WP VR – 360 Panorama and virtual tour creator for WordPress


With WPVR, set up a virtual tour for site visitors where they can navigate a 360 view of your location, switch between several spots (or rooms), get information on items on the location, zoom in and out to get a better view, and get an overall idea about how your place may look in reality.

Get your site visitors hooked by giving them a tour that makes them realize how amazing your place is. Check Documentation

Complete Gutenberg block support. Check how to use WPVR Block.

Elementor Widget Support. Check how to use Elementor WPVR Widget.

360 Video support. Check how to add 360 video.

Auto rotation and rotation pause and stop control.

Panorama Compass and Customized Hotspot Icon with Dynamic Color support on Premium version.

Default zoom level support on Premium version.

Maximum and minimum zoom range support on Premium version.

Customize each scene’s default face on load for Premium version.

Scene grab control and custom boundary for each scene on Premium version.

Scene title and author tag support on Premium version.

Easy and simple interface 
Simple, easy and straight forward options to add your panorama images and create a tour.

Easy direction and navigation tools
Create multiple hotspots for each scene at your own will. You can add hotspot type: info to get on-click or hover information or add URL. You can use hotspot type: scene and connect it to visit other scenes.

Customize style easily
You can implement your own custom style class and, alter the design and display of content from hotspot easily.

Easy to embed your virtual tour:
Every tour you create generates a shortcode.
For a classic editor, you can simply apply this shortcode on your page along with proper width and height, and your website will include the virtual tour just the way you want.
For Gutenberg block editor, you will find a block type “WPVR” under the common blocks. Create a WPVR block and on the toolbar, input the ID from the short code and assign your desired height and width, and the virtual tour will be embedded on your web page.
For Elementor page builder, you will find a widget called “WPVR” under the general widgets. Simply add the widget and input ID, and assign height and width (in px) and it will be embedded on your web page.


Free Version

  • Responsive default design
  • Preview tour on back-end
  • Option to set scene fade animation duration
  • Customization freedom of hotspot contents
  • Supports Equiretangular Panaromic Image type
  • Extensive keyboard and move navigation: Use direction keys or click and drag to navigate
  • Mouse scroll or keyboard buttons to zoom in and out
  • Generates shortcodes
  • For Classic editor, apply short code directly on webpage to embed item
  • Supports full screen
  • Support from support forum
  • Gutenberg block support
  • Elementor widget support
  • 360 video support
  • Auto rotation
  • Rotation pause and stop control

Premium Version

  • Unlimited scenes
  • Unlimited hotspots
  • Customized premium icons
  • Color picker for hotspot custom icons background.
  • Custom panorama compass support
  • Default zoom level
  • Maximum and minimum zoom range
  • Customize each scene’s default face on load
  • Scene grab control and custom boundary for each scene
  • Scene title and author tag support
  • Hotspot based scene face
  • Personalized support on both support forum and our support e-mail.

Upcoming Features
– Panoramic image type support: Cubemap, Multiresolution
– Google cardboard support
– Background music
– Advanced on-screen control button.



  • Front-end view.
  • Scene setup window.
  • Hotspot setup window.
  • Preview window.
  • General settings window


This plugin provides 1 block.



1. Why should I use WPVR?

You can easily create a Virtual Tour for your place using WPVR. You simply need to provide a 360 degree panoramic photo, and this plugin will create a virtual tour which visitors can navigate easily. You can further add hotspots to include information or add more scenes to navigate to.

2. Installation

You can download the plugin either from wordpress.org or from rextheme.com. Once you have downloaded the file, you can then go to your dashboard, under plugin, select Add New and upload the file. Then Install and activate the plugin. Once activated, on the left side under your dashboard, you will find the option WPVR at the bottom.

3. What kind of pictures should I take to use in WPVR?

To make a perfect equirectangular image, you need to use a 360 degree panoramic photo of the area you want to preview.

4. Can I embed images and videos on hotspot?

Yes, you can include image source or video embed link on the section On Click Content in a hotspot, which will view the image or video when clicked on.

5. Can I Customize the Content on the hotspot?

Yes. You can create a custom class on your theme, stating whatever style you want. Then you can input the class name on the Hotspot Custom Class section in a hotspot, and the content displayed will be customized according to the style you set.

6. How can I embed a virtual tour using Gutenberg Block Editor??

Under common blocks, you will find a block called WPVR. Add WPVR block. Select the block and on the dynamic toolbar on the right, you will get the options to add ID, Height and Width. Collect the ID from the virtual tour you created. Assign height and width according to your convenience.

7. What do I do if I get “THE FILE (image link) COULD NOT BE ACCESSED” error?

Sometimes when you add a tour on your site, you might face this issue that rather than loading the tour it will give the error “THE FILE (…) COULD NOT BE ACCESSED.”

This error shows up when you are running a website under “HTTPS” (secured with SSL certificate) whereas your image link is under “HTTP” (unsecured).

To solve this issue, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General. Here make sure you have “https” added to both “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)”. That’s it. Your virtual tour will load with no issues. 



We are very happy with this plugin and have been able to receive lots of support conveniently from the website. It works well, it is simple to use and has most of the important features you would need.

Great Support

Very impressed with WPVR, looking forward to further features (like Google Cardboard feature) Support is great!

einfach und sehr gut – nach update nicht mehr!!

ein plugin, wie ich es gesucht habe. einfache benutzerführung und sehr gute umsetzung. (Damals 5 Sterne!!!) Update: leider wird in der neuen Version Google-Fonts verwendet und ein Video-Button einer externen Seite eingebunden, damit ist dieses Plugin nicht mehr datenschutzkonform und kann von mir nicht mehr verwendet werden... Deep fall from 5 to 1
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Contributors & Developers

“WP VR – 360 Panorama and virtual tour creator for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Hotspot custom icon support.
  • On screen control available.


  • Default scene can be selected from scene tab.
  • Default height and width given for shortcodes.


  • Gutenberg block support
  • Bug fix.


  • Save draft fixed.
  • Error handling fixed.
  • Video support added.
  • Slider revolution conflict fix.
  • Auto rotation
  • Rotation pause and stop control


  • Dynamic Font-Awesome icon added for hotspot.
  • Dynamic color picker added for hotspot color.
  • Custom panorama compass support.
  • Default zoom level.
  • Maximum and minimum zoom range.
  • Customize each scene’s default face on load.
  • Scene grab control and custom boundary for each scene.


  • Scene title and author tag support.
  • Elementor widget support.


  • Elementor widget support for free.
  • Mozilla Firefox bug fix.
  • CDN load fix.
  • Block input dropdown added.
  • Hotspot based scene face added.