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June 3, 2019
While the plugin itself works well, it has a very annoying issue - only the full price shows, and no discounts of any kind. I contacted the customer support several times about it and received no answer over the past month. Considering that this plugin offers "professional" upgrades for very high price, and is not a single developer hobby project, that is absolutely unacceptable.
April 20, 2018
**EDIT** Just noticed this - At least TWO of the 5-star reviews were given to the plugin by the company that made it! If that doesn't scream scam, I don't know what does. Issues I have with this plugin: No way to search products - right now, typing in a product name only brings up the section page. In my case, I'm selling gemstones. If I search 'diamond' it brings up the pages I created for the categories 'white', 'brown', and 'black'. Doesn't show individual products. Not useful for shoppers. Page listings seem to be generated dynamically. This makes for slow loading times. Not shopper friendly. No related products. This is 90% of the reason I WANTED a WordPress site! This seems to be only marginally better than the other options out there, and with zero tech support, it's certainly not worth the price. I've opened multiple tickets, one of which was ignored for two weeks. The other has been open for four days, no responses so far. This would be understandable if they weren't charging so much for it! Put in a complaint with the BBB. Going to dispute the charge with my credit card company as well if I don’t hear back soon.
February 1, 2018
2/1/18 UPDATE – I originally wrote a negative review because I couldn’t get the premium version of the plugin to work properly. I contacted support 6 times and never heard back. However, upon writing the review, I got an immediate response from the plugin author. They refunded my money (thank you) and offered to help in the future. So although I still have not used this plugin, I am editing my review. This plugin honestly looked like the best option available, and if the authors are available, it should be a solid tool for those who wish to try it.
July 27, 2017
Do Not give these people your money. Slimey fraudsters! They Charged Us $85 a year ago and we thought it was a one time fee. The plugin made our images all blurry and pixilated and if you sell on etsy, you know how important good images are. They said they were fixing it but they never did and we stopped using it after a month and a half. . . THEN. . . Just a couple of days ago they charged us ANOTHER $85! Apparently its an annual subscription! That's is bad enough because they weren't up front about it, but even worse, when I went to the site to try to cancel or get a refund: THERE IS NO WAY TO CANCEL! I contacted "support" and even called the phone number on the receipt. . . No answer. No reply. Nothing. I waited a day and then another day and after 48 hours and repeated attempts to contact them I finally had to call my bank to dispute the charge and report fraud. That meant they had to cancel my card and send me a new one, so right now, I'm out $85 that I never should have been charge in the first place, PLUS the original $85 for software that made my products look terrible, PLUS I don't have a business debit card for a while, AND I still have to deal with the bank's fraud process and hope that they find in my favor... Absolute GARBAGE.
April 6, 2017
Almost 2 weeks have passed and still have a nonfunctional plugin and am out $85. My web designer who paid for the plugin reached out to Damian Clem, of VivioSoft (note he gave himself 5 stars in the initial review of this app), and was told that he wasn't affiliated with Etsy 360 anymore. YET... Found this: Websites on this IP Now: 1 live website using this IP ( NOW - (#6,097,747) see also: All websites in this IP Range » Websites on this IP Before: No websites Not Working Websites on IP: No websites Nameservers on this IP: 1 Nameserver on this IP ( - ... and 3 Live websites using this ns - : (#2,614,699) (#4,821,074) (#6,097,747) More Details » Web Browser/s on this IP: Unknown OS on this IP: Unknown ASN: AS19066 , AS32244 , AS53824 According to their website, VivioSoft is STILL very much active and affiliated with this Etsy360 company. There is no phone, email or physical address listed for this company on their site. I vote fraud on this app and the company.
September 3, 2016
I got this product a couple of years ago when it was etsypro and stayed with them despite the site being down most of the time. This is the only one out there and it's a shame because who ever is running this app is not professional enough to deal with other businesses. My business suffered quite a bit due to the fact that the stores were down the entire holiday season. They offered the upgrade and like a dope, I believed it would make things better and it made things worse. I have two etsy stores and all of the sudden I couldn't display both. When I contacted them they said I would have to buy another cart at $50 so they could help me. I said I have been a loyal customer for years and that their terms and conditions state that the license is per website, not per shop. It was the last straw, their product is problematic, slows the site down and now they want more money. I asked for a refund since I never used the cart due to the malfunction for the two weeks that I had it on my site. They refused and closed the case. I opened another case asking "Please give me my refund." They closed my account, so now I can't even communicate with them. They gave themselves a positive review here, that should be a clear sign that the product sucks. Just don't do it, and definitely don't give them any money.
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