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  • Almost 2 weeks have passed and still have a nonfunctional plugin and am out $85. My web designer who paid for the plugin reached out to Damian Clem, of VivioSoft (note he gave himself 5 stars in the initial review of this app), and was told that he wasn’t affiliated with Etsy 360 anymore. YET…
    Found this:
    Websites on this IP Now:
    1 live website using this IP ( NOW – (#6,097,747)
    see also: All websites in this IP Range »
    Websites on this IP Before: No websites
    Not Working Websites on IP: No websites
    Nameservers on this IP:
    1 Nameserver on this IP ( –
    … and 3 Live websites using this ns – : (#2,614,699) (#4,821,074) (#6,097,747) More Details »
    Web Browser/s on this IP: Unknown
    OS on this IP: Unknown
    ASN: AS19066 , AS32244 , AS53824

    According to their website, VivioSoft is STILL very much active and affiliated with this Etsy360 company.

    There is no phone, email or physical address listed for this company on their site. I vote fraud on this app and the company.

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