IMPress for IDX Broker


IMPress for IDX Broker is part of the IMPress family of plugins. Your IDX Broker-enabled account provides this plugin with access to your MLS data feed. The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin allows you to display that data on your WordPress site using widgets and shortcodes while seamlessly matching your brand.

IMPress for IDX Broker

New! Manage Your Leads

No more going between browser windows with the Lead Management interface. Now you can see and manage your leads right within the WordPress dashboard.

New! Form Integration

Until now the lead capture forms for IDX have been separate from the standard WordPress forms. With IMPress for IDX Broker you can create forms within WordPress and capture lead information straight into IDX Broker. At launch, the integration includes the popular form plugins of Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, and Gravity Forms.

New! Selective Refresh

Selective refresh (WP 4.5 or later) is available for widgets in the customizer. When an edit is made to any widget, the change is made without having to reload the page.

Omnibar Search Widget

This widget allows you to add an Omnibar Search Widget to your home page. Visitors can then search by city, county, postal code, address, or listing ID. Custom Fields such as School or Subdivision can also be added. No other IDX solution offers this many options in a search widget for your home page.

Mobile Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

All of your templates and widgets will be responsive if you’re using a responsive theme. If you want to give visitors a more simplified, mobile app-like experience, simply activate mobile wrappers. Visitors can always select “View Full Site” to load the full version of your WordPress site on their mobile device. Only IMPress for IDX Broker offers this many options for your mobile visitors!

Native WordPress Widgets

Add widgets previously only available in the Equity framework – lead login, signup, city links, showcase, and carousel widgets. Take advantage of these new widgets to deliver the best experience, and style them to match the design of your site!

Conveniently Add Shortcodes

An overhauled user experience makes this plugin easy to use. Easily add new widgets to pages and posts with built-in shortcodes.

Import Your Listings with IMPress Listings

Combine this plugin with IMPress Listings to import all your IDX properties into WordPress without wasting time on tedious data entry. You no longer have to manually enter your properties! Have them updated as the MLS changes – directly from your IDX Broker feed!

Capture and Convert Your Leads

Use powerful lead capture tools to generate new leads. Go beyond and customize your lead capture settings with IDX Broker Platinum.

Cloud Hosted, Never Framed

The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin links to pages on your site including your IDX Broker custom subdomain. This allows multiple unique URL results for each specific search engine query, leading to the best possible SEO results and more traffic from search engines. Don’t be fooled by the scare tactics used by those who suggest that IDX pages must always appear on your root WordPress domain.

Design Community

Only IMPress for IDX Broker gives you the ability to choose premium IMPress WordPress themes designed specifically around use with your IDX Broker account. IDX Broker HOME and other Premium Real Estate Theme Designers offer deep integration with the IMPress plugin suite.

Map Search Widget

Add a full-sized map search widget to ANY page on your domain. Create your own custom polygon searches with your IDX Broker Platinum account and allow visitors the ability to search within popular neighborhoods in your area.

Build Neighborhood Pages

Back up your expertise with neighborhood and community pages. Write a story, or a post, and use anchor tags to link your custom neighborhoods in IMPress for IDX Broker. That’s two indexed pages for the price of one!

The Best Office IDX Available

Assign leads to your agents exactly the way you want. Choose from multiple lead routing options, including round robin, custom assignments for neighborhood pages, using a showcase widget, or by creating a unique bio page for each agent!

Affordable Pricing

IMPress for IDX Broker requires an IDX Broker account. Plans start at $50/mo for IDX Broker Lite and $70/mo for IDX Broker Platinum. View all features now.

IDX Broker also offers fully-hosted real estate websites – IDX Broker HOME – which include IDX Broker Platinum and live support starting at $150 per month.

General Terms of Use

IMPress for IDX Broker uses the MLS/IDX feeds provided by your IDX Broker account. This means your MLS governs the display and disclaimers on your IDX results and details pages. IDX, LLC manages all the necessary MLS paperwork. The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin will automatically display the correct MLS/IDX disclaimers to ensure compliance with the MLS(s) & Board(s) that provides you with your IDX feed.


  • Modify your Omnibar settings to give visitors the option to search by over a dozen different MLS fields.
  • IMPress will sync with your IDX Broker account and display all of your leads within your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Edit leads directly from within your WordPress Dashboard. Changes will sync with your IDX Broker account.
  • Add leads from your WordPress Dashboard and they will automatically sync with your IDX Broker account.
  • View popular listing pages (stats pulled from IDX Broker) and leads from your IMPress Dashboard.
  • IMPress Listings (a separate plugin, part of the IMPress Suite) will pull all of your featured listing data into WordPress so that you can host the content on your root domain. Note: At this time this feature is limited to only your Featured listings.
  • The Omnibar Search Widget allows your visitors to view a live search of City, State, Subdivision, Area, and more.
  • With the IDX shortcode interface, you can easily add shortcodes to your posts and pages.
  • Simply add your API key and click a button to auto-generate a wrapper page to ensure that your IDX Broker pages synchronize with the header, sidebar, and footer of your WordPress website. Note: IDX content is co-brandable, and hosted on a subdomain of your primary domain. IDX content is integrated, not framed.
  • Pull or reset your API key from within your IDX Broker Dashboard.
  • View all the IDX Broker page traffic history for each of your leads. One-click access to the IDX Broker Dashboard to create a new saved search or property for the lead based on traffic history.
  • View Saved Searches created by or for your lead. One-click access to your IDX Broker Dashboard in order to create new saved searches, toggle emails on, or edit an existing search.
  • View Saved Properties created by or for your lead. One-click access to your IDX Broker Dashboard in order to create new saved properties, toggle emails on (for changes to property status, price, or other details), or remove an existing saved property.


This plugin provides 8 blocks.

IMPress for IDX Broker
IMPress for IDX Broker
IMPress for IDX Broker
IMPress for IDX Broker
IMPress for IDX Broker
IMPress for IDX Broker
IMPress for IDX Broker
IMPress for IDX Broker


  1. Download and extract the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin. You may also install directly by going to your WP-Admin page and then Plugins > Add New. Search for ‘IMPress for IDX Broker’ under new plugins and click to install directly.
  2. Upload the uncompressed folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Confirm you are using a version of PHP later than 5.2. You will also need to have an active IDX Broker account for the plugin to work. If you have an account, simply go to the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin page within WordPress, enter the API key provided via your setup email, and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  5. Your plugin will now pull your IDX Broker account information into WordPress.


What is IDX?

Internet Data Exchange, or IDX, is a type of data feed provided by your MLS. This data feed typically (but not always) mirrors the data available on your MLS’s website. IMPress for IDX Broker connects to this data feed automatically, maps the necessary fields, and then adds forms, scripts, etc, giving you a way to add html links and widgets to your website(s).

How does IDX Broker connect with the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin?

An IDX Broker API key (separate purchase required) provides the IMPress plugin with access to preset Widgets, search forms, an xml sitemap file, and much more.

How is the IDX content hosted/updated?

IDX Broker hosts your IDX data on a subdomain (e.g., This allows IDX Broker to update quickly, and offers a lightning-fast, co-brandable search engine for real estate professionals and WordPress designers regardless of the quality of the hosting solution that you are using for your website. Low quality, inexpensive hosting solutions often cannot process or manage the amount of data provided by an IDX feed.

Why is IDX Broker hosted in the cloud?

All IDX feeds are hosted on high-quality Amazon AWS servers with multiple layers of redundancy. This ensures that even if your hosted website ( goes down, your IDX Broker pages ( will almost always be available to visitors.

What is a Wrapper and why does IDX Broker need to create a Wrapper page on my WordPress site?

The IMPress plugin offers an easy one-button option to create a Wrapper for IDX pages. This wrapper page is then used to magically update your IDX pages every hour, or whenever you modify/refresh your IDX Broker plugin page. This means less work for you or your website developer.

Do I need an IDX Broker Lite or Platinum account in order to use this plugin?

Yes. All IDX feeds require approval from a local board or MLS. If you (or your client if a designer) are not a member of a local board or MLS, or the MLS does not provide an IDX data feed, then you will be unable to add IMPress for IDX Broker plugin functionality to your WordPress site.

Is my service area available?

Read more about our MLS coverage. Note that some MLS’s may charge you a separate fee for access to your IDX feed.

Does IDX Broker require a long-term contract like other IDX services?

No. IDX Broker requires a month-to-month agreement only.

What is the pricing for IDX Broker services?

There are three monthly account levels – Agent ($39.99+), Team ($69.99+), and Office ($98.99+). Read more about pricing.

What can I expect if I decide to get my IDX feed through IDX Broker?

When you sign up for a new account our MLS team will send you a Docusign email (or PDF). Simply add your signature to the Docusign file or PDF in order to proceed. If you are not a Principal Broker, and have provided us with your Broker name and contact information, we will then forward the same paperwork to your Broker for approval. Once we receive the paperwork from your Broker, we will send to the MLS for data approval. MLS approval can take anywhere from 3-10 days. Once approved, we will activate your account, integrate your site’s design into IDX pages, and send you IDX Broker login credentials so that you can use this plugin to add links and Widgets to your site or blog.

How many blogs/websites can I integrate with IDX Broker?

Features provided by this Plugin – Widgets, links, and custom links may be placed onto any WordPress website or blog. The reason for this is because all Widgets, links, and custom links point back to the original IDX-approved website. Note that using iframes to display this same content is prohibited and may result in account termination due to MLS rules.

What are Other Requirements for this Plugin?

This plugin requires a PHP version higher than 5.6. For security reasons, we recommend updating to the latest stable version of PHP your web host provides. We also recommend using the latest production version of WordPress. See this article for more information.


February 14, 2020
This plugin certainly extends the addition of IDX Broker's offerings to the WordPress platform with extra widgets that are available specific to this platform, including the Omnibar. The widgets offer lazy load unlike the previous dashboard widgets and are easy to target for styling and customization. Being able to create specific parameters from saved links and power the impress widgets via the saved link makes this a clean solution for any wordpress/idx needs paired with your subscription and allows you to take your site to the next level.
January 15, 2018
IDX Broker is the industry standard from my research. Think very hard before you jump into using their product if you haven't before. The way it works is after you or your client provides them the necessary info your account is set up. Then their system generates a bunch preconfigured pages and widgets on their subdomain, which you can customize a little. Fine. Just know to implement things into your site you are going to need to bounce back and forth between your IDX account to configure or create widgets and pages. There is very little you can do on the WordPress end except access widgets and shortcodes, which again, have to be created over at IDX Broker in your account. There is no universal or global area to set colors. Which means if you are implementing it into your site branding you have to go through every little element with your browser inspector and figure out how to override the css. Have fun with that. Beyond the CSS nightmares you have to configure page titles and meta descriptions at IDX Broker. Your IDX pages show up in WordPress through the plugin but anything configured there, even in Yoast SEO, doesn't show up. Finding information about configuring and styling everything is another huge problem. To access their developer forum they want you to become and official developer and pay $99. I've had several tech support phone calls where support told me things that were not true which I eventually had to figure out on my own. Don't get me wrong, they are really nice people. It feels like a product from the early 2000's.
May 2, 2017
If 2 stars is "works" then my rating is 1 star. The plugin works, more or less. There are issues supporting sites with SSL and random bugs that take it into the "not working" zone. Support is not very responsive. Because this plugin interfaces with a paid subscription, I expect much better. But what can you do? Nothing. There is no good alternative.
January 12, 2017
I've been using IDX Broker for years for clients and am impressed with their dedication to making the service more useful with the Impress plug-in. I would rate it higher if there were a bit more useful features, like the ability to import supplemental listings via Impress and if you could import Impress listings without forcing publishing. 1) Supplemental listings: If you can't access listings more than 60 days out from starting the service, it leaves clients at a disadvantage since they can't tap into their previous work. Allowing supplemental listings is the easiest way to add listings (much more straightforward to input all data on one form as opposed to adding as a listing - especially for agents who are time-strapped) - but if you can't import these listings through Impress, it's not helpful. Then you have to use a-non Impress, IDX widget that is not as visually friendly as Impress listings. 2) Forced publishing: Since all of the images for a property and the video are not part of the data IDX Broker pulls in from the MLS, I have to add this and other info - like what goes into those cool detailed description boxes, after import. When I publish posts on WP, I also publicize on FB, Twitter, Google+ (as many do with this cool Jetpack feature). I have to scramble to get more photos uploaded (separated by room type), the video, details, etc. to try to beat visitors from social - which never happens, there are always visits before the listing is completed. I'm not willing to turn off publicizing, it's too great a feature - I hope the developers at Agent Evolution can find a way to import a listing without forcing publishing.
Read all 27 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“IMPress for IDX Broker” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix: Resolves potential security issues in settings forms and adds additional capability checks.


  • Fix: Resolves issue with supplemental listings.


  • New: Gutenberg blocks added for IMPress and IDX Broker widgets.
  • New: Updated to use IDX Broker API v1.7.0.
  • Fix: Sizing of ‘Add IDX Shortcode’ when using the classic editor.
  • Fix: IMPress Carousel/Showcase widget shortcodes correctly save agent ID when set.
  • Fix: IE 11 compatibility issue with IMPress Carousel widgets.
  • Fix: Issue preventing all leads from appearing in the Leads section of the dashboard.


  • Fix: Resolves potential security issue in settings form.


  • New: Font Awesome 5 support.


  • Fix: IMPress Carousel and Showcase widgets no longer show duplicate entries.
  • Fix: Required reCAPTCHA version specified in plugin settings page.
  • Fix: jQuery dependancy issue for IMPress Carousel widgets.
  • Fix: Admin panel widget no longer throws a PHP error if an API call fails.
  • Fix: Cron jobs no longer duplicated upon plugin refresh.


  • Fix: IDX Broker HOME and Platinum accounts now show the correct plugin options.


  • Fix: IDX Broker HOME accounts now have access to Platinum features.
  • Fix: Carousel and Showcase widgets/shortcodes now show street direction in the correct place.


  • Fix: Leads not tracking correctly with the new 1.6.0 api.
  • Fix: Added support to set custom intervals for cron jobs.


  • Fix: Now uses IDX api version 1.6.0.


  • Fix: Dev feature impress_showcase_property_html filter fixed
  • Fix: Cache option names updated so changes made on Leads and Searches page display immediately.
  • Fix: Option set when API limit exceeded to prevent additional API calls until limit is reset.


  • Fix: Property widgets and shortcodes now have a default sort option that respects a saved link’s sorting method.
  • Fix: Fatal error on API exhaustion.


  • Fix: Javascript error with map search widget when using IMPress – IDX Middleware widget.
  • Fix: Invalid regex in omnibar autocomplete API.


  • Fix: Fatal error on PHP < 5.5. Minimum required PHP version increased to 5.6.


  • New: Omnibar now supports address autocomplete by default.
  • New: Middleware widgets are no longer individually imported. A single IMPress – IDX Dashboard Widget is available to use instead. Migration script will replace any old widgets in use upon upgrade.
  • Fix: Gravity forms lead push failing when default labels of required fields are changed.
  • Fix: Deprecated warning on PHP 7.2+ for Middlware widgets.


  • New: Display saved links in property showcase and carousel widgets and shortcodes!
  • Fix: City links widget with property count uses single API call per MLS to get count.
  • Fix: Uninstall hook moved to separate uninstall.php file and cleanup routines more thorough.


  • Fix: Yoast SEO noindex detection


  • New: Can now add password field to lead sign up widget and shortcode
  • New: Now notifies you if Yoast SEO is causing your pages to not be indexed by search engines
  • Fix: No longer loads multiple versions of Font Awesome
  • Fix: City Links now show 0 when there are no properties in those cities
  • Fix: Error when using Carousel shortcode with impress_carousel_property_html filter


  • New: Lead Sign Up widget button text is now customizable
  • New: Lead Login widget can now have a password field
  • New: Agent routing now possible with Gravity Forms
  • Fix: Adding custom fields to Omnibar in Firefox no longer errors
  • Fix: Removed cURL dependency


  • Fix: Permissions issue with adding/editing/deleting wrappers
  • Fix: Update Carousel script to v2 for compatibility issues


  • New: For multi-user IDX accounts, now you can filter property widgets by agent.
  • New: Multisite feature: Assign agents to sites on a network to have their agentHeaderID added to widgets and IDX url’s for lead tracking.
  • New: Developer feature: Added filters (impress_carousel_property_html and impress_carousel_property_html) to modify property widget/shortcode HTML output.
  • Fix: Default photo URL updated to HTTPS.


  • New: Added option to display listing counts to city list widget and shortcode. Max 50 cities.
  • New: Added signup date to lead management table.
  • Fix: Resolved issued when searching for multi-part addresses.
  • Fix: Omnibar scripts explicitly enqueued in footer.
  • Fix: Issue with property carousel or showcase widgets displaying zeroes when there are no results.
  • Fix: Add Shortcode button on non-standard wp_editor instances removed for compatibility issues.
  • Fix: Wrapper CSS specificity increased so only intended elements are targeted to hide.
  • Fix: Widget code cleanup.


  • Fix: Update additional deprecated URLs for SSL compatibility
  • Fix: Improved messaging for API status codes


  • Fix: Cron schedule filter modified to prevent interference with other scheduled cron jobs
  • Fix: Broken knowledge base links on settings page
  • Fix: Load select2 script in footer to prevent conflict with custom select2 script packaged with Avada theme
  • Fix: Deprecated URLs causing console errors in Admin Dashboard Edit pages


  • New: Added reCaptcha to lead signup widget to prevent spam signups
  • Fix: Alignment of IDX logo icon


  • Fix: Omnibar with extra fields failing due to missing sort order


  • Fix: Omnibar extra fields UX enhancement reverted due to issues with form submission


  • New: Added interface for creating saved searches and lead saved searches
  • New: Added option for omnibar default results sorting
  • New: Implemented material design dialogs instead of browser native dialogs
  • New: Added idx-wrapper-tags shortcode to shortcode UI
  • New: Added filter for developers to modify IDX meta tags added to wrapper (h/t imforza)
  • Fix: Multisite compatibility – Omnibar location list moved to site uploads folder
  • Fix: Omnibar extra fields UX enhancement – fields names distinguished from values
  • Fix: Gravity Forms lead import tooltip instruction clarified


  • Fix: Square feet showing truncated values in widgets and shortcodes
  • Fix: Added email validation for lead management
  • Fix: Lead management times are now offset based on WP timezone settings
  • Fix: PHP notice in lead management UI
  • Notice: Dropped support for PHP < 5.4


  • New: Added Lead Management interface so you can manage leads directly in WordPress
  • New: Capture leads with integration with popular WordPress form plugins (Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7)
  • New: Widgets updated to use selective refresh in WP > 4.5
  • Fix: Refactored plugin to remove IoC container that caused conflicts on some hosting platforms
  • Fix: Limit use of eval that caused false positive security warnings in some scanners
  • Fix: Removed historical as an option for property widgets as its no longer available in the API
  • Fix: Removed disallowed fields from Omnibar search
  • Fix: Removed ineffective Equity IP blacklist functionality


  • Added compatibility with custom user roles for IDX Pages.
  • Removed protocol from widget src for SSL compatibility.
  • Fixed error with Dashboard widget when lead has no last name.


  • Fixed issue with API URL in WP 4.6+
  • Refactored register widget function to use core functions
  • Added screen-reader-text CSS for themes without it


  • Fixed the warning issue for showcase shortcodes as well.
  • Fixed disclaimer markup so it only displays if required.
  • Fixed issue with saved links with no results in shortcodes and widgets.


  • An issue where warnings were displayed for some showcases and carousels has been fixed.


  • IDX Pages are now automatically updated when their URLs change allowing more seamless domain/subdomain changes for IDX accounts.
  • Error handling has been added to the IMPress Lead Signup widget for duplicate accounts, blank fields, and invalid email addresses.
  • An issue has been fixed where IMPress Carousel widgets and shortcodes displayed listing count was not being followed on smaller screens.
  • Verbiage for the min price field has been updated for the omnibar to clarify Extra Fields must be enabled to display it.
  • The styling was updated for the IDX icon where it was misaligned in the admin bar on the front end.
  • Courtesies are now displayed on IMPress Showcases and Carousels when required by MLS rules.


  • Adds Min Price option for the IMPress Omnibar Widget and Shortcode.
  • IMPress Showcase and Carousels now use the address for the image title attribute for better SEO.
  • The Omnibar main input has been updated for better accessibility with screen readers.
  • A Shortcode has been added to make regular WP pages a wrapper for incompatible plugins.
  • A bug has been fixed where the omnibar was not updating properly from the Omnibar Settings page.
  • The Omnibar Settings page has been updated for a better UX.
  • A wrapper can now be applied to a specific IDX Page when editing IDX Pages.
  • Wrappers are now more compatible with other plugins.
  • Wrapper styling has been updated to hide common irrelevant meta data from IDX pages.
  • A new Dashboard widget has been added for a convenient overview of Leads and Listings.
  • Fixed an issue where IDX pages were not imported at all and caused slow downs on slower servers.


  • Fixed an issue where plugin review prompt could not be dismissed.


  • Fixed an issue where a saved links field was incorrectly displaying on Carousel and Showcase shortcodes for Lite accounts (This only works for Platinum accounts).
  • Fixed a similar issue where saved links were displaying a UI to apply page level wrappers to them for Lite accounts.
  • Incorporated an IoC Container into the plugin for a cleaner coding structure.
  • Equity accounts now have ip blacklisting protection against scrapers stealing website content.
  • Added option to open several IMPress widgets and shortcodes in a new window.
  • Disable the IDX Broker Origin plugin if active to prevent conflicts.


  • Fixed a minor issue where a notice was displaying for users with error reporting enabled.


  • The IDX Broker plugin has been renamed as the IMPress plugin.
  • Five new WordPress native IMPress widgets and shortcodes have been added to the plugin: lead login and signup widgets, a city links widget, and showcase and carousel widgets have been added. Take advantage of these new widgets to deliver the best experience for your website visitors.
  • Each of these widgets has customization options right within WordPress including the ability to disable styling. Designers can use this to gain more control of the appearance of these widgets.
  • IDX Pages can now have excerpts and thumbnails applied through the new IDX Pages link in the admin menu.
  • Included several Customization Options for the Omnibar.
  • The IDX Shortcode UI has been modified to have a better UX.
  • The WordPress Help button is now available for learning about the plugin features.
  • Lite accounts will have an Upgrade Account link available for easy upgrading to Platinum.
  • Plugin links have been added to the admin bar at the top giving easy access to common pages for admins.
  • Added composer, npm, and gulp support.


  • Fix an issue where upgrading resulted in a 500 error for clients with many saved links.
  • Fix an issue with unexpected results with IDX pages switching between older and newer versions of the plugin.


  • Fixed an issue with duplicate start and stop tags for dynamic wrappers when Equity is installed.
  • Fixed a bug where errors were being reported.
  • Fixed an issue where the omnibar would not load or update on servers with strict restrictions.


  • Improved compatability with WP caching plugins fixing a bug that caused an API overage.
  • Simplified the Admin UI.
  • The IDX Shortcode UI has been redesigned and is now independent of the visual editor allowing shortcodes to be added in the text view of a page or post in addition to the visual view.
  • IDX Pages and Wrappers are now stored as custom post types no longer cluttering the Pages section of WordPress. You can still link to IDX pages as before through Appearance > Menus or via shortcodes.
  • Copying and Pasting the URL into Designs > Wrappers is no longer required for global wrappers. Creating a Global Wrapper page now automatically updates your IDX pages to use the new Global Wrapper Page via the API. Wrappers can also now be applied to a specific IDX page by editing a Wrapper and setting the Apply Wrapper to IDX Pages metabox before saving.
  • Map Search Widget scripts are now only loaded when a map search widget is on the page speeding up the rest of your website.
  • This plugin now has its own Top Menu. Say goodbye to searching for plugin preferences in the Settings Menu.
  • The Admin page is now fully responsive allowing you easily to make WordPress changes from your mobile device.


  • Fixed bug where a Parse Error was displayed instead of a notification to upgrade the PHP version to higher than 5.2 when activating.
  • Fixed an issue with shortcodes and widgets not working properly for some users.
  • Added backwards compatability with legacy dynamic wrapper usage in themes.


  • Fixed bug with omnibar data not updating properly.


  • Restructured code and made it more WP4.3 and PSR compliant.
  • Fixed bug with widgets not being cached properly.
  • Fixed display issue with extra fields displaying on the regular Omnibar for a split second on load.
  • Automatically update omnibar data once a day.
  • Dropped support for PHP 5.2 as it is deprecated. For more information, see PHP supported versions:


  • Updated code for compatibility with WP4.3 release.
  • Improved acceptable Omnibar values.


  • Added two types of Omnibar Widgets to the plugin under Appearance > Widgets and as shortcodes. To refresh the cities, counties, and zipcodes for this widget, hit the Refresh Plugin Options button under the Settings tab of the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin. Cities, Counties, and Zipcodes are all active ones on the account.


  • Fix savedLink page tile issue.


  • Updated API calls to use the newest version of the IDX Broker API
  • Fully tested to be compatible with WordPress v4.1


  • Fixed widget drag and drop bug
  • Update plugin settings labels.


  • Fixed can’t add tons of savelinks and systemlinks pages issue.


  • Added create dynamic wrapper page, clients can create a page for dynamic wrapper on the setting page.
  • Fixed idx button on Multi site WP.


  • Fixed minor bug causing some Shortcodes to disappear


  • Changed MapQuest API version to v1.0
  • Updated Leaflet version to v0.7.2


  • Fully tested to be compatible with WP v3.8.
  • Fixed small bugs with certain characters in widget titles causing an error within the plugin.
  • Added MapQuest map search library, clients now have the option between Bing or MapQuest for their map search widget.
  • Added ability to hide IDX Broker widget titles by using keyword ‘!%hide_title!%’ as the widget title inside the WordPress dashboard. This functionality will be extended by adding additional keywords in future revisions.
  • Small bug fixes to IDX Broker shortcodes causing issues with multi-site installations.
  • More detailed responses from the IDX Broker API if an error occurs.


  • Added helpful links to plugin. Fully tested to 3.6.1. Added Bing Map search library for users who add the map widget.


  • Remove Beta image from control panel. Remaining Beta text from readme.


  • Added support for php start and stop tags. Some users migrating from the original IDX Broker may have used an older method of adding the dynamic wrapper tags to their theme that was dependant on our original plugin. This update prevents errors when those users disable our original plugin.


  • Added shortcode functionality. The plugin now adds an IDX button to the Visual editor which allows you to add shortcodes for the various page links and widgets IDX Broker provides.


  • Cleaned up naming convention inconsistencies.


  • Additional CSS clean up; specific to certain installations/WP versions.


  • Cleaned up various CSS issues and removed excess button options from spec.