• As the Executive Director of Programs for a nonprofit organization that depends on the smooth running of complicated events, we’ve found the E.ai platform to be invaluable. Our event managers have praised the intuitive nature of the back-end, allowing simple access to student information and ease of communicating with them both before and after the event. Students appreciate receiving timely event reminders (which we can customize with additional info on making donations, links to the speaker’s website, etc.) And with the one-time use Zoom links, we all have peace of mind knowing the event is secure from Zoom-bombing.

    E.ai also integrates seamlessly with our marketing vehicles, automatically promoting events that are undersubscribed or nearing the end of the registration period. This efficiency has saved us money in staff time, as prior to using E.ai this was all done manually.

    Having worked with E.ai developer Alden for over ten years in different capacities, we’re confident in his skill and commitment to this product over the long-term. I’d heartily recommend it to any organization looking to streamline all of the disparate aspects of planning and executing top-notch events!

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