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Easy Chat, Gorgeous Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings - Lucky Orange

The Original All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite. Used on over 35,000 sites. See everything your visitors did before they left. Get started for F

  • One click install.
  • Form Analytics
  • Chat Support Tool for WordPress
  • Super easy and feature rich chat.
  • Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Polls, Live Analytics.
  • Dedicated Support
  • Get started today for FREE.

Lucky Orange is an incredible tool that lets you quickly see who is on your site and interact with them in many ways. With Lucky Orange, you can chat with visitors on your site, actually watch their mouse move around the screen and click in real time or as recordings (as well as keystrokes), generate beautiful heat maps of clicks, mouse movements (eye tracking), and scroll depth, create quick insightful polls, and more. And of course- we have a great support team if you have any questions, or need anything at all! (support AT luckyorange.com)

To help you get a better idea of everything you get with Lucky Orange, take a quick look below!

Live Dashboard

Want to know where your traffic is coming from, popular keywords , your most visited page, or what people are saying about your company on Twitter?

  • The Live Dashboard will give you all this information in an easy to use interface- and updates in real time! No more delays running other analytics reports.

Chat Feature

So you have heard about "Chat" and what a great tool it is for all website owners. But you have questions about chat, and why chat is important?

  • Lucky Orange lets you chat directly with your site's visitors. Our interface is clean, easy to use, and robust, and allows for multiple chat operators at the same time.
  • Have more questions about all the great benefits of Lucky Orange chat? Just look below at our Chat FAQ, and hopefully you find all answers to your chat questions. If not, email us your chat questions by email to support AT luckyorange.com

Form Analytics - NEW

Introducing Form Analytics! Now find out conversion rates, abandonment rates, time to start, time spent in each field, repeat fields, order of fields, and more.

Heat Map Suite

Ever ask yourself: "I wonder what part of my website people read the most or what images and content people like?"
Lucky Orange comes ready with over 3 different types of gorgeous heat maps to capture data from visitors using various screen resolutions, web browsers, mobile browsers, and even dynamic page content.

Heat Map types include:

  • Mouse Movement Heat Maps: Since mouse movement is strongly related to eye tracking, you can see how most people actually read your page content.
  • Click Heat Maps: See exactly where visitors are clicking most on your page.
  • Scroll Depth Heat Maps: Are people really reading most of the content on your page or just bouncing? Our Scroll Depth Heat Map will show you how far most people scroll down on your pages.

Visitor Engagement Tracking & Recordings

So what are people really doing on my site?

  • With the click of a button, Lucky Orange lets you see exactly how visitors are interacting with any page on your website. See an example video here:

Visitor Polling

Want instant feedback or a quick way to capture leads from the people that matter most... your customers? Visitor polling is a great way to do this.

  • Lucky Orange lets you create quick and useful survey polls for your visitors.
  • You can see results in real time and gain valuable insight instantly.


So what exactly is Chat? I keep hearing about how I need to add chat to my website. Can you tell me more about the chat feature?

Chat is the ability to instantly talk with or “chat” via instant messages with visitors on your website at any given time. Chat is personal, and no other visitors to your site will see what you are chatting about.

Why do I need Chat?

Chat is one of the best ways for visitors to your website to interact with you and any last minute questions that might otherwise lead to another visitor bounce from your website. Below are some example chat scenarios to show you how chat can be used:

  • E-Commerce Chat: “Do you have any questions about one of our products?”
  • Blog Chat: “Want more information about my recipes? Lets chat!”
  • Lead Generation Chat: “Would you like more information our free quotes?”
  • Technical Support chat: “Something broken? Chat with our Support Team”

Can I chat with my customers? Or is this just a robot chatting for me?

The choice to chat, how to chat, and what to chat is completely up to you! as the chat operator, you can type in answers to questions from your visitors, or ask them questions directly. Additionally, for convenience, the Lucky Orange chat feature has the added benefit of inserting "canned responses" to help you save time and answer the most commonly asked questions.

How much extra do I have to pay for the chat feature?

Lucky Orange's chat feature is included in all packages. This means there is no additional cost or fee to chat with your visitors. Why use another company that offers just chat, when Lucky Orange offers chat as one of its many great features.

Can I have multiple employees chat with my customers? YES! Your website can have multiple chat operators. Each operator can have their own log in credentials, and can easily decide to accept a chat, reject a chat request, or transfer a chat mid-session if desired.

Do I have to wait for a customer to chat with me? Or can I request a chat with a customer?

One of the great features of Lucky Orange’s chat, is that you can "request a chat" with any visitor on your website. In the dashboard you can see how many visitors are on your site, and what page they are currently on. You can then view their screen by clicking to “spy” on them, and “request a chat” to that visitor.

I don't have anyone who can chat - is this a problem?

Because chat is just one of the many features you get with the suite of tools that Lucky Orange provides, you can choose to disable chat. This give you two options:

  1. Show away message: This allows visitors to leave you quick messages, questions, comments, etc.
  2. Do not show any message: After disabling chat, you can decide if you would like to not show any away message at all.

Can I see logs of previous chat sessions?

Yes – all chat sessions are saved in the "Chat Logs" section in the dashboard. Once you are in the Chat Logs section, you can further refine our search to find chat sessions that match your specific criteria, such as:

  • Date created
  • # of messages
  • Source of the visitor (Google, Direct Link, paid media, etc.)
  • Keyword the visitor clicked on to find your website
  • You can even search by words used in your chat sessions with your customers such as "price" or "technical support"

Can I have chat logs E-Mailed to me?

Absolutely - Operators have the ability to decide if they would like chat transcripts emailed to one unique E-Mail address, or multiple different E-Mail addresses.

Can I customize what the chat box looks like to match my website's design?

One of the great features of Lucky Orange chat is the ability to completely customize the look and feel of your chat box. This includes:

  • The Chat Button Title: “Chat with us,” “Chat with live support,” etc.
  • Custom Colors & Styles: Chose your desired chat background color.
  • Decide if you want a blinking icon, and pick the desired location you would like the chat box to appear to your visitors.

What other chat features are available through Lucky Orange Chat?

  • Spy & Chat:

    • One of the greatest benefits of Lucky Orange chat is the ability to actually view the screen of the visitor that you are chatting with. You can help the visitor through your check out process, add items to a shopping cart, or instruct them where they can find different information on your site by seeing how they move their mouse.
  • Pre-Chat Questions:

    • When a visitor requests a chat with you, you can choose to ask them some basic questions to gather additional information before the chat begins. This can include:

      • Name or E-Mail address of visitor asking to chat
      • Is this a sales or technical support question?
      • Misc.
  • Auto-Accept Chat requests:

    • Never miss a chat again! When you activate this chat feature, you will automatically accept all chat requests from your visitors.
  • Idle Chat settings:

    • Forgot to turn off your chat when you are not around? No problem! Lucky Orange’s chat allows you to set rules to turn off your chat if you are idle for a desired period of time.

More info at http://www.luckyorange.com.

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Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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