Adding a new block

This is how the WordPress block editor looks like

The block editor

There are multiple ways to add a block and choose the block type you need.

You can click ⊕ at the left of an empty block. The blocks that you used frequently will show up floating on the right of an empty block.

The new block button floating left of an empty block

Another way is by clicking ⊕ at the top left of the editor.

The "Add block" button in the top toolbar

Using the button with the icon at the top center of an existing block to add a block above it

The "Insert block" button on the top area of an existing block

The default block type is a paragraph — which you’ll use for regular text —  but you can choose a different block type from any of the  buttons. You can also search blocks by typing a forward slash — / followed by the block name — for example, /image or /heading a list to select the block type will show up.

Shortcut to block type

Another approach is by hitting the Enter/Return key from a selected block to create a new block below it.

Creating a new block by hitting the enter/return key.

Finally, you can click on the three dots just above a selected block and choose to add a block above or below the current block.

The ellipsis menu expanded above a block

You can drag blocks around by clicking and holding the six-dot-grid near the top-left corner of each block, or use the up and down arrows to bump a block one spot in the direction you want.

Moving blocks