Extends the WP-REST API with custom read only endpoints.

If you have a WordPress blog at http://www.example.com you can reach the read only REST API by requesting these endpoints:

http://www.example.com/wp-json/wprestapiextensions/v1/posts?page=1&per_page=12&search=query&tags=tag1+tag2 http://www.example.com/wp-json/wprestapiextensions/v1/tag?tag_name=tag1 http://www.example.com/wp-json/wprestapiextensions/v1/post 

The above endpoints does read from database whenever they are requested, and are thus very slow to react.

From within the plugin, there is an option to deploy a cache in front of this REST API. When you deploy it, be warned that the folder “rest-api” will be created in the root of your webserver.

You can then request the REST-API like this:

http://www.example.com/rest-api/v1/posts?page=1&per_page=12&search=query&tags=tag1+tag2 http://www.example.com/rest-api/v1/tag/?_jsonp=angular.callbacks._1&tag_name=tag1 

Since these requests are infinitely cached, you can schedule an optional wipe of the cache which will occur 5 minutes after last post alteration.


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  • Refactoring plugin for better performance.
  • Adding an infinite cache for faster rest-api requests.
  • Deploy cache mechanism from control panel.
  • Optional wipe cache functionality when posts have been altered.


  • Added search capability.
  • Added simple pagination.
  • Added a five minute caching.


  • Added new endpoints for posts.
  • Wrapping responses


  • If you request a tag with spaces in the name, before failing it will also try searching for a tag where spaces has been replaces with ‘-‘ tags.


  • Added endpoint so you can get a tag.


  • Added categories to response for posts.


  • Uploaded plugin.

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