WPMktgEngine turns your WordPress site into a marketing engine for your business. A comprehensive online marketing platform.

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A full integrated online marketing application. Combines the flexibility of WordPress with the power of email marketing, smart rule automation, lead generation and lead management. Experience amazing results!

With the WPMktgEngine plugin installed, customers using WordPress as their website platform can now:

  • Generate more leads using our drag-and-drop PageBuilder & landing page capability (no web dev techie required)
  • Automate email marketing and lead nurturing based on site visitor actions
  • Create content-relevant and buyer-stage calls-to-action (CTAs) and insert them on pages, into posts, or in sidebars – without having to create multiple sidebars! You place CTAs wherever they make the most sense based on your content.
  • CTAs can be images that change on mouse-over, or HTML buttons – your choice.
  • All leads are stored in your WPMktgEngine’s account centralized lead database / CRM (in the cloud), so it’s kept safe and doesn’t add any overhead to your WordPress hosting account.
  • Track all visitor activity and record it into the lead’s Activity screen inside the centralized lead database.
  • Integrate WordPress user levels with WPMktgEngine Lead Types – automatically – and then use Smart Rules to trigger messages and create deeper engagement.
  • Understand who are your subscribers and approved commenters and add them to your lead database automatically. Know which leads are leaving comments on your blog, which subscribers are active, and nurture them with more relevant content.
  • Create and manage forms with WPMktgEngine and present them in your WordPress site using one of our form themes or your site’s default form CSS – use for calls-to-action, event registrations, and more – as popups or full forms -and the forms are responsive too.
  • Form submissions on WordPress automatically create or update lead records in the centralized lead database – trigger automatic emails, nurturing sequences, or a variety of other activities.
  • Your Centralized lead database lives in the cloud, so it doesn’t bog down your WordPress implementation at all. Your data is safe and secure – available from any installed WPMktgEngine plugin across one or more of your sites (depending upon which level of WPMktEngine you have).

With the WPMktgEngine Plugin, your site will engage visitors, entice them to provide their contact informaton, and increase your audience – which means, ultimately, that you will increase your sales! View more at: http://wpmktgengine.com.
To download the WPMktgEngine Plugin for WordPress, visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmktgengine/ or search for “WPMktgEngine” from your WordPress Plugins screen (Add New). To obtain the WPMktgEngine WordPress Plugin user guide, visit Help/Support from your WPMktgEngine Admin Screen within the plugin.
Not a WPMktgEngine customer yet? Try us out! It’s easy to create an account. We provide a 30-Day money back guarantee. Get full web-based training, user forums for support and more, with optional advanced training — all from a complete member portal.


  1. WordPress at least version 3.3
  2. PHP at least version 5.3.1
  3. Active WPMktgEngine account (http://wpmktgengine.com)


  • Login to your WPMktgEngine account, or create a new one from the plugin.
  • Keep your Form look and feel as the default for your theme, or select from one of our themes. The look and feel will be applied to lead capture forms you place onto your site pages.
  • Easily create, manage, and place forms on your site pages. You select which one is the default "blog subscribe" form. Using Shortcodes or our Widget to easily place the right form on the right page on your website ensures that all of your lead information resides in your WPMktgEngine account's centralized lead database, allowing you to automate actions and follow-up effectively.
  • Push all existing subscribers and approved commenters to your WPMktgEngine account easily, and perform other housekeeping activities as needed. (note: once you push your existing subscribers and approved commenters, all NEW subscribers will be pushed automatically - just use the chosen Genoo blog subscribe form on your pages. Approved commenters will be pushed across in real time to your WPMktgEngine account, as comments are approved). Understanding which leads are commenting in addition to all their other activity is now seamless!



  1. Go to your admin area and select Plugins -> Add new from the menu.
  2. Search for “WPMktgEngine”.
  3. Click install.
  4. Click activate.
  5. Enjoy.


  1. Go to [https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmktgengine/](https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmktgengine.com/ “WPMktgEngine”)
  2. Download latest version of the plugin.
  3. Unzip file into WordPress plugins directory.
  4. Activate plugin.
  5. Enjoy.


Installation Instructions


  1. Go to your admin area and select Plugins -> Add new from the menu.
  2. Search for “WPMktgEngine”.
  3. Click install.
  4. Click activate.
  5. Enjoy.


  1. Go to [https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmktgengine/](https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmktgengine.com/ “WPMktgEngine”)
  2. Download latest version of the plugin.
  3. Unzip file into WordPress plugins directory.
  4. Activate plugin.
  5. Enjoy.

Contributors & Developers

“WPMktgEngine” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Flush cache for lead types on settings page


  • CSS edits


  • HTML page hotfix


  • PHP Notices removal


  • Delete page hotfix


  • Customizer extension hotfix for WPBakery


  • UTF-8 bugfix

    3.4.2 =

  • Modal theme bugfix

    3.4.1 =

  • Customizer fixes


  • Customizer fixes


  • Ever Webinar compatibility


  • Ability to select styles / scripts on landing pages


  • Hotfix: Forms action URL


  • First & Last name WooCommerce compatibility fix


  • Adding converted images from ID to image path into JSON api endpoint


  • WooCommerce compatibility update
  • PHP Notices removal


  • Clever plugin which recognises extensions compatible with itself
  • API exposed for pages / forms etc.


  • Fixed possible fatal error


  • Fixed UX issues with Modal Pop-ups


  • Stability


  • Optimized Woocommerce extension compatibility
  • Added trackable shortcode


  • Optimized “Sync all forms”


  • Ability to add landing pages header & footer data for all pages in Settings
  • CTA group opened to wp-json api (with custom meta fields)
  • Modal Theme using global modal title and description as field


  • Modal Popup Default Theme – preview all options


  • Modal Popups naming conventions
  • Modal Popups titles and descriptions connected to original CTA
  • Changable cache folder


  • Modal Popups optimalization


  • Pantheon setup
  • Error handling for modal windows


  • Ability to display popover only to unknown leads


  • Hotfix with modal themes namespaces
  • Hotfix with modal themes data being overwritten


  • Removing inline styles for included forms


  • WordPress customiser can now style modal windows
  • Modal Window templates


  • Deprecated ‘mobile’ window functionality

  • Updating to latest WordPress version


  • TinyMCE shortcodes for adding a Form, CTA, Survey has been optimized and the icons have been updated.
  • CTAs are stored in the cloud, so they can be used across wordpress sites where the plugin is installed.
  • Improved stability
  • Extension Interface update


  • Dynamic Sidebar injection compatibility
  • Adding CTA’s stored in the Api (cloud)


  • Ability to align CTA from Page Builder


  • Better Rendering fot CTA’s from Page Builder


  • Landing page bugfix


  • eCommerce better compatibility


  • New Page Builder features


  • Forms compatibility upgrade


  • Page Builder in HTTPS


  • Minor bugfixes sorting HTTPS issue on some installations


  • Added Pop-Up and Form styler
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Landing pages unique objects fix
  • Landing pages font loading enhanced
  • Auto prepended CTA post types on first activation
  • Landing pages fixed url to be without paramaters


  • Added drag and drop page builder & landing pages


  • Enabling News and new Courses in admin dashboard


  • Removing “required field” after form submission
  • Fixed error for not found form response according to form indicator in GET parameters
  • Allowing CTA feed from any origin


  • HTTP / HTTPS loading fix for admin and Chrome same-policy


  • Added extensibility for settings pages
  • Added extensibility for tools
  • Added cta extension for page builder


  • Added protection for DOMDocument missing


  • Added ability to redirect a page according to a referer URL
  • Extended API for extensions


  • Added ability to force HTTP on a TinyMCE pop-up
  • Added ability to add custom CSS CLASS and ID to a CTA
  • Added WordPress filters to change CTA CSS CLASS and ID dynamically


  • Moved Widget init back to previous position
  • Added new admin styles


  • Different approach for caching sidebars
  • Added new CSS options
  • Added ability to center CTA inside a post


  • Additional CSS added for inline aligment in “ul > li” lists


  • Added a protection for WordPress widgets dissapearing phenomenon
  • Added additional uninstall hooks for database clean up


  • Added warning about incompatible sidebars
  • Changed CTA title to a mandatory field in CTA creation