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Notice bar is a simple but powerful plugin to create and display custom Notice bar in WordPress websites. It helps website admins to effectively convey notices, information & messages to their visitors swiftly. With user friendly interface, Option to choose different notice types, Notice Bar is undoubtedly one of the best notice plugin for WordPress websites.

Notice Bar highly customizable and meets wide range of user requirements. With simple tweaks and configurations, it can be easily used by a wide variety of websites.

Notice Bar Types

Plain Text : You can add basic plain text news with anchor links or a button inside the text and display in frontend.

News Ticker : You can add beautiful news ticker in your site showing your latest news or updates.

Slider : You can display notice in slider mode with various configuration such as slide duration, sliders auto slide, slide controls etc .

Social Icons : You can display your social profiles in the notice bar. Currently available icons are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Display Configuration

  • Notice Bar Position
  • Background Color
  • Font Color
  • Social Icons Color
  • Social Icons Background
  • Ticker Label Background
  • Anchor Link Color
  • Anchor Link Hover Color

Some Useful Links

More Pro Features

Notice Bar Pro: Detail | Demo

  • Fully responsive.
  • Simple and efficient.
  • Cross browser compatibility.
  • Multiple Notice bars.
  • Multiple positions for Notice bars.
  • Notice bar division in 3 sections.
  • Varieties of configurations for each sections like width, color etc.
  • Enable/Disable option for each sections.
  • Mobile hide/unhide option for each sections.
  • Total 8 types of Notice bars.
  • Multiple close actions with cookie timer.
  • Number of font family.
  • Color options like anchor link, font color, anchor hover etc.
  • Custom css for individual Notice bars.
  • Scheduling option for Notice bars.
  • Animations in plain text Notice.
  • Multiple animation options for text slider.
  • Subscription form with subscribers list.
  • Twitter tweets with number of tweets and profile picture hide/unhide option.
  • Sliding news ticker with multiple configurations.
  • Page display control for individual Notice bars.
  • Separate settings page with debug mode enable/disable option.
  • Nearly dozen of social icons with varieties of configurations for each icon.
  • Notice bar hide option for mobile.
  • Call to action.
  • And Many more.


  • Plugin Settings
  • Plain Text Notice Bar
  • Slider Notice Bar
  • News Ticker Notice Bar
  • Social Icons Notice Bar


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Works Well


Works Well for me, it does what I needed, a simple notice bar with some basic HTMLK.

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  • Font size option has been removed.
  • POT file added.
  • Compatibility testing with WordPress version 4.6.1.


  • Added body class on notice-bar open and close conditions.


  • Removed functionality before v2.0.0. Backup your files and database before switching into latest version.


  • Added tabs functionality
  • Reduced width of the option field


  • Fixed Slider layout issue for version 2.0.1
  • Fixed few css issue
  • Added Debug Mode


  • Updated with major change in UI
  • Added new options such as news ticker, slider and social icons
  • Added different styling options such as background color, font color, social icons color, social icons color hover, anchor links color, anchor links color on hover
  • Added Settings section to switch between new and old version


  • Initial release

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