ATR Server Status


Simple, efficient, ad- and bloatfree plugin for testing whether or not a given server address is up for just you, or everyone else on a given port and protocol.
Servers & services are checked in real-time whenever a user requests to view the page where the shortcode is inserted.

Intuitive interface, makes is really easy to maintain servers & services to check.

You have the ability to filter/hook the message displayed to the user through functions.php in your theme folder.

add_filter( "atr_server_success_message", function($message, $server) {
    return $server->humanname." appears to be working alright.";
}, 10, 2);

add_filter( "atr_server_error_message", function($message, $server) {
    return $server->humanname." is down.";
}, 10, 2);

You can also use the filter “atr_perm_administer_servers” to alter the permission being used to check access rights.

add_filter( "atr_perm_administer_servers", function( $permission ) {
    $permission = "editor";
    return $permission;
} );


  • Supports most common protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS) (FTP is on the todo)
  • Define a human friendly readable name for display
  • Define hostname
  • Define port
  • Define timeout in seconds
  • Define protocol
  • Drag’n’drop ordering
  • Edit and delete servers/services
  • Shortcodes for checking one or more servers frontend
  • Simple, clear and well explained settings page
  • Filter available configurations
  • Settings page with various configrations to suit your needs



  1. Install the plugin
  2. Configure the servers/services you want to check against in “Server Status” within wp-admin
  3. Insert one of the provided shortcodes on the desired page, and or post.


Installation Instructions
  1. Install the plugin
  2. Configure the servers/services you want to check against in “Server Status” within wp-admin
  3. Insert one of the provided shortcodes on the desired page, and or post.
Does this plugin require anything special?

This plugin depends heavily on the curl_* and fsockopen(); PHP functions, however such functions are enabled by default on the majority of webhosts.
“allow_url_fopen” can in most scenarios interfere with the accuracy of the plugin, if disabled.

If you have any questions not answered here, do feel free to send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer you within 48 hours.


It does not work

Looping status, in short, it does not work.
Can not contact the creator, are contact form not working either..

Needless to say that all other plugins of the same type works very well at home.

Just was i was looking for

I’ve searched wide and far for a simple yet effective plugin that could allow my visitors to check if my services were Online and avaiable. ATR Server Status does just that. It has a simple to user menu, advanced check settings like timeout, and protocol which i don’t often come across.

It’s lightweight and accurate and i can highly recommend it to anyone that needs a plugin for server monitoring for their users.

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  • Security Update: Access checks now uses wordpress current_user_can(); instead of in_array();
  • Compatibility: Added Dark Mode plugin compatibility.
  • Compatibility: Added some required plugin compatibility checks.
  • Coding Standards: Getting up to scratch with wordpress coding standards.
  • Coding Standards: Started documenting plugin functions, using docblock syntax
  • Errors: Added an error message to the frontend when a non-existant server ID is added to the shortcode. (Only visible to users with sufficient privileges)
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrect “atr_success_message” filter name, renamed properly to “atr_server_success_message”.
  • Bumped compatible wordpress version to 4.9.4.


  • New setting: attempt to bypass cached results.


  • Critical Hotfix: Fixing javascript ReferenceError breaking site javascript.


  • New setting: SSL Verify Peer.
  • New Setting: SSL Verify Host.
  • New setting: Request Execution Order.
  • Servers boxes now matches elementor page builders alerts (border-left added).


  • Added new configurations page.
  • Introduced a settings API, documentation to come at some point.
  • Some more translateable strings.
  • Bumped WordPress version compatibility.
  • Hopefully? Fixed drag-handle sorting, changed icon from ui to dashicons.
  • Updated plugin description.


  • More translateable strings
  • Implemented a more responsive experience in backend
  • Rephrased table heading descriptions to be a bit more descriptive


  • Bugfix & security update.
  • Fixed rare scenario where privilege escalation could occur during saving a servers data.
  • Fixed CSRF vulnerabilities, when adding/editing/deleting server data.
  • Rmove JS console.log breaking <= IE 7
  • Some strings are now translateable (More to come in future releases)


  • Added filters for messages displayed to the user.


  • Added sanitization function.
  • Now stripping sanitizing any data going into the database.


  • Fixed bug where only 5 server would be displayed in backend
  • Code Refactoring for publishing this plugin
  • Added assets, and readme files.


  • Initial release