)
  • Admin settings to turn on/off live search, filtering
  • Embed option. Other website owners can now embed the useful lists you create on their websites with a backlink to your own website. Great for SEO!
  • Google Analytics Integration for outbound link click tracking!
  • CSV Import to create new lists easily.
  • CSV Export your lists for backup
  • Import your exported CSV back with update lists and links

Staff Directory or Employee Listings for Company Intranet

  • Create a staff or employee directory that your other users can use and bookmark colleague’s details.
  • Allow any logged in user to create their own favorite List by bookmarking links from your lists. Very handy tool for staff or employee listings for your Intranet
  • Dynamically add or remove links from bookmark list from front end
  • Use a single master CSV file to Export and Import your listings


  • Creating lists is a breeze with SBD from a user friendly interface
  • You can also build your list as CSV file in excel and import your Lists. You can export all your lists as CSV file, make changes, and import it back quickly.
  • SBDis optimized for speed and performance in code level.

SEO Friendly Directory Rich snippet support with JSON-LD for multi page mode.

The templates’ HTML are SEO friendly. h2 and h3 tags were used as appropriate. You can define if a link should be no-follow or do-follow.

This plugin allows you to create a content hub and authority website.

Also, as part of your main website this plugin is a great addition because outbound links to relevant websites are great SEO plus marks for your website.

Monetization Option to Earn Money Online on Auto Pilot

  • Integrated PayPal payment option for user business submission
  • Integrated Stripe payment option for user listing submission
  • Create subscription package for your listings with any amount and your PayPal email ID
  • Claim Business Listing for Money
  • Free and/or Paid Listing to Earn Money
  • Define link visibility duration and your currency of payment
  • AD/Text Block with each list to make money using shortcode of other plugin
  • URL masking option for affiliate links
  • SBD is the best way to earn money online – and the quickest. You can start making money with wordpress in 48 hours or less

Upgrade to SBD Pro

🚀 Looking for a Complete Solution? Check Out our Simple Business Directory Premium Theme

ShortCode Generator

You are encouraged to use the handy Short Code generator from your page’s Visual Editor. But here are the most important shortcode parameters if you want to do it manually.

Business Lists can be shown in the front end using short tags with different options:
[qcpnd-directory mode=”all” column=”3″ style=”style-1″ ]

  1. mode
    Value for this option can be set as “one” or “all”.
  2. column
    Avaialble values: “1”, “2”, “3” or “4”.
  3. style
    Avaialble values: “simple” or “style-1”.
    4 templates are available in this Lite version

  4. orderby
    Compatible order by values: ‘ID’, ‘author’, ‘title’, ‘name’, ‘type’, ‘date’, ‘modified’, ‘rand’ and ‘menu_order’.

  5. order
    Value for this option can be set as “ASC” for Ascending or “DESC” for Descending order.
  6. list_id
    Only applicable if you want to display a single list [not all] out of your link directories. You can provide specific list id here as a value. You can also get ready shortcode for a single list under “Manage List Items” menu.
  7. enable_embedding
    Allow visitors to embed list in other sites. Supported values – “true”, “false”. Example: enable_embedding=”true”


  1. After activating the plugin, create a new page or post. In the body section write this shortcode
    [qcpnd-directory mode=”all” column=”3″ style=”simple” ]
  2. Save the page/post and check the page in front end. You’ll see a nicely designed business listing.
  3. Under the settings page in admin you can find the help in


  • Front end default style template
  • Front end style 2 template
  • Front end style 3 template
  • Front end style 4 template
  • BackEnd Create New List of Phone Directory
  • Shortcode generator


  1. Download the plugin zip file. Extract and upload phone-directory folder in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. From the wp-admin panel go to plugins and activate
  3. Create a new page and paste the plugin Short Code with short code generator.
  4. You are done.


My maps are not working in the directory or getting error with google map API

Make sure you have added your own API key in the settings page. Make sure that Map is enabled in your shortcode. The most common error with googlemap API is ApiNotActivatedMapError. If that is the case, you need to enable the Google Maps JavaScript API under APIs in the Google API Console.

Sometimes google just takes a few hours to get the API working. Check all of the above and give it some time and see what happens. Let us know if it still does not work after a few hours.

I have setup List Categories and Lists and neither is showing on home page. Did I install correctly?

You have to put the short code on the WordPress oage or post page where you want to show the List/s. There is a Shortcode generator in your page or post visual editor. Use that to create shortcode and insert to your page, where you want to display the lists, easily.

Is SBD mobile friendly? Does it function well on cells and tablets?

Yes, all templates are mobile device friendly and Responsive.

Why can I not add more than 37(or any other) number of links in one list?

The issue you are having with saving the Lists is because of a limitation set in your server. Your server probably has a low limit for how many form fields it will process at a time. So, after you have added a certain number of links, the server refuses to save new link items. The server’s configuration that dictates this is max_input_vars. Set it to a high limit like max_input_vars = 10000. You can do it with local php.ini file or htaccess if your server supports it, Otherwise, please contact your hosting company support if needed.

Can You Add More Features?

Please check pro version of the plugin with tons of extra features

How can I upgrade from free version to Pro version?
  1. Download the latest pro version of the plugin from website after purchasing
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin area and go to the Plugins management page.
  3. Deactivate and Delete the old version of the plugin (don’t worry – your data is safe)
  4. Upload and Activate the latest pro version of the plugin
  5. You are done.


I LOVE this plugin

I reviewed dozens of themes and plugins before finding the Simple Business Listing plugin – it is so superior to other solutions I considered that is stands in a class of its own. Not only does the plugin offer everything I was looking for and GREAT customer service, it works with any theme! You can style your site the way you want, plus have these great features. Art + Function Combined!

Great plugin and even greater support!

I absolutely recommend this plugin if you wish to display a business directory on your website. It has plenty of options and works exactly as described. It does the work.
And the support is super friendly and fast.

So great for this money

I searched very long for a plugin to make a bussines directory. There are much plugins, but they did not have everything what I wanted or was to expensive. With Simple Business Directory I got so much in one plugin in the pro version to a avordable price.
I had a view problems on the beginning with a server limitation from my host and with the map. But Support did not give up on me till everything worked fine. They was amaising and was walking the extra mile to help me fix it.
I love this plugin, it is easy to work with and looks great in use. You can easy make great advertising with it and make money with this.
The directory looks also good on mobile and the search works good.
You can have diffrent lists as example Restaurants, Shops…. but also categories and Tags. The tags I used for States, so it is possible to filter by state.

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Contributors & Developers

“Simple Business Directory with Maps” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Improved Help Area


Improved deactivation survey


Added survey to find plugin deactivate reason


Replaced OT with custom framework


Removed unnecssary OT files and improved security


Fixed a JS bug


Added address auto complete feature


Improved UX

Added Tips


Improved help and support areas


Language option added for Add new button text.

Add New Button added.


Fixed a conflict with SLD


Fixed a conflict with max button


Shortcode generator map=”show” issue fixed.


Upvote caching issue fixed for some cache plugins


Added custom JS box in settings.


Added Language settings.


Item Order by Title added in shortcode generator.


Credit added

Conflict with WP BackItUp Community Edition issue – fixed.

Packery conflict issue fixed.

Option tree conflict issue fixed.


Failed to open stream issue fixed.


Shortcode generator screenshot added.

Promo page conflict issue fixed.


Added custom JS box


Fixed a CSS bug for embed container


Introducing Google Maps!


Shortcode button changed to [SBD]

Upgrade to pro link added.

Qc rating feature added.


Style 3 template design update with column support


Style 2 template design update with column support


Style 1 template design update.


Simple template design update.


Divi Embed z-index issue fixed.

Improved Share button


Embed z-index issue fixed.

style-2 icon issue, style-3 hover issue fixed.


Improved Designs for all template.

(.) issue fixed for style-1.

Plugin Name changed


Fixed some CSS issues


Added description field


Added Option Tree


Show phone number added in shortcode.

Main Click Action field added in shortcode.

Go to website, show phone number field removed.

Extension field removed.


Sanitize phone number

Add extension number

Phone number display

DIVI theme conflict issue fixed.

Embed button fixed.

Location field added.

Phone icon added.


Removed Auto Import Feature