Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin


The Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin from iHomefinder adds responsive IDX real estate search and MLS property listings to your WordPress site, with branded drip emails including sold, open and active listings. MarketBoost takes this a step further by adding local market reports to your website and drip emails. Make your real estate site and emails shine with beautiful design, stunning photos, informative reports and proven lead generation tools.

IDX is an industry standard that enables a real estate professional to display all of an MLS’s property listings on their website, provided they in turn permit other MLS members to display their listings. To qualify for IDX and display an MLS’s listings you must be a member of that MLS and be approved for IDX by the MLS.

Several different types of property search pages, listing gallery pages, market reports and contact pages can be added to your site’s navigation menu. Portal quality drip emails keep your clients engaged with sold, open and active listings. You can also take advantage of shortcodes to embed listings within the content of any page or post on your site. A collection of widgets are additionally provided to add quick search, lead capture, and property listings to your sidebar widget areas.

View our demo site to see the plugin’s full range of features.

An iHomefinder account is required to activate this plugin. To get a free trial account with sample IDX listings or a paid account with full IDX property listings from your MLS, simply go to the “Register” section after installing the plugin.

  • Keep in touch with your clients with informative market reports and interactive sold, active and open homes emails.

  • Save time and money by tapping into automated relevant listings content that your clients will love.

  • Highlight your expertise with branded local updates for your market.

  • Raise your site’s search engine rankings with SEO-friendly IDX listing content displayed and indexed under your own domain. IDX property listing content is directly embedded in your site and never framed.

  • Generate leads with listing-based calls to action, email alerts, a consumer property organizer, user registration prompts, social media links, and other engagement tools.

  • Responsive design allows prospective homebuyers and sellers to use all site pages on any device. The sleek, modern design offers large photos, attractive IDX widgets and easy CSS customization.

  • Customize your site with a collection of property gallery and quick-search IDX widgets, an agent bio widget, and an SEO city links widget.

Different packages are available, offering a variety of agent and office IDX features. Packages include the following pages and IDX widgets for integration with your WordPress site:

  • Basic and Advanced Property Search
  • Quick Search Shortcode and Widget with multiple layouts
  • Interactive Map Search
  • Open Homes Search
  • Featured Properties (your own active and sold listings)
  • Listing Detail Pages with Lead Capture
  • Saved Search Pages
  • Sold and Pending Listings (if provided by your MLS)
  • Supplemental (Pocket) Listings
  • Listing Galleries
  • Featured/Saved Search/Quick Search Gallery Widgets
  • Saved Search Page List Widget — Add links to all your Saved Search Pages through this widget. Available for Responsive version only.
  • Listing Email Alerts
  • Consumer Property Organizer (favorite searches and properties)
  • Contact Form page and widget
  • Valuation Request Form
  • Agent Bio Widget
  • SEO City Links Widget
  • Community Pages
  • Office Pages
  • Agent Pages (with an agent’s bio and listings)
  • Drip emails including monthly market reports, weekly open homes and daily listings, price changes & solds
  • Market Report Pages including listings, market reports and informative graphs

More details are available on the Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX plugin page.


  • Add IDX / MLS Search to your WordPress site using quick search widgets & shortcodes, basic and advanced search forms.
  • Display property details with style -- large photos and multiple options for lead generation accompany accurate, up-to-date IDX listing information.
  • IDX widgets include property galleries showing your listings, quick search, SEO City Links, an Agent Bio and more.
  • Responsive design adjusts to display on any screen: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
  • MarketBoost provides engaging reports and listings emails that your clients will love.


  1. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for the term “Optima Express” and select “Install Now”, then activate the plugin.
  3. Under Optima Express > Register, sign-up for a free trial or purchase a live IDX account for your MLS (you can also enter a registration key if you already have an iHomefinder account).
  4. Navigate to Settings > Permalinks and save a permalink setting other than “Default”.


Will the plugin work after I download and install it?

You need to register the plugin in order for it to work. You can enter a registration code for an existing paid account, create a free trial account with sample IDX listings, or purchase a new paid account for your MLS by accessing the “Registration” section of the plugin menu within the WordPress Dashboard.

Will my site get SEO credit for IDX listings?

Yes. The Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX plugin doesn’t “frame” property listing data into your WordPress site. Instead, property listings appear directly under your domain, ensuring that your site gets full SEO credit.

Will Optima Express + MarketBoost work with a mobile device?

When paired with a responsive theme, Optima Express + MarketBoost is optimized for viewing from any device, including smartphones. For non-responsive theme users, Optima Express + MarketBoost includes a full mobile IDX site that will work on any browser-enabled mobile device, such as iPhones and Android smartphones. We can provide you with a mobile re-direct plugin that will automatically send mobile devices to your mobile IDX site.

What kind of lead capture tools are provided?

Lead generation tools include listing-page lead generation (Schedule a Showing, Request Info, Save Property), multiple styles of forced visitor registration, and automated daily email alerts, through which prospective homebuyers are automatically emailed listings that match their provided search criteria.

Can anyone get an account?

Only real estate professionals who are active members of a supported MLS can sign-up for a paid account with live MLS listings. If you don’t see your MLS listed, please contact us about adding IDX service for your MLS.

Do I have to contact my MLS when signing up for an account?

Our automated system will send you any necessary IDX approval paperwork when you request an account. When completed and returned to us, we will manage your IDX paperwork through the MLS approval process.

Where can I find out if my MLS is supported?

Please refer to our current list of supported MLSs.

Does the plugin provide access to multiple MLSs?

The plugin will provide IDX data for the MLS(s) you request when you sign up for your Optima Express + MarketBoost account. If you belong to more than one MLS, you can request service for additional MLSs at an additional cost.

How long does it take to get MLS approval?

Depending upon your MLS, approval can take anywhere from less than a business day to a week. While you’re waiting for MLS approval you can test the Optima Express IDX plugin on your site with our demo IDX listing data.

How do I access my IDX account’s back-end Control Panel?

Go to the “IDX Control Panel” section of the plugin menu within the WordPress Dashboard. From there you can manage IDX property search settings, manage your own listings, and manage your leads.

How frequently is the data updated?

Our IDX property listing data is updated every two hours for most MLSs, and as frequently as every 15 minutes for some MLSs.

Where can I learn more about the features and pricing?

Please visit the Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX plugin page on the iHomefinder website for the latest news and information.

Some parts of the IDX display look a little distorted. How can this be fixed?

There’s most likely a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) conflict between styles defined by your theme and styles defined by the plugin. You can use a tool like Firebug to identify the problematic styles. Then, go to the Optima Express > Configuration section of the plugin and enter overrides for the problematic styles. Or, contact our support team for assistance.


I am happy I didn’t listen to all the bad reviews

I am just getting started with this program and I have to say, the support I have gotten has been great. They have gone above and beyond for me. All of my issues have been resolved quickly. I added this to my existing WordPress site and they have resolved incompatibility issues for me. I highly recommend this program.

Free Plugin but Pay to use

I find this hilarious. You have to pay for ihomesfinder and then still have to pay a monthly fee. This is such a joke! Who pays to use an API connect. Hidden costs get lost!

Many features, but the speed

This plugin has many great search features, and many more filters than the competetors. Their support team is decent, but what really kills this plugin is how it affects site speed. Even on pages that do not contain iHomefinder content, your site speed grade with Google (Which is a ranking factor) will be affected tremendously. I had to install a plugin organizer to address this.

Best IDX You’re Gonna Get For 2018

I've been using this plugin on my website for many, many years, and it's been working great and getting me about 20-40 leads every month on average. And the plugin works best using the "Markets" feature to create individual shortcodes for every community, neighborhood, city, or county that you want added to your website. I painstakingly, over the course of 4-6 months, created a page for just about every community in my area. I have nearly 500 "markets" which equates to about 500 neighborhoods that I created in iHomefinder. After creating those markets, I then had to create 500 website pages for each community. With each page, I included an SEO-friendly page title, SEO-keywords, meta data, and SEO-friendly community description too. Doing this will help get a page indexed by the search engines, in additiona to having the IDX on the pages too. But that indexing will take anywhere from 6 months to two years -- providing you also create analytics accounts with Bing and Google to make sure they index your site and pages. I'm a real estate agent, but I've been messing with websites long before I was an agent (since the early 90's). And I'm just saying there's a lot more involved with using this plugin than just activating it. Using an IDX plugin from any provider does not guarantee your site will be found. It will take a lot of work and time, or money. I have more of the former than the later, and the time I devoted into building my website would have cost me tens-of-thousands-of dollars, if not more. What many users are complaining about is the older IDX page creation that iHomefinder was offering, that more easily created IDX pages. Unfortunately, those IDX pages are not SEO friendly and they would not get indexed by the search engines, ever. So I eventually learned the hard way that I had to create SEO-friendly pages myself for every community in my area, but it paid off years ago. To see the plugin and my work i action, Google "brighton park condos chesapeake va" and my web page for that community will appear in the 2nd position, and it's not a pay-per-click page either (it's the mrtownhome.net website). Also try "homes for sale in ridgely manor virginia beach" using Bing and I appear on the first page in about the 5th or 6th position. And I get this placement for just $59 a month with the iHomefinder IDX plugin. Trust me, I know iHomefinder isn't perfect and I've had my issues with them too. iHomefinder is real slow with support, even when calling in (support available noon to 8pm EST weekdays only). There's no forum or open discussion to speak of, and they are slow to update their plugin as WordPress rolls out updates, which has caused some slight problems for me but nothing I couldn't work through. In fact, as of 12/17/2018, Optima Express has only been tested up to WP 4.9.9 when WP 5.0.1 is already out, and I think that's causing some forced sign-up issues with IE and Firefox, but not Chrome. I tried IDXBroker and what I didn't like was they did not allow all "sold" listings to be displayed on a web page, only my personally sold listings. But allowing sold listings to be displayed is a must-have, to help keep a web page indexed by search engines... just look at some of the larger brokerages and you'll see what I mean. Unfortunately/fortunately, whether you can display sold listings on your website will depend on your local MLS and fortunately, my MLS allows sold properties to be displayed for up to 12 months. And that keeps the leads coming in and the pages indexed in Google and Bing. I don't work for iHomefinder and as mentioned, I've had my share of issues with them. I'm not getting anything out of providing this Hemingway novel feedback either, but I've tried other IDX plugins and this is the best it gets for now. I was reading through a bunch of negative feedbacks, and I remember not knowing anything about IDX, WordPress, SEO, or plugins. So I'm providing this with the hope to help someone else who may be considering this plugin. I even noticed some negative feedbacks said they would never use this plugin again yet, when I went to their website, the agent is back to using it. I'm just saying that for the approximate $59 I spend each month, is money well-spent. But you're just going to have to devote a little time in creating a website that can utilize all of the features this plugin provides, to maximize the results it can and will produce.


I have used this terrible plugin and service for the past couple of years. They tried to add a CRM to their poorly programmed IDX—turning a bad situation into a complete disaster. Then when you cancel they continue to charge you. You have been warned!

Test features don’t work on paid version

Built a nice search page using the [optima_express_search] shortcode. Once I registered the plugin and paid for it, all I get on that page now is a "Feature Unavailable" message. This wouldn't qualify for a 1 star review, but upon attempting to contact support to get this resolved in a timely manner (client is waiting for results), I've gotten no response, and no help at all. No accountability for their plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Performance enhancements


  • Updated trial sign-up form
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Jetpack Open Graph tag conflict resolution


  • Minor bug fix


  • Eureka: Registration Form shortcode
  • Automated Featured Solds: new Pending Featured Listings IDX page
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Eureka map search shortcode & widget
  • Minor updates for Eureka
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor update for Eureka


  • Minor update for Eureka beta


  • Eureka beta
  • Minor bug fix


  • Minor bug fix


  • Improved timeouts for IHF server requests
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added directory virtual pages for MLS Portal clients


  • New shortcode creator in WordPress admin for creating shortcodes without a visual editor
  • Fixed issue with some widgets not displaying on IDX pages
  • Fixed issue with new OmniPress sites not having default widgets


  • Fixed issue with lead source tracking


  • Added Property Organizer login widget and shortcode
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with captcha on some widgets


  • Added custom HTML field to Listing Report widget
  • Fixed issue related to HTTPS
  • Fix for widgets not respecting “Display widget on selected IDX pages” setting


  • Added parameter to Open Home Report shortcode to disable map
  • Added sort parameter to Gallery Slider shortcode
  • Reduced the number of .js and .css files loaded


  • Added board parameter to advanced search shortcode
  • Fixed issue with “New Search” link on detail pages


  • Fixed Property Organizer autologin
  • Minor code cleanup


  • Added agent and office shortcode
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added option to change gallery slider speed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added Sell My Home widget and shortcode for seller lead generation
  • Support for Photo First property details page layout


  • Added sitemap integration with Google XML Sitemaps and Yoast SEO plugins


  • Added more sort options to shortcode
  • Fixed issue with agent shortcode


  • New shortcodes for all MarketBoost pages
  • Support for Control Panel’s Custom URL field for Market pages, allowing email alerts and IDX page links to direct to a custom page
  • Added “status” parameter for Listing Galleries for MarketBoost clients to display Active or Sold listings


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with listing report URL


  • New MarketBoost pages: Market Report, Open Homes and Listing Reports for MarketBoost trials and clients
  • Sold listings display for Listing Reports (formerly Saved Search Pages) for MarketBoost clients
  • MarketBoost alert signups added to email alert signup widget
  • New Gallery Slider style option matches grid view


  • Fixed issue with some theme templates


  • Improved theme compatibility
  • Fixed caching issue


  • Minor bug fixes


  • New Draw to Search polygon search option on basic & advanced search and email updates
  • IDX Event Tracking in Google Analytics


  • Fixed display issue on Safari


  • Added meta tag options to additional IDX Pages
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added support for HTTPS sites
  • Fixed issue with template on open home search page
  • Fixed remember me on organizer login form


  • Added more social sharing options to listing detail
  • Organizer pages now use common theme template
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added email alert and contact form shortcode
  • Fixed issue with agent detail shortcode


  • Fix for bug affecting shortcode without parameters


  • Improved SEO with meta tag customizaton for Property Details & Saved Search Pages
  • Added ability to show Featured Listings by property type, displaying only rental or commercial properties, for example
  • Included new options in social media widget
  • Added ability to create Polygon Saved Search Pages based on advanced search criteria


  • Fixed gallery slider responsiveness
  • Hid features unavailable in package


  • Fix for agent, office and saved search pages not using specified theme template


  • Support for restricting search to custom city list
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Shortcode caching for performance improvement


  • Support for grid view display option for results, Featured listings and Saved Searches
  • Support for Listings Per Page setting & shortcode parameter


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Adjustments to prevent display issues in themes using excerpt instead of content


  • Resolved compatibility issues with Yoast WordPress SEO and Yoast Google Analytics


  • Fixed bug related to Custom City lists for the responsive version


  • Listing Not Found pages now return a 404 error
  • Added “Valuation Request” shortcode


  • Customize search by adding geographic criteria such as School District, Neighborhood or Subdivision (where available in your MLS) to the Location field of your search forms
  • New option to display only selected Saved Search Pages in the SSP widget
  • Assorted bug fixes


  • Fix for missing CSS file


  • Added property type parameter to quick search
  • Mapbox map support


  • Added maximum properties loaded value to gallery slider to improve performance


  • Fixed issue related with CSS / JavaScript not being loaded


  • Compatibility fix for earlier versions of PHP


  • Saved Search Page List Widget — Add links to all your Saved Search Pages through this widget. Available for Responsive version only.


  • Added support for WordPress installed in a subdirectory
  • Fixed issue with agent / office shortcode
  • Fixed issue with map search refine form background


  • Refactored TinyMCE button code to insert short code
  • Refactored Remember Me and Forgot Password code


  • Code refactor related to loading resources


  • WordPress IDX plugin shortcode, widgets and settings convert to Optima Express
  • Optima Express and WordPress IDX plugins share same codebase


  • Maintenance release


  • General release of Responsive version as default for new installs


  • Added broker features and gallery slider to Responsive Beta


  • Fixed issue related with Quick Search shortcode


  • Added selector to insert all shortcodes
  • Added additional IDX page shortcodes
  • Includes Responsive IDX beta option


  • Added free trial and purchase options
  • Added automatic registration
  • Added iHomefinder IDX Control Panel


  • Added admin checks for known issues
  • Update to allow captcha in contact forms
  • Changed text from Top Picks to Saved Search


  • Fixed issue that caused large options table


  • Set the excerpt to the content of Virtual Pages.
  • Load jQuery UI libs with wp_enqueue_script
  • Fixed issue with email logo uploads


  • Update to hide comments for Virtual pages
  • Set auto focus for Autocomplete when creating community pages and seo links
  • Menu updates
  • Map Search shortcode updates


  • Text updates
  • Fix for sorting on Saved Searches
  • Update to Optima Express menu setup
  • Updates for Agent Bio and Social widgets
  • Fix for office setup


  • Added Agent Bio and Social Media widgets
  • Added Optima Express default navigation menu
  • Added Email Branding options directly from WP Admn
  • Added Map Search page for Power and Broker clients
  • Added Community Pages wizard for Broker and Power clients
  • Added SEO City Links for Broker and Power clients
  • Added short code for Gallery Slider


  • Fixed issue related to user registration on the top picks page.


  • Fixed issue related to Email Alerts when passwords are required.


  • Added ability to customize CSS for Property Gallery Slider
  • Added spam-blocking functionality to forms
  • Addressed some theme compatibility issues


  • Added Broker & Sold/Supplemental pages to widget configuration
  • Fixed issues with Light & Ultra-Light User Registration


  • Updated Listing Gallery shortcodes to optionally include a map.


  • Added Broker/Office Features


  • Added new pages: Contact Form, Home Valuation Request, Open Homes Search, Supplemental Listings, Sold Listings
  • Added support for display of Sold and Supplemental listings on Featured Properties page
  • Added option to use full-size photo in results (requires custom CSS to display on page)
  • Search form price fields clear on click
  • Improved error messaging for client log-in with accounts flagged for deletion


  • Added navigation bar for Property Organizer
  • Added link to view matches from Saved Searches within Property Organizer
  • Added Help page to Property Organizer, to be used as default home when no saved properties or searches exist
  • Improved error handling on Property Organizer signup
  • Interactive Map Search Beta


  • Added Free Text field in Search, Advanced Search and Email Alert sign-up
  • Support for Chicago neighborhoods in Midwest Real Estate Data MLS
  • Default search prices changed to No Min/No Max
  • Improved Unsubscribe process from email updates
  • Added support for template change for all IDX pages
  • Overall performance improvements & decreased page load time on property details pages
  • Fixed modal positioning for certain themes
  • Allowed for Featured listings to appear first in search results
  • Reconfigured search widget to allow customization of spacing through CSS
  • Added full support for template changes in Twenty Eleven theme
  • Improved error handling on property gallery wizard
  • Added address to GreatSchools widget to improve widget map position


  • Updated authentication synchronization code to fix periodic authentication issues.


  • Added ability to modify IDX Page Permalinks
  • Added ability to edit IDX Page Titles
  • Added ability to select IDX Page Template
  • Saved properties can be deleted from Property Organizer
  • Fixed pagination and Next/Previous navigation issues on Advanced Search results and Top Picks pages


  • Added Advanced Search criteria to email updates
  • Added paging to Next/Previous from property details results
  • Fixed Multiple Agent ID issue in Advanced Search
  • Fixed paging problem in Advanced Search results
  • Fixed widget display issue on Advanced Search page
  • Fixed disclosure & map links in Advanced Search
  • Advanced Search option is now hidden for property types that do not offer advanced search
  • Bed/Bath search fields are deactivated for Commercial property searches
  • Removed ‘New Search’ link from Top Picks pages
  • Fixed display problem with Genesis ǃ?Featured Postsǃ? widget


  • Added Listing Gallery display through shortcode on Pages and Posts
  • Added IDX page display selection to Widgets
  • Added CSS override ability
  • Fixed open home display bug
  • Fixed Advanced Search multi-select bug


  • Added User Registration prompts to collect user information at customizable trigger points (Ultra-light, Light & Heavy options available)
  • Added Advanced Search as well as link to Advanced Search from standard Search page
  • Added click-through login from email notifications
  • Improved subscriber activity tracking
  • Fixed text display bugs on Top Picks pages


  • Initial release.