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The MooWoodle plugin is an extention of WooCommerce that acts as a bridge between WordPress/Woocommerce and Moodle.

The MooWoodle plugin is an extention of WooCommerce that acts as a bridge between WordPress/Woocommerce and Moodle. It fetches all the courses from your Moodle instance and makes them available for sale, which may be bought by users through WooCommerce. It reduces your effort by synchronising your LMS site with your online store. And when someone purchases a course from the store he/she is automatically gets registered for the course in the LMS site. More over this plugin works with WooCommerce subscription plugin too.


  • WooCommerce 2.2.1+
  • WordPress 4.1.1+
  • Multilingual Support is included with the plugin and is fully compatible with WPML.


WP site setup: 1. To set up the plugin: Synchronise > Settings > Fill up Access URL (site url of your moodle site) and Webservice Token (generated from your moodle site; a more detailed guide is given below).

  1. Check Create Products From Courses checkbox if you want to create product from courses during course sync; otherwise leave it unchecked. In that case the courses will be saved in wordpress site and you can manually add products for courses later.

  2. Check Update user info with order info checkbox to update user info with new order info.

  3. By default, the users will be enrolled in the course with student role. If you want to assign any custom role to the user you have to enter the role id in the `Moodle user role id in a course.

Moodle site set up: Create and setup webservice: 1. Administration > Site administration > Advanced features > Enable webservice > Save changes.

  1. Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Manage protocols > Enable REST protocol.

  2. Administration > Site administration > Plugins > External services > Add > Give a Name and chack Enabled > Add service > Add functions > Add the following functions to your webservice: i. core_user_create_users: Create users ii. core_user_get_users_by_field iii. core_user_update_users iv. core_course_get_courses: Return course details v. core_course_get_categories: Return category details vi. enrol_manual_enrol_users: Manual enrol users

  3. Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Manage tokens > Add > Select user (Admin) from users\' list > Select your service form services\' list > Save changes.

Disable password policy: The password policy settings needed to be disabled since the user password will be generated in WordPress end and will not match the password policy of Moodle. The steps to disable password policy are given below.

  1. Administration > Site administration > Security > Site policies > Uncheck Password policy > Do not forget to save changes.


All we want is love. We are extremely responsive about support requests - so if you face a problem or find any bugs, shoot us a mail or post it in the support forum, and we will respond within 24 hours(during business days). If you get the impulse to rate the plugin low because it is not working as it should, please do wait for our response because the root cause of the problem may be something else.

Requires: 4.1.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 200+


3.4 out of 5 stars


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