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Get aware of any activities that are taking place on your dashboard! Imagine it like a black-box for your WordPress site.

Like being in control? Check this out.

We all know that it’s relatively easy to analyze what your visitors are looking for while browsing your site. But there is really no easy way to know what registered users (say, with an Administrator account or even Editors) are doing on the dashboard of your site. How can you know if a post was deleted? or if a plugin was activated/deactivated? or if the active theme was changed? If you have tens of users or more, you really can’t know who did it. This plugin tries to solve this issue by tracking what users do on the dashboard of your WordPress site.

As of this moment, the plugin logs things when:

  • WordPress - Core Updates
  • Posts - Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Pages - Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Custom Post Type - Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Tags - Created, Edited, Deleted
  • Categories - Created, Edited, Deleted
  • Taxonomies - Created, Edited, Deleted
  • Comments - Created, Approved, Unproved, Trashed, Untrashed, Spammed, Unspammed, Deleted
  • Media - Uploaded, Edited, Deleted
  • Users - Login, Logout, Login has failed, Update profile, Registered and Deleted
  • Plugins - Installed, Updated, Activated, Deactivated, Changed
  • Themes - Installed, Updated, Deleted, Activated, Changed (Editor and Customizer)
  • Widgets - Added to a sidebar / Deleted from a sidebar, Order widgets
  • Menus - A menu is being Created, Updated, Deleted
  • Setting - General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks
  • Options - Can be extend by east filter
  • Export - User download export file from the site
  • WooCommerce - Monitor all shop options
  • bbPress - Forums, Topics, Replies, Taxonomies and other actions
  • and much more...

New! You are now able to get email notifications once an event you have defined (via rules) has occured. This is useful in cases you must know right away when someone does something on your site.

What people are saying

  • “Best 10 Free WordPress Plugins of the Month – July 2014: Keeping tabs on what your users do with their access to the Dashboard” - ManageWp.com
  • “Thanks to this step, we’ve discovered that our site was undergoing a brute force attack” - artdriver.com
  • “Optimized code - The plugin itself is blazing fast and leaves almost no footprint on the server.” - freshtechtips.com
  • “The plugin successful for activity log for WordPress.” - wp-tricks.co.il
  • “This is a pretty simple yet quite effective plugin for keeping track of what your admins and users do on your sites.” - shadowdragonunlimited.com


The plugin does not require any kind of setup. It works out of the box (and that’s why we love it too).

We’re planning to add a lot more features in the upcoming releases. If you think we’re missing something big time, please post your suggestions in the plugin’s forum.


Would you like to like to contribute to Activity Log? You are more than welcome to submit your pull requests on the GitHub repo. Also, if you have any notes about the code, please open a ticket on ths issue tracker.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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