Zaphne Content Accelerator


Simple to use, and easy to customize, Zaphne automates the blog content creation and post process. It gives bloggers access to unique daily written content, including photos and videos, complete with keywords and links to source articles.

There are two versions of the Zaphne Content Accelerator on WordPress:

  1. The FREE version that delivers a post every week to the blog page of your WordPress web site. It’s our Zaphne branded version, and has clickable Zaphne graphics that connect interested blog readers to

  2. The PREMIUM version delivers a post every day to the blog page of your WordPress web site. PREMIUM versions are fully customizable, and allow for search phrase exclusions, post customizations, addition of headers and footers, and toggling of video and photo features, as well as other gems. The full feature set can be found at

Installation == 

Installing all versions of the Zaphne Plugin begins with these steps:
1. Install the Zaphne Plugin through the WordPress Plugin Repository (skip to step 9).
2. Or Download the Zaphne Plugin from and follow steps 3-7.
3. Log into your WordPress Administrator Dashboard
4. Click PLUGINS on the left vertical menu
5. Click ADD NEW in the upper left corner of the screen
6. Click UPLOAD PLUGIN in the upper left
7. Click CHOOSE FILE then navigate to the folder to which you downloaded the plugin
8. Double-click on the ZIP file that was downloaded

Now, you should see the Zaphne plugin listed in your PLUGINS list.

NEXT:  Navigate to the Zaphne interface in the WordPress menu, and choose either Free or Premium version of Zaphne.

Follow the steps there to create your account, choose your keywords, and get started!
Upload the Zaphne plugin to your blog.
Activate it via the plugin interface in the WordPress menu bar, then register your site and choose your Free or Premium version. 

Your first post should arrive with 24 hours of completed registration.


  • Removes legacy javascript file reference.


How does Zaphne work?

*Like a research assistant that doesn’t sleep, Zaphne is a proprietary algorithm that finds and creates keyword rich content – including pictures and video – that posts automatically to your WordPress blog, complete with keywords and links to source articles.

Does Zaphne really help SEO?

*Clearly, the creation of regular relevant content is the single most important factor impacting SEO rankings.  But while over 3 million blogs are created each month, only 5% are updated regularly – essentially abandoned – due to a lack of fresh creative content.  In fact, we created Zaphne to solve this very problem. Zaphne also plays very nicely with other SEO plugins, and it has been tested on hundreds of sites.  Proven to boost search engine visibility on its own, it boosts your SEO strategy with regular activity, and even brings back dead blogs to life!

Is this another RSS feed?

Nope.  RSS feeds are a simple integration with content that other people write. Zaphne is fresh content that is posted to your blog automatically, content that search engines view as new.  Think of us as having the convenience of an RSS feed without the plagiarism.

Will this write my blog for me?

*Kind of.  Some people just use the automatic posts as their blog content, while others use our content as a jumping off point for inspiration.   We do the heavy lifting – you write the songs that make the whole world sing.

Will anyone get the same content as me?

*Negative, Ghost Rider.  Zaphne is built to create unique content for each site where it is installed.  Even if the person sitting in the next cubicle is also writing about guinea pigs, you can be assured that their Zaphne blog content will be different than yours.

Contributors & Developers

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