Zen Menu Logic


This plugin only works under the following conditions:
1. the theme has registered at least one menu location
2. user has created at least one custom menu with one or more
menu items.
3. user has selected which menu location the plugin should work on
in the Settings -> Zen Menu Logic options page

If those 3 conditions are met, then the edit page for every page and post
and custom post type will contain a meta box listing the custom menus with
radio buttons. All you need do is select which custom menu should display
when that page is called.


Impresive plugin


Incredible happy to have found this plugin. I have tried it, and it works perfect. My website is being translated in several languages and as soon as that is done i will active Greg's Plugin again and place individual menus. But please Greg, can you make this work on mobile phones also? It would be a huge improvement. I am willing to donate money for that, and i am sure others will to. Looking forward to a feedback on this from you.

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  • Changed constructor to php 7 style


  • Fixed bug in saving logic. Tested in WP 3.6


  • Added uninstall functionality to delete option used by plugin


  • Changed the text in the options panel.


  • There is a design flaw in v1.1 where I assumed that the name of the primary menu location
  • was primary. That is the way it is in the 2011 theme. But not all themes are like that.
  • So this new version has an options page as a menu item of the Settings Menu that lists all
  • the menu locations by name. And you need to select which one is the primary, or, in other
  • words, which menu location the menu logic will work on. Please let me know if there are
  • any questions.


  • simplify code that tests is this plugin is supported by the theme
  • replace code that implemented the change in menu to use the wp_nav_menu_args filter


  • write menu logic code

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