BuddyDrive is a BuddyPress (2.5+) plugin that uses the BP Attachment API to allow the members of a community to share files or folders. Depending on the BuddyPress settings, the access to the BuddyDrive user’s content can be restricted to:

  • the owner of the item only (private),
  • people that know the password the owner set for his item (protected),
  • the friends of the owner of the file (Restricted to friends),
  • the members of the group the content is attached to (Restricted to groups),
  • specific members the owner selects (Restricted to members),
  • or everybody (public) !

This plugin is available in english and french.


  • File shared into multiple groups.
  • BuddyDrive Uploader.
  • File shared with specific members.
  • Content of a shared folder.
  • BuddyDrive items administration.


If you have any question

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Works fine the only thing missing is that you can create more than one folder in buddypress groups

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  • !important Requires WordPress 4.5 and BuddyPress 2.5.
  • Use custom post status to set a file or folder privacy.
  • Completely revamped UI (Backbone/Underscore).
  • Multiple file uploads.
  • Share a file into multiple groups.
  • Directly upload new files or create new folders from the current group.
  • Share files or folders with specific members you select.
  • Real shared folders.
  • Search.
  • Detailed user statistics.


  • Prevents an error when the downloaded file size is bigger than the WP memory limit (props bentasm1).
  • Improve the way the Groups selectbox is populated and include a new filter to eventually restrict the groups the user can share an item into.


  • Add new hooks to allow custom privacy settings.
  • Fix 2 notice errors.
  • Fix an english error.


  • Fix a regression introduced in 1.3.1 when opening folders shared in groups.
  • Introduce a new filter to customize the main BuddyDrive query.
  • Make sure custom fields are shown when editing files.


  • Allow custom loop to list files according to the files privacy
  • Allow BuddyDrive’s group nav item visibility/access to be overriden
  • Adapt to WP List Table changes introduced in WordPress 4.3
  • Use the correct filter for the type being saved in BuddyDrive_Item->save()


  • Requires BuddyPress 2.3
  • Uses the BuddyPress Attachments API to manage user submitted media.
  • Introduces the BuddyDrive editor, a specific tool plugins can use to attached file to their content.
  • Updates the group’s latest activity when a file is shared with the members of the group.
  • Improve the Bulk delete feature in the Administration screen to make sure each user’s quota will be updated.
  • Now includes a thumbnail for public image files when embed in the activity stream, a private message, a post, a page, …


  • Spanish translation, props sr_blasco
  • Make sure add_query_arg() urls are escaped.


  • Now Administrators can view users private files and folders on front-end
  • Improves translation by allowing the mo file to be out of the plugin’s directory
  • Fixes a notice error using the BuddyPress Group Extension API
  • Fixes a notice error when the BuddyDrive main page is displayed (eg: password form)
  • Removes accents from filename when saving a file to avoid char encoding troubles
  • Makes sure the quota and other upload restrictions are doing their job
  • Introduces some filters to add new upload restrictions


  • Fixes a problem when sharing folders in the activity stream
  • Improves translation by better localizing javascript files
  • Fixes a notice error in the BuddyDrive Administration
  • Fixes a notice error in case the file does not exist anymore


  • Adapts to changes introduced in plupload feature by WordPress 3.9
  • List all user’s groups setting the per_page argument to false
  • Improves javascripts and corrects some bugs in this area
  • Uses dashicons
  • Improves theme “adaptability” using BuddyPress members/single/plugins.php template and a new screen class
  • Allowes the use of custom fields for BuddyDrive Files
  • Adds an action to track downloads
  • Adds filters to add a custom column in WP List Table
  • Enjoys the “2.0” BuddyPress wp-admin/profile to display user stats
  • Adds a filter to change the upload dir
  • Adds a select box to sort items by last edit dates or names
  • Removes the Network:true tag and uses specific checks to be sure BuddyDrive shares the same “config” than BuddyPress
  • Adds a link in BuddyDrive’s groups pages to open current user’s BuddyDrive explorer


  • fixes a bug reported by a user in BuddyDrive files and folders admin (Checks WP_List_Table)
  • Modifies the way BuddyDrive group extension is loaded (waits for bp_init to be sure group id is set)


  • fixes the bug with hidden groups.
  • brings cutomizable slugs and names.
  • brings more control over users upload quota (by role or even by user).
  • adds an information in network administration users list or blog administration users list.
  • BuddyDrive can now be automatically activated for newly created groups.
  • tested in BuddyPress 1.8 & still requires at least version 1.7


  • files, folders management for users
  • Requires BuddyPress 1.7
  • language supported : french, english

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