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This plugin will grab docs out of a collection in Google Docs, create or update a post in WordPress and then move the doc to a new collection. Google Docs no longer supports xmlrpc, so this is perhaps the easiest way to move content from your Google Docs account to your self-hosted WordPress install.

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Great idea


Great feature to push Google Docs to WordPress.

Installation required some patience; a value check for the WP configuration would be great; somehow I had several URLs in the input fields.

Re-editing in gDocs and then moving it back into the origin folder is working (cron).
After re-editing/re-submission the previous WP Category setting were gone.

I did not explore the formatting behavior.
Super plugin for a tech-savvy admin/developer.

Don't let this project die.

Idea: In the WP settings give me a field for an email address and send me a message w/ link for each new post. Also a check box would be great to choose between draft and publish for new posts.

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Not ready for primetime


Do not think you can use this plugin unless you have advanced tech/coding skills. The installation instructions are incomplete & vague. Even getting clearer instructions from the WP Support forum did not succeed in getting it installed.

The idea of this plugin is wonderful. But it requires installing three files & a variety of ancillary coding/setup involving Google API configuration that it quite daunting, especially without clearer instructions about how to do it.

That being said, if you have all these coding skills, you'll love this plugin.

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Version bump. Removes anonymous functions, so it can be used as far back as PHP 5.2


Update to remove deprecated Google API and use Drive API v2
Updates to code to clean it up, remove extraneous loops.
Added Options page. Changes to make it easier to use.


Use HTTPS instead of HTTP, per new Google API spec.

Fix a few bugs with carrying over bold and italic


In extend-clean.php, extract the styles and apply them so bolding and italicizing goes through. Also, don’t strip heading styles. Props nacin and Rob Flaherty.


Added the cron extender


Initial release

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