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Feature A Page Widget

Shows an attractive summary of any page in any sidebar.

Full Version 2.0 Documentation

How do I set the widget image?

The widget gets its image from the "Featured Image" field on the page you are featuring.

  1. Go to the page you're featuring.
  2. In the right sidebar, look for the "Set Featured Image" link.
  3. Use the media picker to find the image and then select "Use as Featured Image."
  4. Update the page and you're ready to go.

How do I set the widget text?

The widget gets its text from the "Excerpt" field on the page you are featuring. See also: "Can I use HTML or a WYSIWYG/TinyMCE Editor with the Excerpt Field?"

  1. Go to the page you want to featured.
  2. Below the body field, look for the "Excerpt" field.
  3. Fill it in.
  4. Update the page.

Where do I find the Featured Image or Excerpt fields? I don't see them.

The Featured Image and Excerpt fields are found on the Page editing screen of the Page you want to feature. If you don't see them: 1. In the top right corner of any Page, click "Screen Options." 1. From the menu that slides down, make sure the "Excerpt" and "Featured Image" are both checked. 1. WordPress will remember this choice on all pages.

How can I tell if a page has a featured image or excerpt already? / What are those icons in the "Select Page" drop down?

When selecting the page to feature in the widget settings, the list of pages includes two icons. The first icon is the featured image, and the second is the excerpt. If the icon is "lit-up," that means that page has that piece of information. If both are lit-up, the page is ready for optimal use in the widget. See this interface in the "Screenshots" tab.

Can I Feature Custom Post Types?

As of 2.0 you can with the fpw_post_types filter.

How can I modify the widget design or output?

The widget offers three ways to customize its design and output. The right method for you depends on what you want to accomplish and what you're comfortable doing technically.

  1. Write your own CSS rules. The plugin's CSS selectors have as low a priority as possible, so you should be able to override styles easily. See /css/fpw_start_styles.css for a starter stylesheet you can copy and modify.
  2. Filter the Title, Excerpt, or Image. Version 1.0 included the fpw_page_title, fpw_excerpt, and fpw_featured_image filters. Version 2.0 adds new filters fpw_post_types, fpw_widget_templates, fpw_read_more_text, and fpw_image_size.
  3. Override the Widget's output template. (Updated in 2.0!) Each widget layout can be overridden by a template in any parent or child theme. Create an /fpw2_views/ in the active theme's folder and copy any layout files from /wp-content/plugins/feature-a-page-widget/fpw2_views/ into the new folder to modify.
  4. Create a custom layout. (New in 2.0!) See this example for using the fpw_widget_templates filter. You can add new custom layouts or remove installed ones. Using the filter to only return a single layout removes the layout option from the widget and automatically uses the remaining layout.

Can I use HTML or a WYSIWYG/TinyMCE Editor with the Excerpt Field?

Install the Rich Text Excerpts plugin or Advanced Excerpt plugins. Either plugin should take note and display your nicely formatted excerpt.

How can I get a "Read More…" link?

As of 2.0, just check the "'Read More' Link" checkbox in the widget settings.

If you had previously used the code snippet provided here, please remove it and use the setting. The new "Read More" link is more accessible. (The new link reads as "'Read More' about {Page Title}..." for screen readers and Google.)

If you would like to change the "Read More" text, see this example for the new fpw_read_more_text filter.

How do I change the image's size?

As of 2.0, use the new fpw_image_size filter.

Can I use an auto-generated Excerpt if I haven't filled on in?

As of 2.0, there's a filter for that too. See fpw_auto_excerpt.

Why did the Widget Heading change in Version 2.0

Version 1.0 of this widget used the HTML5 Document Outline Model that allows lots of <h1>s, so long as they're appropriately nested in <article> or similarly appropriate elements. Despite much protest, this was not bad for SEO! However, one of the primary targets of good heading usage—screen readers—still mostly do not understand this document model. Therefore, I have switched back to the older document outline. Now all templates use <h3> for the page title by default.

This widget isn't what I want...

This widget is intended to be straightforward and avoid melting into "option soup." However, that means it might not be perfect for what you need.

If you think the widget is almost right, double-check that can't use the one of the plugin's filters or the widget view template (see "I want to modify how the widget looks/works"). If that doesn't work, submit some feedback or vote on possible features for future versions of the plugins. And of course, there's always the support forum.

If this plugin is more than a little off, you might be looking for a different plugin like Posts in Sidebar, Query Posts Widget, Featured Page Widget, or Simple Featured Posts Widget.

How do you make the "Featured page" select list look so cool?

I'm using the Chosen jQuery plugin. It's awesome. I first saw it in Gravity Forms.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


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