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    I've been using QuantumCloud plugins since July 2022. I'd like to take this opportunity to share my opinions of their product and service with those of you who might be considering their plugins (or themes).
    I started with their "Simple Link Directory" (SLD) plugin for a client website that wanted to have a local business directory. The plugin was just what I was looking for. It provided a clean, attractive layout that showcased the many businesses. It included all the basics - name, address, phone, website, email, social media links, and their hours of operation. The layout I chose (they actually offer more than a dozen different, unique layouts to choose from) featured a place to show the thumbnail of the website (or Facebook profile).
    Another thing that is really helpful and saves time is that you can enter the website address and click a button to auto-generate a thumbnail and fill in the basic information. Even though I chose to do each entry manually for my client, the ability for the auto-generate feature is greatly appreciated.
    What I particularly enjoy is the option to enter a detailed business description and add pictures or videos of the individual business. This is something the local businesses really enjoyed because it allowed them to customize their presentation. It's one more way for business owners to promote their business in the vastness of the Internet.
    I want to mention that you could also set up your directory using a "subscription-based" protocol, where a potential business can pay for a listing. I don't utilize this option, but I can see where it could be a good choice for some websites.
    So, if you've read all the way down to this point, I think you understand that I really like the plugin and its performance.
    Here's where it takes a different turn. I was developing another website and was introduced to another QuantumCloud plugin. This one is called "Simple Business Directory" (SBD). Even though this plugin is very similar in operation to their SLD plugin, it is even more robust and powerful.
    For my current project, this plugin offers a very powerful map system. You can provide a large interactive map that shows lots of different businesses. And, you can also offer a map on each individual business description section. This is a wonderful way to help people visually locate the business. You can even provide the specific latitude and longitude numbers to show the exact location of the business. Also, regarding the maps - you can utilize the Google Map platform or a simpler option called "OpenStreetMap". You just toggle your choice within the powerful Settings section of the plugin. This was the perfect addition for my latest directory. I love the map system.
    I also see from the QuantumCloud website that they offer an amazing list of helpful plugins and WordPress themes. I will certainly be using more of them in the future.
    All the good things I've said about the QuantumCloud plugins pales in comparison to my high regard and appreciation for the customer/tech service provided. The developer's name is Jamil Nawshad. I have worked with many developers and support people, but I have never worked with anyone with more knowledge and understanding of their product. What also sets Jamil at the top of my list is that he is truly helpful and genuinely interested in helping me accomplish my "dream" for the integration of his plugins. He never made me feel like a pest… he never treated me with disrespect… and he was always available to help.
    This is a good man! These are excellent plugins. And, the cost of these premium plugins is so affordable and fair. For one small fee, I was able to purchase the Pro Master License that allows me to use the plugin on up to 100 websites, with lifetime auto-updates, lifetime priority support, lifetime usage. No yearly renewal fees! This is such an excellent way of purchasing plugins.
    Thank you Jamil, for your plugin and your support.
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