LiveChat – Premium live chat software for WooCommerce


All website visitors are essentially sales opportunities. With live chat for WooCommerce by LiveChat, you can give customers the opportunity to talk you directly – from your WooCommerce website – and address any questions they may have instantly. By sending prompt replies about shipping or return policies, you give customers the confidence needed to complete a purchase.

LiveChat – WooCommerce live chat plugin combines a variety of features into one seamless interface. You can set up automated messages to proactively contact customers when they get stuck on the checkout page. Customize the color theme, set up messages for when you’re online and offline to provide more personalized customer experience. You can even search through previous chats to get sales insights. Other features include visitor analytics, live chat surveys, file sharing and visitor banning.

Apart from adding a live chat option to your WooCommerce store, LiveChat also comes with a built-in ticketing system to provide customer support after office hours. This means, you can manage all your offline communication without using any additional software.

Work smarter and connect LiveChat with the tools you already use. Our live chat software integrates seamlessly with a range of popular apps and services. These include email marketing platforms – MailChimp, ConstantContact, customer relationship management apps (CRM) – HubSpot CRM, Salesforce and social media platforms – Facebook or Twitter.

Live chat benefits

From overnight shipping to instant access to your product or service, customers want help instantly. Out of all the customer support channels available — offline or online — live chat is by far the quickest and simplest.

With live chat for WooCommerce, customers have a direct and free option to ask for help. They can use it with minimal disruption to their day, which turns out to be very convenient.

Using live chat and WooCommerce together, enables customers to ask questions about the product they want to buy and you can answer them in real-time, which simplifies the buying process.

Moreover, using live chat to communicate with the customer helps to understand their needs. You can use that knowledge to recommend similar products and services to increase the average order value.

Just by offering live chat – WooCommerce users are one step ahead of the companies that do not. Competitive advantage can be obtained by managing products more effectively, and having good relationships with customers.


The easiest way add a live chat option to WooCommerce is to install our live chat plugin. This will automatically embed the live chat code on all your WooCommerce store pages, without any copy paste needed. Once you’ve installed live chat, the next thing you need to do is download our desktop app for Windows or Mac OS. No additional software is necessary if you are planning to use the web-based app – works on all up-to-date browsers. If you are not at your desk, you can stay connected to WooCommerce customers while on the go with our live chat apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.


LiveChat offers a free to download WooCommerce live chat plugin which lets your provide on-site support and sell more. To work with it, you need a subscription of LiveChat. For an overview of live chat plans and features navigate to our website. You can sign up for a 30-day trial to check out all of all that’s available free of cost – no credit card required.

Sign up for LiveChat here!

Multilingual WooCommerce Live Chat Plugin

Adjusting language of your chat window to the language your page is a very important step of the customization.
Because of that, LiveChat has been translated into 45 languages; below is the list of supported languages:
* Arabic / العَرَبِيَّة WooCommerce WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Armenian / Հայերեն WooCommerce WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Azeri / Azərbaycan WooCommerce WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Bulgarian / български WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Catalan / Català WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Simplified Chinese / 简体中文 WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Traditional Chinese / 繁體中文 WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Croatian / Hrvatski WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Czech / Česky WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Danish / Dansk WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Dutch / Nederlands WooCommerce live chat plugin
* English WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Estonian / Eesti WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Finnish / Suomi WooCommerce live chat plugin
* French / Français WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Georgian / ქართული WooCommerce live chat plugin
* German / Deutsch WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Greek / Ελληνικά WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Hebrew / עברית WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Hungarian / Magyar WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Icelandic / Íslenska WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Italian / Italiano WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Japanese / 日本語 WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Kazakh / қазақ тілі WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Korean / 한국어 WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Latvian / Latviešu WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Lithuanian / Lietuvių WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Malaysian / Bahasa Malaysia WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Norwegian (bokmål) / Norsk (bokmål) WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Norwegian (nynorsk) / Norsk (nynorsk) WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Polish / Polski WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Portuguese / Português WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Brazilian Portuguese / Português brasileiro WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Romanian / Română WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Russian / Русский WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Serbian / Srpski WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Slovak / Slovenčina WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Slovene / Slovenščina WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Spanish / Español WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Swedish / Svenska WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Thai / ไทย WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Turkish / Türkçe WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Ukrainian / Українська WooCommerce live chat plugin
* Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt WooCommerce live chat plugin


  • Live chat applications are available for web browser, Windows Mac and iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • LiveChat is designed specifically for real-time customer service using live chat and help desk tickets.
  • Visitors list and client details display valuable information useful during chats with customers.
  • Live chat window can be customized. Social media icons can be added for social engagement.
  • LiveChat offers plenty of reports and customer service analytics.
  • Additional information from pre-chat and post-chat surveys serves as extra knowledge about customers.
  • Help desk software in LiveChat allows collecting tickets from chats, emails and ticket forms.
  • Live chat dashboard - a real-time glimpse of your customer service to display on a big screen.


  1. Make sure you have WooCommerce installed on your WordPress website.
  2. Upload the downloaded .zip file to WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  3. Activate the live chat plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Navigate to the “WooCommerce” menu on the left and select “LiveChat”.
  5. Create a new LiveChat account, or use your existing one.
  6. Choose which custom variables will be passed to LiveChat and get ready to chat.

For more detailed instructions, go to the live chat plugin page.


Installation Instructions
  1. Make sure you have WooCommerce installed on your WordPress website.
  2. Upload the downloaded .zip file to WordPress plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/).
  3. Activate the live chat plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Navigate to the “WooCommerce” menu on the left and select “LiveChat”.
  5. Create a new LiveChat account, or use your existing one.
  6. Choose which custom variables will be passed to LiveChat and get ready to chat.

For more detailed instructions, go to the live chat plugin page.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do. You can try out all of the features of our live chat plugin – with no restrictions – for 30 days, for free.

Sign up for LiveChat!

What are the limitations of the free trial version?

There are no limitations – during the 30-day trial, by default, you will be able to test all of the features in the Team plan.

Do I need a LiveChat account to use this live chat plugin?

Yes – you can create your live chat account here.

Do I need to install any additional software to use LiveChat?

Just this live chat plugin; LiveChat works as SaaS and doesn’t require any extra service to work.

Do you provide live chat support?

YES! You can live chat with us anytime – we are available 24/7/365!

Can I use this live chat service on any type of website?

Yes — it is possible to add our live chat widget to any website using Javascript.

Can I use my own custom live chat buttons?

Sure thing — you can upload different type of buttons and use them to trigger the live chat window.

Can I place live chat on Facebook?

It is possible to add a live chat option to your Facebook page that will open a whole new channel for your customers to use – read more about the live chat integration with Facebook here.

How many website visitors can contact me using this WooCommerce live chat plugin at the same time?

One live chat operator can handle up to 99 talks at the same time.

Do I need to stay online in to be available for chats?

Yes, you need to be logged in to allow customers to contact you. If no one is available, your live chat window will be shown as a ticket form – click here to learn more about tickets in LiveChat.

Is it possible to monitor browsing visitors through this live chat plugin?

YES! With LiveChat – live chat plugin for WooCommerce, you can see your visitor’s important information, such as their location, the page they are currently viewing.

What can I customize in the agent app?

You can customize a range of features, like the live chat surveys, live chat theme, live chat buttons, live chat greetings, live chat canned responses, live chat tags and and some other advanced live chat settings.

How to edit my live chat avatar?

To change the live chat avatar, simply navigate to the AGENTS section, pick your account and click EDIT. Apart from changing the picture, you can edit the name and title for your avatar.

Does your live chat plugin work after office hours?

Yes and no – whenever there is no live chat operator logged in to your LiveChat, the live chat window on your website changes to the ticket form automatically – click here to learn more about tickets in LiveChat.

Can I customize the look of the live chat widget?

For sure! Some of the things you can do with the chat window include: choosing the live chat widget theme, uploading your company changing default greeting message, and much more.

Is it possible to require customers to include their contact details when they are asking for support?

Sure, you can use the pre-chat survey at the beginning of each live chat to collect relevant information, such as an email address or phone number.

Is it possible to prevent the live chat window from popping up on mobile devices?

Yes, you can disable the live chat widget on mobile devices.

Can one live chat operator respond to multiple chats at the same time?

With LiveChat, you can receive up to 99 simultaneous chats from your website.

How do I add more live chat agents?

Just head to AGENTS > ADD AN AGENT to start adding new live chat agents.

Is it possible to set a user role to my live chat agents?

Yes – there are three use roles available in your live chat license, each serving a different purpose. There is a live chat owner role, live chat administrators and live chat agents. To find more navigate to our website.

Can live chat operators help one another when chatting with customers?

Sure thing – they can use use chat transfers to hand over their chats to other live chat agents. Additionally, each ongoing chat can be supervised in real time for coaching purposes. Read more on the transfers and supervision features here.

Does your live chat software support other languages?

LiveChat has been translated into 43 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (…). You can learn more about the supported languages here.

Can I stay connected to my customers while on the go?

With our mobile live chat apps for iPhone, iPad and Android you can chat everywhere: in a car, at home or while shopping.

How to view live chat transcripts?

They are all stored in the Archives section – within the LiveChat dashboard.

Is there an option to delete some of the live chat transcripts from the dashboard?

You have to contact our live chat support team — they will be more than happy to help you with that.

Can I initiate chats before my website visitors do?

It is possible to send proactive chats to your website visitors based on “live chat triggers”, such as the number of visited pages or time spent on the website.

How can I get notified on incoming chats?

Whenever there is a visitor willing to chat, you will get a sound and visual notification.

Can I use this plugin to place live chat on several websites?

Yes, you can use our live chat to monitor multiple websites using a single account. Additionally, you can customize the look of the live chat widget per website.

Can I change the position of the live chat widget?

Sure – you can move your live chat from the right side of the screen to the left using CSS styles.

What are the other integrations offered by LiveChat?

LiveChat conveniently integrates with a broad range of apps and services to ensure everything is at your fingertips. They are categorized in a various types: live chat – analytics integrations, live chat – chatbots integrations, live chat – CMS integrations, live chat – contact management integrations, live chat – CRM integrations, live chat – desktop sharing integrations, live chat – e-commerce integrations, live chat – email marketing integrations, live chat – file sharing integrations, live chat – help desk integrations, live chat – invoicing integrations, live chat – social media integrations.

Is there a way to prevent the live chat widget from loading on the about us page, but keeping it enabled on the other pages?

Yes – it is possible to prevent LiveChat from showing on a certain page – see this.

I’d like to deactivate my live chat widget momentarily without having to remove the plugin?

There are two ways to do that – you can set your live chat status to “Don’t accept chats” (*remember to disable the ticket form), or you can disable the chat widget on selected pages using the URL rules feature.

I can’t seem to remember a password to my live chat account.

Don’t worry – you can easily set up a new password using this link.

Do you offer any tips on how to live chat… I could check?

Definitely – head over to our website for best practices and tips on how to your company can benefit from live chat support.

How do I learn more about LiveChat and your live chat plugin?

Navigate to our website and start a chat with us!

Is there a user manual I can share with my live chat agents?

Sure – take a look at our Agent Handbook.

Do you have any reviews from your customers I could check?

Here are some live chat reviews our customers sent us.


Works Well, but the price is kind of high.

I would give it 5 Stars, but the price is kind of high. I tried to subscribe to the starter account ($19.95 per month), because I only needed the basic features, with just a single agent, but I needed the CSS feature to just move the placement of the chat bubble a few pixels up.

In order to get this feature, I had to join to the “upgraded” subscription, which was $20 more per month ($39.95 per month). I’m not sure if the $20 difference is worth it, but I will give it a try to see if the chat is useful.

Super easy and efficient

We are very happy with LiveChat on our website with Woocommerce for selling tickets for our lying-down concerts all over Holland. Customers can easily start a chat or start a support-ticket which we can answer easily through our “backoffice”. It is really easy to install and it works right away


I am loving it. You should have millions of reviews according to your hard work.

Thank you so much.

Can’t thank you enough 😉

Great plugin with rich possibilities

One of the best live chat plugins that I used in recent memory. Dead easy installation and the configuration process.

The plugin gives you additional details about your customers without any additional modifications which is great, though I wish that you’d have few more customization options right in plugin’s panel. Except for that, a very neat design that blends in with your website. With a little bit of work you can also customize the chat appearance through CSS – requires some additional work but it’s great that the plugin gives you option to put CSS codes right in LiveChat application.

One other thing that stands out is LiveChat’s support. I’m satisfied with the answer to topic that I opened here but I’m even more amazed by how they handled my queries via chat. And they are available 24/7 as well!

You may thing that they are a bit pricy but, to be honest, you receive a pretty neat package that is packed with both, useful features and amazing support. I’m pretty sure that my client’s gonna subscribe after the trial will end.

Read all 6 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“LiveChat – Premium live chat software for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Updated customer’s cart view.


  • Minor fixes for PHP 7 compatibility.


  • Plugin redesign.
  • Added new options:
    • ‘Sign in with LiveChat’,
    • Disable chat window on mobile devices,
    • Disable sounds in chat window,
    • Disable chat window for Guest users.


  • Track visitor’s cart asynchronously.


  • Changed how live chat gets the product info compatible with version 3.0, escaped “‘” sign.


  • Updated readme.txt file.
  • Checked live chat plugin compatibility to WordPress 4.8.2.


  • Changed how live chat gets the URL of a product – compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.


  • Added live chat visitor details (email and username).


  • Added live chat script to action wp_enqueue_scripts.


  • Error pages improvements.


  • Updated readme.txt file.


  • Support for creating new live chat accounts,
  • Support for using an existing account,
  • Custom data settings:
    • Current cart products details (name, url),
    • Current cart products count,
    • Current cart total value,
    • Shipping address,
    • Last order info (url to last order),