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YouTube Video Gallery and Management

YouTube Showcase is a powerful but simple-to-use YouTube video gallery plugin with responsive frontend.

Each YouTube video resides on its own page with WordPress comments enabled. Video pages are automatically created when you insert the YouTube VIDEO ID on the video page.

YouTube Video ID is a 11 character string that YouTube uses to uniquely identify each video. For example, the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K4uBRkFJEU has the id 9K4uBRkFJEU.

Using video thumbnail quality option for videos, you can change the dimensions of thumbnails offered by YouTube. For example, you can use an image 4:3 ratio instead of default 16:9. However, you should stick to this ratio for all videos.

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YouTube Showcase is designed and developed without writing a single line of PHP code using WP App Studio WordPress Design and Development Platform.

Plugin Documentation

  • NEW templating sytem which allows changing page templates for YouTube video pages from plugin settings
  • Change videos slug
  • Configured to work with eMD CSV Import Export Extension for bulk import/export from/to CSV files

After you install our plugin you will see our setup assistant which creates all the required pages, ready to use.

Two Video Gallery pages are provided:

  • Video Gallery
  • Video Grid Gallery

Video Gallery
* Displays video thumbnail navigation at the bottom. * Videos are paged after every 16th video. Page navigation is available. You can adjust the number of videos shown with a shortcode. * For phones, thumbnail navigation is replaced with two large size PREV and NEXT icons. * Videos are ordered by latest video first

Video Grid Gallery
Displays high resolution video thumbnails in a 4 column responsive layout.

You can build your galleries by adding the VIDEO ID for the videos you’d like. You can add Content and Excerpt for every video. The video CONTENT text is displayed in the video page. The video EXCERPT is displayed in Video Gallery page, right below the main video.

All videos are responsive and adjusts to the container so you do not need to give height or weight.

Comes with two sidebar widgets:

  • Featured Videos
  • Recent Videos

Featured Videos
Displays the videos you selected as featured in your video page on your sidebar.

Recent Videos
Displays your recently posted videos on the sidebar.

YouTube Showcase Pro
Create a unique video experience
YouTube Showcase Professional edition features:
* Ability to display YouTube videos, channels, search results, and custom playlists. Create them in one place, display them everywhere.
* Use Visual Shortcode Builder to display only what you want, how you want.
* 40-65% faster page loads with on-demand video embedding.
* Create connections between your videos and display them in the video page.
* Fully translatable to any language like any other WP App Studio plugin.
* Ability to set video thumbnail image independent of the video owner. If the video is for a single video and the custom image is not set, it uses the YouTube thumbnail image.
* Advanced admin area video filtering; create/ save filters, sort, drag and drop video order, display/hide columns and more.
* Pick and choose from the available 8 different video stats to display them on the front end.
* 10+ Responsive Gallery Views to display your videos. Full set all matching each other with look and feel to provide uniform viewing experience.
* Customize the player with all the options available in YouTube API V3.
* Custom video comments matching your theme's styles. The video comments don't mix with the post comments and displayed in separate menu.
* Custom video tagging and categorization. Display your collection with custom video taxonomies. They do not mix with post tag or category taxonomies.
* Showcase recent and featured videos on your sidebar. Widgets are displayed using custom image thumbnail; faster page loads, full customization.
* Easy setup with optional page creation. Activate and go.
* If you need new features or customization, let us know by opening a support ticket.

YouTube Showcase Professional Edition

YouTube Showcase Professional DEMO

Shortcodes Examples
* Display 5 videos per page. If you have more than 5 videos, it will display a page navigation bar:
[video_grid filter="misc::posts_per_page::is::5;"]
[video_gallery filter="misc::posts_per_page::is::5;"]
* Display videos with category "yoyoma".
[video_grid filter="tax::category::is::yoyoma;"]
[video_gallery filter="tax::category::is::yoyoma;"]
* Display videos with tag "yoyoma".
[video_grid filter="tax::tag::is::yoyoma;"]
[video_gallery filter="tax::tag::is::yoyoma;"]

Customization using your WP App Studio ProDev API account
YouTube Showcase is designed and developed using WP App Studio AUTOBAHN (4.3+) without writing a single line of PHP code. Customize it to your needs by:
1. Download App signature.
2. Download WP App Studio.
3. Import App signature to WP App Studio AUTOBAHN by clicking on Import button in the app list screen
4. Purchase or use your existing ProDev account. You need to purchase ProDev API access if you don't already have one.
5. Go to WP App Studio menu Applications page Click on the app signature imported and change the app name and text domain to your ProDev app name and text domain you purchased.
6. Make modifications to the design and Generate your plugin.
7. Download/Install/Activate your plugin.
8. Set your ProDev license in your plugins setting page, licenses tab. You have 1 year to customize, update your plugin. After initial activation, all other updates are done through WordPress Plugin page like other WP plugins.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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