EventAgent.ai (E.ai) is the next generation in AI-driven online event calendars. E.ai learns from your organization and promotes your events for you with social network postings and promotional emails. E.ai is not just a calendar. It’s a whole marketing department.

E.ai is brought to you by Six Fish, LLC, a consultancy with 10 years of experience building custom online event management systems. For the first time, we have made this technology accessible to the public in a WordPress plugin.

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UI Elements

Easily find events. Calendar View List View
Speaker and venue directories. Speaker Directory Venue Directory
Speaker landing page with AI-designed image ads. Example Speaker Page
Venue landing page with full-screen AI-designed slider. Example venue page

Online Meeting Optimized
Smart Calendar. Calendar detects remote attendees and adjusts online meetings to local time.
Hybrid in-person/online events. Combine online and in-person attendees. No more multiple platforms.
Full integration with zoom meetings. Two-way sync between Zoom and E.ai reflects any edits from either side.
Monetize your zoom meetings. Zoom integration to charge for your online events without leaving your site or branding.
End zoom bombings. Double layer of security over Zoom’s built-in protections. Private link. Vet attendees.
Just in time link delivery. End the scamble to get the right link in the hands of your attendees when your meeting starts.
Automated attendance tracking. Attendance report with time attended for each attendee.

Event Calendar

We start with a state-of-the-art event manager with calendar, registration, event search and more. The UI is modern, clean and fast. Everything you expect is here. Here’s just a partial list.

  • Event design. Single events, repeating drop-in events, all repeating patterns, event templates, hidden events, multiple speakers (or teachers or bands or whatever you call your clients), multiple venues, multiple registration forms and multiple registrars.
  • Speakers. These are your clients. Single people or groups (band, dance company, etc.). AI-designed speaker landing page that adapts to your marketing strategy. Here’s an example
  • Venues. Multiple venues. Unlimited subvenues. Color-code events by venue. AI-designed venue landing page that adapts to your marketing strategy. Here’s an example
  • Categories. Unlimited event categories. Search events based on broad or focused categories. Color-code events by category.
  • Registration forms. Create reusable registration forms for each kind of event. Form editor to quickly generate questions. Additional costs or discounts based on form selections.
  • Full feature list


Next, we add on a full-featured registration module for your registrars. Here’s a partial list.

  • Review registrations. Registration has full activity log, registrar’s private notes, all attendees on registrations and their registration form answers.
  • Vett attendees. Verify pre-requisites. Block zoom bombers before they ever see your link.
  • Communicate with attendees. Email Attendees. Send messages to attendees directly from registration. Send them a Pay link for an outstanding balance.
  • Edit registrations. Registrar can add or remove attendees from a registration, change payment and registration status and charge additional fees.
  • Download reports. Export registrations and attendee lists to spreadsheets.
  • Full feature list


E.ai analyzes your events and registrations every day and executes a strategy to maximize your revenue. The algorithm has been developed from 10 years of data from our custom clients. It’s a secret sauce that takes into account a dozen factors. It gives every event a priority score based on the last 24 hours of activity. And then it puts that knowledge to work.

  • AI Promo lists. These are block ads on your site, which you can put anywhere with a shortcode. They always advertise your highest priority events. They also react to page content, so if placed on a venue page, they will show the marquee events at that venue.
  • AI Carousels. Imagine your standard carousel, but AI-designed. You seed it with some images. You give it some general information about layout and let E.ai take over. Every day you get a fresh set of slides always promoting your highest priority events. There’s one on the demo home page.
  • Facebook and Twitter posts. Hook E.ai up with Facebook and Twitter and it will make strategic posts. It only posts at just the right moment for maximun sales only on events that need a boost.
  • Email alerts. When it comes to writing promotional materials, only you do that best. E.ai knows when to send that email. You know what to say in it. E.ai alerts you when it’s time to write that email for best effect.

Add a modern event manager to AI promotion and you get an engine dedicated 24/7 to the growth of your business. When it comes to event management, AI makes all the difference.


  • Big, bold AI-generated slideshows that select your most important events to promote automatically.
  • Full-color calendar view. Filter events by category, speaker or venue.
  • Clean, modern list view and event search.
  • Bold images on your client directory. EventAgent.ai can handle many kinds of clients, like speakers, teachers, hosts, artists or bands.
  • Your client's landing page with biography and list of their current marquee events. Register for them right here. Take control of your brand. No third-party services.
  • Your venue directory will draw people in with instagram tiles.
  • AI-generated slideshows on venue page react to the content on the page and put your most important events front and center.
  • Clean, intuitive and modern admin UI. Help on every screen. Super fast.
  • Powerful, step-by-step event editor. Template-driven. Create templates for your event types, then create new events with a few clicks.
  • Drag-and-drop event scheduler that detects schedule conficts and accommodates all repeating patterns (first and third week, only weekdays, all days except Labor Day, etc.)
  • Multiple registrars. Multiple registration forms. Zoom-optimized. Waitlists and moderated registrations.
  • Multiple pricing tiers with different number of spaces available. Custom booking instructions. Parting Words email that goes out after event is over. Include exit survey or suggestions for follow-on events.
  • Speaker editor accommodates groups or people. Assign priority weighting to speakers to tune their importance in marketing algorithms.
  • Flexible discount coupons. Fixed amount or percentage. Limited time promotions. Usable by all or single customer.
  • Flexible registration form builder. Text box, text area, single select, multi-select and yes/no options for fields. Reuse forms on many events. Associate forms with event templates.
  • AI-generated slide shows. Seed carousel with slides and let EventAgent.ai build beautiful, engaging slideshows. Mix AI-generated slides with manual slides.
  • Your registrar will love how easy it is to find registrations. Download registrations report. Download event manager's report to take onsite for check-in. Create registrations manually for phone-in registrations.
  • View and edit registration. Override prices and registration status. Send email to all attendees direct from registration. Activity log showing history of actions on the registration and who made them. Private notes for your registrars.
  • Edit registration forms. Add or remove attendees. Send registrant link to pay balance immediately.
  • Marketer's dashboard with AI-driven marketing suggestions. EventAgent.ai suggests targeted marketing to events it predict won't fill. Log of automated AI events on right to track everything EventAgent.ai is doing for you behind the scenes.
  • Automated posts to Facebook announcing registration open for an event and also at peak moment for promotion if it predicts it won't fill.
  • Auto-tweet, too.
  • Moderate registrations and confirm manually. View customer notes from previous registrars. View attendance history to verify pre-requisites.


Download plugin.
From the dashboard of your site, navigate to Plugins –> Add New.
Select the Upload option and hit “Choose File.”
When the popup appears select the event-agent.zip file from your download folder.
Follow the on-screen instructions and wait as the upload completes.
When it’s finished, activate the plugin via the prompt.
Follow these instructions: https://eventagent.ai/home/support/quick-start/


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  • Domain change. E.ai now supports changing your domain name, so you can develop on a test domain and change it when going live.


  • First session free! You can now offer the first session free for a drop-in event.


  • Paid drop-in events! Visitor can subscribe to a drop-in event and leave a credit card on file. Thereafter, whenever they join your Zoom meeting or you scan their digital ticket, they are charged the day fee.


  • Stability release


  • FIXED: Issue blocking installing plugin. If it wasn’t working for you, try again!
  • Speaker Hosts. A speaker can now self-host a zoom meeting, even if they are not a host on your account.
  • Improved attendee report. Attendee reports now map form questions to table rows. Forms can be edited or even exchanged during registration period.


  • Stability release


  • Deposits! Now have option to accept a deposit on a moderated registration. Balance paid when registrar confirms the registration or at the door.
  • Attendance time in attendee reports. If a Zoom event, attendance is automatically taken along with the total time each attendee spent in the meeting. Saved in the post-event attendee report.


  • Stability release


  • Fixed issue with stripe payments


  • Stability release.


  • Stability release.


  • Stability release.


  • Security hardening. We care about your data.


  • Three time zone support: home time zone, visitor time zone and admin timezone.
  • Now your admin can manage your events from anywhere, with times showing in your home time zone.


  • Private categories. Create a category, mark it private. Any event with that category can only be accessed logged in. Useful for creating member-only events, or placing E.ai behind pay wall.
  • Speaker zoom invites. Speakers on events are automatically invited to their zoom events without registering.
  • Calendar shortcode options. Tell calendar which view and start date to display inside shortcode.
  • Change URL. E.ai now detects you’ve changed your site URL (published to your public URL, for example) and rekeys your account.


  • Stability release.


  • Stability release.


  • Stability release.


  • Stability release.


  • Registration for drop-in events!
  • Subscrible to drop-in event for reminders (i.e., weekly yoga class)
  • If Zoom, attendance recorded automatically every time you go.
  • If in-person, attendance recorded automatically every time you scan your QR code at door.
  • Build long-term engagement profile of your events. Which are growing?
  • Even faster event admin.
  • Redesigned configuration page.


  • Activation fix.


  • New metered pricing model.


  • Stability release.


  • Complete Zoom integration.
  • Create Zoom venues in E.ai and assign events to them.
  • Full scheduling calendar to manage your Zoom events.
  • Automatic check-in of attendees when they join your Zoom meetings.
  • Multiple Zoom hosts with their own scheduling calendars.
  • Security upgrade.


  • Full online meeting support!
  • Calendar detects online events and adjust to your local time zone.
  • Hybrid in-person/online events that combine online and in-person event management
  • Smart detection of remote attendees that directs them to online registration


  • Bulk email to event attendees
  • Select recipients by registration status (attended, waitlisted, canceled, etc.)
  • Optionally keep track of recipients and send to only new attendees who haven’t yet received the email.


  • QR code check-in!
  • Display QR code on phone, scan at door for check-in


  • Bug fixes


  • Activation fix


  • Twitter integration!
  • Auto-tweet when event opens for registration
  • Auto-tweet when event needs extra promotion


  • Discount coupons:
  • Percent and fixed amount discounts
  • Coupons assigned to single customer
  • Single- and multi-use coupons


  • Waitlists:
  • Optionally allow non-paid waitlists in events.
  • People select options they want when adding themselves to waitlist.
  • Registrar can confirm them when there is space and can satisfy their requests.
  • Registrar can conditionally confirm them based on receiving their payment.


  • Even better slide selection in carousels!


  • Added moderated registrations.
  • Better slide selection in carousels.


  • EventAgent.ai is born!