CBX Currency Converter


Titles says it all. This plugins shows a currency converter box in wordpress.
The display can be done via widget or shortcode. Developer can show using custom function call as need.


  • Display a awesome from to convert currency in any content with shortcode [cbcurrencyconverter] or any widget position
  • Has four layout ,only calculator,only list ,calculator with list at top and calculator with list at bottom
  • Translation Support

How to set Finance Api

Shortcode Params

See more details and usages guide here

Supported Currency List

  • Albania Lek(ALL)
  • Afghanistan Afghani(AFN)
  • Argentina Peso(ARS)
  • Aruba Guilder(AWG)
  • Australia Dollar(AUD)
  • Azerbaijan New Manat(AZN)
  • Bahamas Dollar(BSD)
  • Barbados Dollar(BBD)
  • Bangladeshi Taka(BDT)
  • Belarus Ruble(BYR)
  • Belize Dollar(BZD)
  • Bermuda Dollar(BMD)
  • Bolivia Boliviano(BOB)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Marka(BAM)
  • Botswana Pula(BWP)
  • Bulgaria Lev(BGN)
  • Brazil Real(BRL)
  • Brunei Darussalam Dollar(BND)
  • Cambodia Riel(KHR)
  • Canada Dollar(CAD)
  • Cayman Islands Dollar(KYD)
  • Chile Peso(CLP)
  • China Yuan Renminbi(CNY)
  • Colombia Peso(COP)
  • Costa Rica Colon(CRC)
  • Croatia Kuna(HRK)
  • Cuba Peso(CUP)
  • Czech Republic Koruna(CZK)
  • Denmark Krone(DKK)
  • Dominican Republic Peso(DOP)
  • East Caribbean Dollar(XCD)
  • Egypt Pound(EGP)
  • El Salvador Colon(SVC)
  • Estonia Kroon(EEK)
  • Euro Member Countries(EUR)
  • Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Pound(FKP)
  • Fiji Dollar(FJD)
  • Georgian Lari – GEL
  • Ghana Cedis(GHC)
  • Gibraltar Pound(GIP)
  • Guatemala Quetzal(GTQ)
  • Guernsey Pound(GGP)
  • Guyana Dollar(GYD)
  • Honduras Lempira(HNL)
  • Hong Kong Dollar(HKD)
  • Hungary Forint(HUF)
  • Iceland Krona(ISK)
  • India Rupee(INR)
  • Indonesia Rupiah(IDR)
  • Iran Rial(IRR)
  • Isle of Man Pound(IMP)
  • Israel Shekel(ILS)
  • Jamaica Dollar(JMD)
  • Japan Yen(JPY)
  • Jersey Pound(JEP)
  • Kazakhstan Tenge(KZT)
  • Korea (North) Won(KPW)
  • Korea (South) Won(KRW)
  • Kyrgyzstan Som(KGS)
  • Laos Kip(LAK)
  • Latvia Lat(LVL)
  • Lebanon Pound(LBP)
  • Liberia Dollar(LRD)
  • Lithuania Litas(LTL)
  • Macedonia Denar(MKD)
  • Malaysia Ringgit(MYR)
  • Mauritius Rupee(MUR)
  • Mexico Peso(MXN)
  • Mongolia Tughrik(MNT)
  • Mozambique Metical(MZN)
  • Namibia Dollar(NAD)
  • Nepal Rupee(NPR)
  • Netherlands Antilles Guilder(ANG)
  • New Zealand Dollar(NZD)
  • Nicaragua Cordoba(NIO)
  • Nigeria Naira(NGN)
  • Norway Krone(NOK)
  • Oman Rial(OMR)
  • Pakistan Rupee(PKR)
  • Panama Balboa(PAB)
  • Paraguay Guarani(PYG)
  • Peru Nuevo Sol(PEN)
  • Papua New Guinean Kina(PGK)
  • Philippines Peso(PHP)
  • Poland Zloty(PLN)
  • Qatar Riyal(QAR)
  • Romania New Leu(RON)
  • Russia Ruble(RUB)
  • Saint Helena Pound(SHP)
  • Saudi Arabia Riyal(SAR)
  • Serbia Dinar(RSD)
  • Seychelles Rupee(SCR)
  • Singapore Dollar(SGD)
  • Solomon Islands Dollar(SBD)
  • Somalia Shilling(SOS)
  • South Africa Rand(ZAR)
  • Sri Lanka Rupee(LKR)
  • Sweden Krona(SEK)
  • Switzerland Franc(CHF)
  • Suriname Dollar(SRD)
  • Syria Pound(SYP)
  • Taiwan New Dollar(TWD)
  • Thailand Baht(THB)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Dollar(TTD)
  • Turkey Lira(TRY)
  • Turkey Lira(TRL)
  • Tuvalu Dollar(TVD)
  • Ukraine Hryvna(UAH)
  • United Kingdom Pound(GBP)
  • United States Dollar(USD)
  • Uruguay Peso(UYU)
  • Uzbekistan Som(UZS)
  • Venezuela Bolivar(VEF)
  • Viet Nam Dong(VND)
  • Yemen Rial(YER)
  • Zimbabwe Dollar(ZWD)
  • Bitcoin(BTC) – Available in pro addon only

Pro Version:

  • Optional integration in woocommerce and wp-ecommerce product page if product is in stock,takes product price as default amount and product currency as default from currency
  • Can give every widgets and shortcodes different look
  • Widgets can take its own setting or global settings
  • Custom currency rate
  • Bitcoin Currency Support


  • Frontend Widget
  • Global Setting-General Setting-1
  • Global Setting-General Setting-2
  • Global Setting-Calculator Setting-1
  • Global Setting-Calculator Setting-2
  • Global Setting-List Setting
  • Global Setting-Tools
  • Global Setting-Integration
  • Global Setting-Custom Rates(Pro addon)
  • Shortcode placement in editor
  • Frontend Shortcode Display
  • Woocommerce Integration (Pro addon)
  • Wp-Ecommerce Integration (Pro addon)


How to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload cbcurrencyconverter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. From ‘Setting’ menu see sub menu ‘Currrency Convert’, save setting
  4. Select view ,default amount,currency and css colors from the plugin setting


Installation Instructions

How to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload cbcurrencyconverter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. From ‘Setting’ menu see sub menu ‘Currrency Convert’, save setting
  4. Select view ,default amount,currency and css colors from the plugin setting
Can anyone show it in a specific post only ?

yes, using shortcode it can be displayed in any post or page

Does this can show any costom text as title ?

yes , can give different title for calculator view and list view

Does this can show as many country currency as anyone wants in list view ?

yes , there is a multi select box to select as many currency as you want for list view

Is the possible to show it in widget and shortcode at a time ?

Yes and it will work in both place at a time nicely, just try it.


Just what I was looking for

Currently the only working currency converter on wordpress, and it just so happens to be the best one. Only things that don’t work are the “Calculator with list on top” formats, and the “calculator title” settings. Also the list is slightly indented when the format is set to “Calculator with the list on bottom.”

To change the title, you have to switch to a format that your not using, then change the title, then change back to the format you want to use.


It is very complete and provide several displaying options, including shortcode parameters that allow complete customization.

Nice One Currency Converter

Many Many thanks to provide such a great currency converter plugin.

It is awesome plugin, i tried some other plugins but i loved your plugin.

Read all 3 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“CBX Currency Converter” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • [Fix] As google and yahoo finance both api is not stable we added a new finance api https://www.alphavantage.co/ which seems promising. Go to setting and set your api.


  • [Fix] As google finance api is not working, added yahoo finance api as alternative[Pro addons needs to be updated]


  • [New] Added ‘Georgian Lari – GEL’ currency
  • [Update] Minor Improvement


  • [Bug fix] Decimal input issue


  • added new currency ‘Papua New Guinea Kina – PGK’
  • Add new filter to add any new currency ‘cbcurrencyconverter_currency_list’ if supported by google currency

= 1.6=
* minor changes with rebranding as of codeboxr.com


  • added ‘calc_currencies’ shorrtcode param and also added Enable currencies in calculator settings
  • widget bug fixed for core and pro addon


  • Recode the whole plugin
  • Widget and shortcode params all works as described
  • shortcode param ‘use_global’ has been removed
  • compatible pro addon has custom rates option


  • Added decimal point option to show the currency value
  • Translation updated


  • shortcode instruction was written wrong, fixed readme file
  • added nonce security in ajax currency conversion form


  • First Public Release