WTI Like Post


WTI Like Post is a plugin for adding like (thumbs up) and unlike (thumbs down) functionality for posts/pages. On admin end alongwith handful of configuration settings, it will show a list of most liked posts/pages. If you have already liked a post/page and now you dislike it, then the old voting will be cancelled and vice-versa. You can reset the settings to default and the like/unlike counts for all/selected posts/pages as well. It comes with two widgets, one to display the most liked posts/pages for a given time range and another to show recently liked posts.

Upcoming PRO Feature

  1. Setting to control date range for voting.

PRO Features

  1. Ability to change your vote even if multiple voting is disabled.
  2. Action hook available for successful voting so that you can attach any functionality like sending thank you mail to user. There are 2 other hooks available for further customizing the message you see on page load and ajax call.
  3. Functionality for viewing like, unlike, total counts for individual post on admin Most Liked Posts screen. You can also view users who voted for each of them. This works only when logged in users are allowed to vote.
  4. Buddypress activity integration to show activity updates when a user likes and dislikes any standard or custom post. There will not be option to like/dislike any BuddyPress activity.
  5. Functionality for highlighting the like/unlike icon on successful voting and page load.
  6. Compatible with multisite set up.
  7. Can be used with custom post types. You can show most liked posts based on custom post types using shortcode and widget.
  8. Functionality for disabling the plugin css file so that you can use custom css from your theme.
  9. Functionality for redirecting user to a specific page on successful voting.
  10. Functionality for showing the like/unlike buttons for post excerpts.
  11. Functionality for allowing/disallowing author to vote against own post with custom message.
  12. Option to save plugin settings and table after plugin un-installation in case you need to reuse the data in future.
  13. Functionality to disable auto-loading of the like/unlike buttons so that you can use the template tag inside your theme or [wtilp_buttons] inside post/page content using the editor. Please note that [wtilp_buttons] is NOT a shortcode.
  14. Functionality to store voting counts (like, unlike, total) as post meta which can be used to show posts sorted by voting counts.
  15. Functionality to have default message to encourage users to like posts.
  16. Functionality to show users who liked a post below the like/unlike buttons.
  17. In total 6 styles of buttons for like/unlike functionality.
  18. Functionality to show like count for each post in admin post list/edit section.
  19. Has 2 template files which can be used to show most liked posts throughout the site and the most liked posts by an author on author page.
  20. Functionality to use texts instead of like/unlike images in case you want to have some encouraging texts which can not be conveyed using images.
  21. Functionality for adding default like/unlike entries i.e. 0 for posts and pages when they are created.
  22. Functionality to show most liked/unliked posts from selected categories on Most Liked/Unliked Posts widget.
  23. Functionality to show posts liked/unliked by all users or the logged in user on the widget and also shortcode for showing the same on a page.
  24. Wide range of time including hours to have more control on the posts shown on the widget.
  25. Most Liked/Unliked Category Posts widget to show posts liked/unliked on the specific category page.
  26. Functionality to show post excerpt, thumbnail on all the available widgets.

PRO Plugin URL: http://www.webtechideas.in/product/wti-like-post-pro/ PRO manual is available for downloading on the last section of the page.

PRO Plugin Demo URL: http://demowp.webtechideas.com/

PRO Plugin Support Forum: http://support.webtechideas.com/forums/forum/wti-like-post-pro/

Standard features

  1. AJAX thumbs up/down functionality without refreshing your screen
  2. Wide range of voting period to allow users to revote after a specific period of time
  3. 3 different voting styles with 3 set of images
  4. Show/hide +/- symbols before like/unlike count
  5. Reset all/selected like and unlike counts
  6. Shortcode for showing most liked posts and recently liked posts on a page
  7. Allow or block guest users to vote
  8. Custom messages
  9. Show thumbs up/down functionality on pages or not
  10. Exclude specific posts/pages if you do not want this functionality to be shown there
  11. Show excluded posts/pages on widget section or not
  12. Show the thumbs up/down functionality on top of the content or at the bottom
  13. Show the thumbs up/down functionality on left of the screen or right
  14. Exclude specific sections like home, archive page not to show like/dislike functionality
  15. Excluded categories not to show like/dislike functionality for posts under those categories
  16. Allow specific posts from excluded categories to show like/dislike functionality
  17. Excluded like/dislike functionality on post/page add/edit interface
  18. Enter custom title text on hovering the like/unlike images
  19. English, French, Polish language files
  20. Widgets to show most liked posts and recently liked posts
  21. Option to save plugin settings and table even after plugin uninstallation which will make upgradation smooth

Plugin URL: http://www.webtechideas.in/wti-like-post-plugin/ Plugin manual is available for downloading on the last page of the plugin url.

Author’s Blog: Webtechideas

Author’s Other Plugins: WTI Contact Back


  • Admin plugin link
  • Plugin configuration settings
  • Plugin frontend view
  • Option to exclude like/dislike functionality on post/page add/edit section
  • Most Liked Posts Widget admin view
  • Most Liked Posts Widget frontend view
  • Recently Liked Posts Widget admin view
  • Recently Liked Posts Widget frontend view
  • Most Liked Posts admin shortcode functionality
  • Showing most liked posts on a page
  • Recently Liked Posts admin shortcode functionality
  • Showing recently liked posts on a page
  • Most liked posts shown below plugin configuration settings
  • Support-Manual-Upgrdation-Review-Donation


  • Download the plugin and extract it.
  • Upload the directory ‘/wti-like-post/’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Click on ‘WTI Like Post’ link under Settings menu to access the admin section.


Can I disable auto loading of the like/unlike buttons and use template tag instead?

Yes, this is possible. Using admin settings you can control this and you can use inside your theme file to render the like/unlike buttons (PRO Version).

Can this be used on post excerpts apart from post content?

Yes, there is option for enabling or disabling this setting (PRO Version).

Can I use my custom css code instead of plugin css code?

Yes, you can do this by using available option (PRO Version).

Does this plugin support shortcode for placing the like/buttons inside post/page content?

Yes, this is available (PRO Version).

Is this compatible with multisite set up?

Yes, this is (PRO Version).

Can this plugin work with Buddypress Activity component?

Yes, the PRO Version has this functionality.
Yes, this is (PRO Version).

Can user be redirected to a Thank You page after successful voting?

Yes, with the PRO Version you can specify the redirect page url where user will be redirected after successful voting.

Is there any hook available?

Yes, there are 3 hooks available with the PRO Version. There is one action hook using which you can send notification to admin or user on successful voting.

Can I restrict the user from revoting?

Yes, you can do this. There is admin setting available. You can completely disallow a user from revoting or allow after a given period of time.

Can only guest users vote?

Yes, there is option available to allow this. If you want to enable only logged in users to vote, you can also do that.

Can authors be restricted from voting against own posts?

Yes, they can be allowed/disallowed to do so (PRO Version).

Can I show post excerpt, thumbnail, author, category, tags on the widgets for this plugin?

Yes apart from post title, you can use settings in the widgets section whether to show/hide above attributes. You can also control the thumbnail size by providing any values like 100 or 150 etc (PRO Version).

Can I show the users who like/unlike a given post?

Yes, you can do this. (PRO Version).

Can I sort the posts by like/unlike count as a normal blog page?

Yes, this is possible. This plugin (PRO Version) stores like/unlike count in terms of post meta, using that you can sort the posts. There is an example here for the same showing on category page.

Can I use text instead of like/unlike images?

Yes, this is also possible (PRO Version). Using this you can provide more meaningful message to the user which may not conveyed using images.

Can I exclude few posts and categories where I don’t want to show the like/unlike buttons?

Yes, using plugin settings in the admin end, you can control this.

Can I disable dislike button so that user can only like the posts?

Yes, this is possible by using plugin setting.

Can I reset all/selected like/unlike counts?

Yes, you can do this in the admin plugin settings.

Can this plugin be used for pages as well?

Yes, you can use this plugin against wordpress pages. You need to enable this feature in the admin plugin settings end.

How many like/unlike button styles are available with this plugin?

In total there are 6 styles available. If you still need a different one, then place thumbs up/down images of same file name and same size.


Poor job: Badly coded plugin, unoptimized DataBase requests, and other errors

Unfortunately, I must say: Badly coded plugin, unoptimized/unprofessionally coded DataBase requests, Database structure as well isn’t made as it should (unique field indexes, performance indexes), mistakes in CSS file as well.

In the end, the plugin is making an extra performance load on your website just by being added to it, as well with each of the actions from it.
I could go on and on, but I believe I have painted the picture enough.
Just sad to see another poor job in this directory 🙁

After seeing the code of this plugin, the developer bio text “Skilled developer” looks like a big lie 🙁

Stellar Service

I was having trouble doing a couple things with the plugin, the dev team went above and beyond to give me custom code to do all the things I wanted to do. Amazing level of service!

6 star rating for support team

I had a bug in theme and these guys helped me even though it wasn’t the issue with their plugin at all. WTI Like Post is working just great and the support team is amazingly fast and dedicated.

Thank guys.

Great plugin, Very Happy

Have been using this plugin for a couple of months now and it works great. No issue at all.
Well done devs thanks for your efforts 🙂

Good and patient support

We had a couple of issues accessing the plugin files between us, requiring a few different options before we found a solution. The support from WebTechIdeas was very patient and helpful in resolving the issue.

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  • Improved compatibility with wordpress 4.8.2
  • Fixed issue as reported


  • Modified ajax functionality
  • Functionality to store user id for votes if logged in
  • Fixed issue as reported


  • Fixed issue with voting period more than 1 day
  • Modified table structure to work with IPv6
  • Fixed the issue with Recently Liked Posts widget


  • This is a security release following the correct and secured approach for ajax requests as per wordpress standards
  • Option to drop or not to drop plugin settings and table on plugin uninstall. This will help in retaining like/unlike counts which can be used in future/upgrading to PRO version
  • Replaced all id attributes by class so that the buttons can be place in more than one positions inside the template


  • Option to exclude specific sections like home, archive page not to show like/dislike functionality
  • Option to excluded categories not to show like/dislike functionality for posts under those categories
  • Option to allow specific posts from excluded categories to show like/dislike functionality
  • Option to exclude like/dislike functionality on post/page add/edit interface
  • Option to enter custom title text on hovering the like/unlike images
  • Added french, polish language files


  • Option to reset all/selected like and unlike counts
  • Option to show/hide +/- symbols before like/unlike count
  • Option to show selected title text on hovering the like/unlike images
  • Option to show widget on multiple widget positions
  • Removed live updation of like count on widget section due to limitation


  • Added shortcode for showing most liked posts interms of a page. Also fixed issues with css file
  • Removed the restriction on showing max 10 posts on the widget. Now you can show more number of posts
  • Added fix for default wordpress table prefix


  • Added 3 different voting styles with 3 sets of images


  • This is the first version