Gravity Forms Email Blacklist


Email Blacklist Add-on for Gravity Forms was built to help block submissions from users with generic or competitors email addresses. Prevent the user form viewing the form’s Confirmation or Notifications and remove non qualified leads from being collected.

This plugin allows site admins to create a list of domains that if used in an email field on a Gravity Form will cause a validation error and block the submission. A default email blacklist and validation message can be created to use across all form email fields. These default settings can be overridden on a per email field basis.

Default settings can be added in the ‘Forms’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Email Blacklist’. To add settings to an individual email field just add one to the form and got to the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab.

This plugin works by blocking either indavidual email addresses (exmple:, email address domains (exmple:, and/or, email address top-level domains (exmple: *.com).


  • General Settings
  • Form Settings
  • Form Settings Updated
  • Form Error


  1. Search for and install the ‘Gravity Forms Email Blacklist’ OR Upload gravityforms-emailblacklist to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate form the Dashboard to the ‘Forms’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Email Blacklist’ to make sure it is installed.


July 2, 2020
Simple and effective. That's all I needed. Having multiple domains listed (comma separated) allowed me to block every bot in under 5 minutes. MUCH better, thank you.
November 25, 2019
A simple but effective tool for blocking domains or individual emails via Gravity Forms plugin. Many thanks, works a charm! Andy
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Contributors & Developers

“Gravity Forms Email Blacklist” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Updated the plugin to allow the use of wildcards to block whole top-level domains.


  • Updated the way the AddOn is initiated.
  • Updated code to meet PHPCS code standards for WordPress.
  • Updated version and compatibility numbers.
  • Updated readme.txt.


  • Added Author URL to GitHub Repo
  • Fixed typo in readme.txt


  • Added plugin icon


  • Bug Fix: Removed ‘var_dump’ in validation function.
  • Added ‘gf_emailblacklist_clean’ function to make comparison case insensitive. Thanks to @ractoon, @rscoates.
  • Updated function to work with both email domains and specific emails.
  • Ran ‘class-gfemailblacklist.php’ through PHPCS with WordPress Codeing Standards.
  • Moved class to ‘/inlcudes/class-gfemailblacklist.php’ file.
  • Added placeholder text to fileds
  • Updated code comments.
  • Updated plugin file name.
  • Updated readme.txt and


  • Added custom validation message options to the email field under the ‘Advanced’ field settings
  • Added default setting for the email blacklist and validation message to the form settings area to be used on all forms with an email field.


  • Added email blacklist options to the email field under the ‘Advanced’ field settings