Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Made Easy


Analytics Cat – Google Analytics is a lean, fast, simple, no-frills way to add your Google Analytics / Universal Google Analytics code to your WordPress site.

This bloat-free, simple Google Analytics WordPress plugin doesn’t add tons of features. Instead, Analytics Cat – Google Analytics simply focuses on letting you add your Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) Code to your site in less than 2 minutes, without slowing your site down.

Which features does Analytics Cat – Google Analytics have?

  • Add the Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) tracking code to your WordPress site with ease.
  • Hide your Google Analytics tracking code from logged-in users so you don’t pollute your data.

Why use Analytics Cat – Google Analytics?

There are multiple ways to add the Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress site.

1. Pasting your Google Analytics script into your theme
This approach isn’t great for two reasons:
a) If you edit your live site and make a mistake when pasting your Google Analytics script into your theme, you could take down your website.
b) If your theme is updated with new features or security fixes, your Google Analytics code will be overwritten.

2. Pasting your Google Analytics script into a header/footer script plugin
This is a valid approach, but has some disadvantages. General purposes “header script plugins” aren’t built from the ground-up to support Google Analytics.

What this means is that :
a) These plugins lack Google Analytics-specific functionality.
b) These plugins will not adapt if Google Analytics changes again. Since Analytics Cat is a dedicated Google Analytics WordPress plugin, we’ll make sure make sure to stay compatible with future changes to Google Analytics.
c) These plugins usually don’t support hiding your Google Analytics code from logged-in users.

3. Using Some Other Google Analytics WordPress Plugin
There is some good Google Analytics plugins out there, but many of them are bloated, have too many settings and are slow.

You’ll love Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Cat iff what you want is a simple, reliable Google Analytics plugin,

Does Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Plugin work with Universal Analytics

Yes. Analytics Cat is built from the ground up to support Universal Analytics.

Analytics Cat – Google Analytics does not work with the old Google Analytics script that Google deprecated.

Can I hide my Google Analytics tracking code from logged in users?

Yes. You can hide your Google Analytics code from logged in users by going to Settings -> Google Analytics Manager.

Is Analytics Cat – Google Analytics easy to translate?

Yes. Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Cat is fully translateable. Please let us know if you’re interested in contributing.

Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Feature Roadmap

This is just the first version of Analytics Cat – we have tons of new features & improvements lined up. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave a comment in the support forums.

The Fatcat Apps Team


  • Analytics Cat - Google Analytics for WordPress settings screen


  1. Upload the Analytics Cat – Google Analytics plugin file ( to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. In your sidebar, select ‘Settings -> Google Analytics Manager’ to add your tracking code.


How do I set up Google Analytics using Analytics Cat?

After installing this plugin, simply go to Settings -> Google Analytics Manager and add your Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) ID.

What is my Google Analytics tracking ID?

Follow these steps to find your Google Analytics tracking id:
1. Sign in to your Analytics account.

  1. In the top navigation, click on “Admin”.

  2. Select your Google Analytics Account from the “Account” dropdown.

  3. Select your Google Analytics Property from the “Property” dropdown.

  4. Under “Property”, select “Tracking Info” -> “Tracking Code”

  5. On this screen, you’ll see your Google Analytics tracking ID. Your Google Analytics tracking ID is a string that looks like UA-000000-01.

  6. Paste your Google Analytics tracking ID into the “Google Analytics ID” field in Analytics Cat.

For more information, read this: How to find your Google Analytics tracking code, Google Analytics tracking ID, and Google Analytics property number


Saved my Sanity

This app has saved my coiffure and sanity. I had another plugin that was a recommended name, and it belligerently refused my Google ID. Even when I thought to spice is up and bring in another browser. Nope. Still not happy. Or performing.

THIS plugin promised quick and easy connect to Google. For once I am thoroughly satisfied by super quick and very easy.

Super Simple Google Analytics

Tried this plugin on my site because my theme didn’t have a place to enter Google Analytics code and found it to be a really easy way to get Google Analytics running. It’s so easy to setup and just works without disturbing performance. Big fan!

Very useful – does exactly what it’s supposed to do with no issues.

I found this earlier today while searching for tools to simplify adding Google Analytics to my WordPress sites. It installs very quickly and does exactly what it says on the box: gives you a simple form to add your Google Analytics ID to your entire site. After I added my ID, Google recognized it very quickly and started providing data for my site.

Recommended if you need an analytics plugin that doesn’t require any configuration at all.

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Contributors & Developers

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Analytics Cat – Google Analytics 1.0.2

  • Add settings saved message
  • Update help text & links
  • Update permissions text

Analytics Cat – Google Analytics 1.0.1

  • Fix link to quick start guide in admin UI

Analytics Cat – Google Analytics 1.0.0

  • Release candidate 1 of Analytics Cat – Google Analytics