This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



WPListCal allows you to list upcoming events on your blog in a list or table format. It plugs straight into the WordPress admin pages to let you keep track of events just like posts and pages. You can then list events on a page or post using a shortcode, show events in your sidebar with a widget, or incorporate events into your theme files using a PHP function call.

Version Guide

  • WordPress 2.7 or later → Use WPListCal 1.3.5 (current stable release)
  • WordPress 2.5-2.6.3 → Use WPListCal
  • WordPress 2.0.3-2.3.3 → Use WPListCal 1.0.2


Where does WPListCal store events?

On activation time, the plugin adds a table called <prefix>_wplistcal that stores all your events.

What happens to my events when I deactivate the plugin?

Before version 1.0.6, on deactivation, the events table is dropped, so if you want to save your event data, back up the table before deactivating the plugin.

As of 1.0.6, deactivating the plugin has no effect on your data. When upgrading to 1.0.6, DO NOT deactivate the plugin until you have uploaded the new version of wplistcal.php

Why is WPListCal different from other WordPress calendar plugins?

WPListCal is specialized to provide clean list or table based output for you to style or reparse any way you’d like. Other calendar plugins force you to use a gregorian calendar view which may be inappropriate for many applications.

Why do some of my events show N/A for author and create date?

Events created before upgrading to version 1.1 did not have those values set, therefore WPListCal marks them as N/A.

I am unable to make events that start or end past January 19, 2038 at 3:14:08am

This is a known bug in PHP (id# 44209) and was fixed in version 5.2.6. The specific issue was that strtotime() did not support 64-bit timestamps.

Does WPListCal use any 3rd party libraries?

Yes, WPListCal is packaged with iCalcreator which is released under the GNU LGPL

My event times are all wrong after upgrading to WordPress 2.9.

Go to WordPress General settings and reset your timezone to a city rather than a manual UTC offset.

I love WPListCal, but I’d like it to do <blank>.

Great, I’m glad to hear feature requests. Just post a comment on the plugin’s homepage.



  • FIXED: WordPressMU support on options page (thanks Gabriel Mazetto for the patch)
  • FIXED: Multiple i18n bugs, now using date_i18n to allow localized dates (thanks Jonas for the patch)


  • FIXED: Event cleanup link was pointed incorrectly and didn’t work properly
  • FIXED: Linked “events” in the dashboard to match other dashboard counters


  • FIXED: Updated compatible version to 2.9 (no code changes)


  • FIXED: timezone_abbreviations_list() error


  • FIXED: Event Operations page had an invalid link for Export


  • NEW: Export single events from event listing (%EXPORTURL%)
  • NEW: Refactored export and cleanup into one admin page
  • FIXED: Resolved an issue where the upload settings are not updated on each activation of the plugin


  • FIXED: WordPress 2.8 compatibility
  • FIXED: Cursor is no longer ‘move’ for section headers in the event edit page since you can’t drag anyway


  • FIXED: Table view didn’t show events
  • NEW: Added POT file for translation


  • NEW: Event cleanup
  • FIXED: Updated admin menus to use WordPress Capabilities instead of user levels (fixes settings page bug)
  • NEW: Conditional format strings (i.e. bracketed statements)
  • NEW: Shortcode support
  • FIXED: All timestamps are now based on the WordPress timezone option instead of server time


  • FIXED: Moved the timezone functions into a PHP5-only block for back-compat
  • FIXED: Load scripts only when we’re on a WPListCal page


  • NEW: Updated all styles and elements for WordPress 2.7
  • NEW: Menus refactored to fit into the new WordPress 2.7 menu structure
  • NEW: Dashboard now shows number of events published
  • NEW: Location field
  • NEW: Widget support
  • FIXED: Refactored code into separate files
  • FIXED: Replaced a non-localizable string literal in the options page
  • NEW: Event export
  • NEW: Added link to the WordPress 2.7 admin favorites menu

  • FIXED: Removed a 2.7-only function that caused PHP warnings on 2.6
  • FIXED: Re-enabled media upload buttons since they now work right

  • FIXED: Options page warning


  • FIXED: Visual editor was broken (again)


  • NEW: Option to use a different date format for the end date if the event starts and ends on the same day
  • NEW: Option to display a message if there are no events to show
  • NEW: Option to set rel=’nofollow’ on links in the event listing
  • NEW: Option to display events in reverse order


  • NEW: Link field on events
  • FIXED: Description box now has the correct tab index on the new & edit pages
  • FIXED: Table view now uses properly cleaned fields
  • FIXED: Past events option now defaults to “Only show current and future events” if it is not set
  • FIXED: Deactivating the plugin no longer deletes all WPListCal settings and data
  • FIXED: Write section tab now named Event instead of Add Event for consistency with WordPress


  • FIXED: Return of the WPListCal options tab
  • FIXED: the visual editor didn’t work
  • FIXED: htmlspecialchars_decode function threw error
  • FIXED: Plugin now works on servers with short_open_tag disabled


  • FIXED: Edit & options links to work when wplistcal.php is in a subfolder
  • FIXED: Removed options link from edit & new event pages if the user doesn’t have permissions to view it
  • FIXED: Settings tab no longer appears to users who do not have permissions to it
  • FIXED: Visual editor now works properly (also fixes switcheditors not defined error)


  • FIXED: Options bug introduced by WordPress 2.5
  • NEW: Restyled admin menus to look like WordPress 2.5
  • FIXED: Localized a few hardcoded strings
  • NEW: 24hr time support for the admin area
  • NEW: Advanced notice limit option
  • NEW: Every other event in both the list and table view has the css class wplc_alt applied to it to allow alternating row formatting
  • FIXED: Maximum events setting on wplc_show_events was broken
  • FIXED: Event titles containing single quotes printed wrong


  • FIXED: Maximum Events option always defaulted to show all events


  • FIXED: Added definition for str_ireplace() for servers not running PHP5


  • Initial Release

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