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Getting Started

Now that your theme is ready for prime time, give it plenty of attention by uploading it to the WordPress.org Theme Directory. By hosting it here you’ll get:

The goal of our themes directory isn’t to have every theme in the world, it’s to have the best. WordPress is Open Source, and all the themes we host here are Open Source. If you want your theme to be proprietary or promote things that violate WordPress’ license on your site, the directory probably isn’t the best home for your work.


Resources for theme authors are available in the Codex on the Theme Development, Theme Review, and Theme Unit Test pages. For questions about Theme development please use the Themes and Templates forum. Please make sure to review the guidelines before uploading your Theme file.

All themes are subject to review. Themes from sites that support non-GPL (or compatible) themes or violate the WordPress community guidelines themes will not be approved. We will be reviewing your Theme using the sample data available in the WordPress export file available at Theme Unit Test. Before uploading your Theme file please test it with this sample export data.

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