This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



WPQuiz allows you to create a quiz (one or more questions/answers) and add it to any post/page using the built-in tags [wpquiz id=?] and [wpquiz_text][/wpquiz_text]. After installing, you can create a new quiz or edit the sample one by accessing it from the admin Dashboard->Settings->WPQuiz. Once you’ve created a quiz there you can easily add it to
a post/page from the Add/Edit post/page editor’s WPQuiz meta box. The plugin stores its questions/answers in two tables in the database.

The answers are not stored, only checked and shown back to user. Storing and/or giving more feedback is planned for the next release, comments welcome.


How to I create a new quiz:
  • From WordPress Admin Dashboard, click on Settings menu, you should then see a menu option named ‘WPQuiz’, click on that. Follow the on screen form.
How do I add a quiz to a post/page:
  • If the plugin is enabled there is a new box on the post/page edit screen named “WPQuiz: Insert quiz:” click on the quiz name and add post will add it to the current post, alternatively you can simply type in “[wpquiz id = x]” where x is the quiz name show on the WPQuiz page in the settings menu.
How to I show the score:
  • You can use the optional tags in your post, these include:
    • [wpquiz_correct] for the number of correctly answered questions
    • [wpquiz_wrong] for the number of incorrectly answered questions
    • [wpquiz_total] for the total number of questions
    • [wpquiz_percent] for the percentage scored calculated as correct divided by total multiplied by total
How do I show/hide the tweet this button:
  • By default the insert this quiz button will add the tweet this button, to hide the button simply remove or change the tweet_this paramater to false



  • Fixed bug in storing the correct answer on new quizzes and displaying on editing quiz
  • Tested against WordPress 3.7.1


  • Added in randomising of the answers to the questions
  • Added Twitter tweet this button on results page
  • Fixed several other minor bugs
  • Note database change – table wpquiz_questions – correctAnswer from mediumint to varchar 100
  • Please note there is a format change to the way correct answers are stored, to update your quiz please edit it from Dashboard->Settings->WPQuiz page and reselect the correct answers and save, this should update to the new format


  • Fixed bug that on creation of quiz was selecting wrong correct answer


  • Fixed bug that stopped new quiz creation due to different SQL schemas


  • Bug fix when editing existing quiz lead to incorrect correct answer being stored
  • Laid foundation for storing answers in quiz results


  • Moved scoring result to post/page entry to allow formatting and more flexibility
  • Fixed a layout bug causing text to overlay incorrectly


  • Adjusted existing installs to populate score text with default text


  • Added score marking system to show how many correct, wrong, total and percent. New section in admin area


  • Fixed critical bug stopping tables being created


  • Improved updating of existing quiz and fixed a layout error in quiz edit


  • Fixed bug so editing quiz is now possible
  • Fixed JavaScript bug when reducing number of answers


  • Fixed JavaScript bug preventing adding additional questions to existing quiz and to fix error in selecting the correct answer for quiz question 10 and above


  • Initial Release.

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