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  1. hkcharlie
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I know this might be a daft question, but are there any instructions on using this plugin.
    I've looked at it, but it's as clear as muddy water.

    My test site is in a sub directory.

    nothing pretty about it, it's not a multisite of the first domain, it's just a frech install in a sub directory.

    I then set up a multi site install of WP in ../mytestsite/

    I then set up another site in the MS network called /testgroup4/

    So the path to that is http://www.mydomain.com/mytestsite/testgroup4

    I now want to setup another blog called "extendednetwork" as a site on the testgroup4 install.

    essentially http://www.mydomain.com/mytestsite/testgroup4/extendednetwork

    I hope I'm making sesne and someone can help me with the assigning networks with right choices in the right location.

    Thank you


  2. Wykydtron
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I would recommend reading this documentation:

    A heads up about WP Multi Network, it's meant for multiple domains, domain mapping, etc.

    For example, mothershipdomain.com is a multi-site network which also serves childdomain1.com and childdomain2.com.

    Each new domain is a new network (which could essentially have child site/blogs on each multi-domain).

  3. aLan "Lan" Tait
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I set up mine as a MultiSite Subdomain. Then after you are sure you have MultiSite working, You upload the Plugin and everything else in on the admin menu.

    However, If you use WP3.1.X or WP3.2.x you cannot see that menu!

    In the repositories there is a fix... Version1.2


    It works but has two minor link bugs to the site list (two broken links).

    This plugin is only one file...


    there is an improved version (tested and running on about 3 dozen production websites). It is listed at the bottom of:


    Just copy it, paste it into a file called wp-multi-network.php, upload that and over write the one in this plugin and activate it on your plugin menu. You will then see a WP Multi-Network on your Sites menu... the rest is pretty straight forward from there...

    Good luck, my sites are working great!

  4. aLan "Lan" Tait
    Posted 4 years ago #

    the new file is here....

    you can try this...

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