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NEW: Asynchronous Tracking Code with analytics.js library.
NEW: Access Key for automatic Login from your WordPress dashboard.
NEW: Event Tracking (clicks, video, form, download, windows, etc.).
NEW: AutoTrak – Event tracking without One Line Of Code. include DataSet support **
**NEW: Marketing campaigns tracking!

NEW: E-commerce tracking.
NEW: Check your keywords position in Google with our powerful SEO tool.

AFS Analytics is easy to install and use! Get amazing information about your website traffic! Analyze your visitor behavior and understand how to improve your website content.

AFS Web Analytics tool offers you two real-time reports continuously updated. The real-time dashboard displays your website metrics into a single page. The “Right now” report allows you to monitor the current activity on your website.

AFS Analytics recovers 99% of ‘not provided’ keywords from Google

No more Google keywords provided!: Since 2011, Google decided not to provide webmasters with search terms used by visitors on a secure connection.

AFS Analytics developed an algorithm able to detect in real time the search terms used by each visitor. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the prediction becomes more accurate and powerful over time. The algorithm captures the data from your website but also from your “Google Search Console” account via an API.
Please read: Search terms prediction using artificial intelligence

Benefits of AFS Analytics algorithm:
Detects and predicts search terms in real time.
Shows history of search terms and search engine positions.
Shows search terms used by each visitor.
Shows data provided by the “Google search console” tool on the Dashboard.
Rebuilds the referrer’s URL including the keywords used.

Predictive Web Analytics:
AFS analytics tool gives you an estimate of website traffic.

One minute install plugin
Install and launch AFS Analytics in under 60 seconds.
AFS WordPress Analytics install guide.

Real-Time Analytics Reporting:
With LiveDisplay technology, AFS Analytics provides real-time reporting. Your website data are tracked immediately and the reports continuously updated.

Easy to use:
With our innovative Dashboard, all website statistics are displayed into a single page. The toolbar is intuitive and offers user-friendly features such as zoom, scroll, menu, etc.

Ultimate Performance:
AFA Analytics has been built to deliver ultimate performance. The latest technologies were used including HTML5, JQuery , AJAX and cloud system.

Boost the speed of your blog:
AFS Analytics now provides asynchronous tracking code snippet. This technology will
dramatically improve your blog pages speed load time and tracking accuracy.

Advanced Guides for developers:
Guides for [developers] ( “developers) are available.

La version Française d’AFS Analytics est maintenant disponible.

Receive automatically PDF Reports:
The reports can be sent (PDF files) automatically daily/weekly/monthly.

Why choose AFS Analytics?
* More than 950000 websites selected AFS Analytics.
* Access to All your website statistics on a single page.
* View all statistics about your website’s visitors on a single page.
* Real-time tracking and reporting.
* AFS Analytics code uses asynchronous tracking technology.
* Your website is protected: if our servers become slow or unresponsive the load time of your website’s pages is not affected.
* AFS Analytics offers a log-size of the latest 1000 unique visitors.
* We respect your privacy, AFS Analytics doesn’t sell or share your personal info, email and statistics about your website
* AFS Analytics does not use data collected for changing your search engine rankings.

Live demo
Live Demo

Great alternative to Google Analytics without google analytics disadvantages .


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Where I can see a live demo?

Live Demo

How long before I start seeing analytics?

immediatly, our dashboard provides real-time analytics.


Keeps disconnecting


It's a nightmare to recover your lost password and after moving my site to another server it constantly keeps disconnecting. Got tired logging in every time and have switched to old good WP Statistics which does the same, just hassle free.

[WP Plugin: AFS Analytics]


Very good Plugin,I used to use the HMTL version till I found this Plugin for WordPress;

Very intuitive, it show many details about your visitors like from witch URL they came or if they found your blog on Google,Bing,Yahoo... Kindof mobile or PC resolution or operating system. It tracks all what visitors are doing in your blog and also in real time !

My favourite 5 stars !!

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Check your keywords position in Google with our powerful SEO tool.
Asynchronous Tracking Code with analytics.js library.
Access Key for automatic Login from your WordPress dashboard.
Event Tracking (clicks, video, form, download, windows, etc.).
AutoTrak – Event tracking without One Line Of Code. include DataSet support.
Marketing campaigns tracking!
E-commerce tracking.


Minor changes.


it fixes the button position issue.


This version fixes some bugs.


Bug with the apostrophe character (tracker name field) has been fixed.
Home page is detected and tracker name is correctly set up.
If the javascript variable “AFS_page” is defined before the code, the value is not changed.
if the variable php $trackername is defined before the code, the code use the value of this variable for the tracker name.


Minor changes


Minor bug fixed


The “AFS Analytics” shortcut appears on the WordPress menu.
You can set the tracker name for each post or page.
Tracker is invisble by default.


Code updated.
Addfreestats is now AFS Analytics.
HTTPS Pages are now supported.


Minor changes


New UI
Use the addfreestats div tag to display the code where you want.
Removed deprecated function calls.

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