Easy Custom Auto Excerpt


Easy Custom Auto Excerpt is wordpress plugin to cut/excerpt your post displayed on the home , search or archive pages. This plugin also enable you to customize the readmore button text and thumbnail image. Just active the plugin, configure some options and you’re good to go 🙂

The free version is come with everything you need to auto excerpt your content.

Live Demo | Premium Version | Documentation | Support Forum

Features :

  • Excerpt your post based on character length.
  • Choose to excerpt your on your home, search, archive, or on your custom archive page.
  • Align text (Justify,Right,Left, Center) your text based on your preference.
  • Custom Read More text and Button.
  • Preserve Image on Excerpt.
  • Preserve real excerpt you wrote.
  • Partial Indonesia and Spanish translation.
  • Enable excerpt on RSS feed.
  • Excerpt method by 1st paragraph, 2nd paragraph, and 3rd paragraph

And if you like our plugin and want to do more customization we offer the premium version with some added feature :

  • Adjust Image Excerpt Position (left, right, center, float left and float right)
  • Adjust Image width and margin
  • Disable excerpt on specific post
  • 10 Read More font type and custom font size
  • 40 + Read More button themes.

Get the premium version: Easy Custom Auto Excerpt Premium

Plugin Demo
You can try the plugin on this url: http://coba.tonjoostudio.com

  • username: coba
  • password: 123456

*if you have any questions,comment,customization request or suggestion please contact us via our support forum

Find more detail on our official: Easy Custom Auto Excerpt Premium

Or you can find our best plugins at Tonjoo Studio

We can also modify your WordPress plugins according to your needs. Visit us : Tonjoo WordPress Developer

Usage Instruction

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. In the Admin Panel, Go to Setting -> Excerpt.
  3. Fill the setting according your need
  4. To remove readmore link fill the readmore options with “-” (without quote)

Please have a time to understand how this plugin is generating excerpt :

  1. If the post have read more, than the read more will be used.
  2. If the post doesn’t have read more , than post excerpt will be used.
  3. If the post doesn’t have read more and excerpt than it will automagically generate excerpt.

Translation :

  1. Bahasa Indonesian : Todi ~ @todiadiyatmo
  2. Serbian : Ogi Djuraskovic ~ firstsiteguide.com
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Spanish


  • Easy Custom Auto Excerpt on action.
  • General Options.
  • Advanced Excerpt Location Options.
  • Read More Button Options.


  1. Grap the plugin from from wordpress plugin directory or Upload the easy-custom-auto-excerpt folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin


Installation Instructions
  1. Grap the plugin from from wordpress plugin directory or Upload the easy-custom-auto-excerpt folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin
Its broke my website !

The auto excerpt cannot properly cut on some element, if its broke. Please use read more / post excerpt. It can be activated from screen option.

What happen if i wrote an excerpt for the post ?

It will used, instead of the automatically generated one.


Useless without premium

Waste plugin if you are not haveing the premium version. the ultimate aim of this plugin should be showing up an thumbnail in excerpt text. but if you dont have premium version, it is not possible to reduce the thumbnail size. The default size in 300px.

doesn’t work for me

The excerpt is not automatically generated, upon publishing nor updating. Nothing happens. Waste of time.

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Contributors & Developers

“Easy Custom Auto Excerpt” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Bugfix unicode HTML-ENTITIES and UTF-8


  • Excerpt method by 1st paragraph now available on FREE version!
  • Excerpt method by 2nd paragraph now available on FREE version!
  • Excerpt method by 3rd paragraph now available on FREE version!
  • Fixed various bugs


  • Bugfix unicode utf8 chars


  • Added feature: add dots ([…]) at the end of the excerpt
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Updated compability for WordPress 4.8


  • Fixed manual excerpt bug


  • Fixed bug: HTML validator error because of inline style
  • Fixed bug: password content not displayed correctly
  • Fixed bug: WordPress show it’s readmore link when use <!--more-->
  • Added feature: Remove theme’s featured image when ECAE use featured image to prevent double images
  • Added feature: user now can select the featured image thumbnail size to show
  • Added feature: user now can use featured image for “Excerpt” field content
  • Added feature: “readmore text” and “text before link” now compatible with WPML
  • Premium user bug fix: can’t load the license page
  • Updated compability for WordPress 4.7


  • Minor fix
  • Updated compability for WordPress 4.6


  • Change admin menu position to root


  • Fixing post type selection on advanced excerpt location
  • Fixing post editor error that affect for some users
  • Fixing page excerpt function

  • Fixing backend UI after updated to WordPress 4.4


  • Updated permalink


  • Fixing google font http/https protocol
  • Fix known bugs


  • Hide ads when premium key is registered
  • Fix known bugs


  • Fixing issue with WPML
  • Fix known bugs


  • Fixing compatibility to image caption
  • Fix known bugs


  • Fix plugin updater


  • Add an ability to make the button inline with the content
  • Add an ability to make the button font same as content font
  • Add plugin updater
  • Fix known bugs


  • Add disable excerpt on RSS Feed option
  • Add button shortcode
  • Add German translation
  • Add French translation
  • Add Spanish translation
  • Fix known bugs


  • Add Serbian translation (thanks to Ogi Djuraskovic)


  • Add new advanced excerpt location options
  • Add new excerpt size options in each location
  • Improved translation
  • Fix known bugs


  • Fix word preserved for word excerpt method
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.0
  • Fix known bugs


  • Add option to do excerpt in the pages
  • Redesign free button style
  • Fix known bugs


  • Fix known bugs


  • Add option to always show “read more” link
  • Change behaviour for premium promo notification
  • Fix known bugs


  • Add option to strip empty HTML tags
  • Add option to change special method (change between yes and no to if there is a fatal error)
  • Change behaviour for position method left and right (premium edition)
  • Fix known bugs


  • Add image position method: left, right, center, float left, float right (premium edition)
  • Add image width and image margin options
  • Fix known bugs


  • Fix known bugs


  • Decrease file size
  • Fix known bugs


  • Add new excerpt method: show 1st, 1st – 2nd and 1st – 3rd paragraph (premium edition)
  • Add option to change font size (premium edition)
  • Updated display image options
  • Fix known bugs


  • Add option to disable excerpt in every single post (premium edition)
  • Fix known bugs


  • Updated admin UI, more easy and intuitive
  • Add select font option (premium edition)
  • Add select button theme option (premium edition)
  • Add custom css option
  • Add front page excerpt option
  • Fix known bugs


  • Improve excerpt algorithm
  • Add readmore option


  • Add spanish translation , thanks to Andrew Kurtis ~ webhostinghub.com
  • Better excerpt cropping algorithm


  • Minor bug fix


  • Add options to disable readmore.


  • Fix remove / add image in excerpt option


  • Add better handling for image


  • Add strip element, for better excerpt


  • Improve regex handling, add rules for and
  • return real excerpt from the post if it is exist
  • Fix Compability with PHP 5.4


  • Add option to keep / preserve the image
  • Excerpt now preserve word
  • Tested on WP 3.6 !


  • Custom Read More Text


  • Bugfix on incorect header


  • First Release