WordPress out of the box is smart enough to give you the ability to host downloads on your personal blog/website. If you deliver premium content for free to your users maybe you want to get a little bit of love from your consumers. With wpLike2Get you can protect your download or content until the user like, tweet or +1 your content.

Decide which type of social network

You decide between Facebooks like and send button, Twitters tweet or follow button and Google +1 button. You can decide for only one button, two, or all together.

Track with Google Analytics

You have the ability to track the button-clicks with Google Analytics.


The social media buttons are loaded when the shortcode was detected. [l2g id=”999″]. You can optional decide for a name of the downloadlink and you can select different social networks when you activated all on the wpLike2Get settings page. A complete shortcode for downloads looks like that: [l2g name=”Download this awesome file” id=”999″ facebook=”true” twitter=”true” gplusone=”false”]
a complete shortcode for hiding content looks like that: [l2g facebook=”true” twitter=”true” gplusone=”false”]here is your content to hide until user likes the content[/l2g]

Shortcode options

  • id => id of the attachment
  • name => some text
  • twitter => true|false
  • facebook => true|false
  • gplusone => true|false
  • single => true|false if true show only on singular views (since v1.2.2)
  • home_text => some text only displayed when single is true (since v1.2.2)
  • like_url => url for all activated social networks to like
  • facebook_url => add the url the user should like, will not detect likes from the past
  • twitter_url => add the url the user should tweet/follow, will not detect likes from the past
  • gplusone_url => add the url the user should plus, will not detect likes from the past


  • wpLike2Get settings excerpt
  • The wpLike2Get option in the media-uploader
  • Example layout of all the social media buttons
  • Example layout of the download link after facebook like


Can I contact you for support questions?

Yes, but please use the wordpress.org forums. In the future I give no support via email anymore.

Can I using it on old files?

Yes, you can use it also on files you uploaded before installing the plugin

Can I hide also content, and not only downloads?

Yes, since version 1.2.0 you can also hide content before user like your post/page. Use following shortcode: [l2g]here is your content to hide until user likes the content[/l2g]

How can I hide a social network on only one specific post/page?

Use the following options in the shortcode: facebook=”false”, twitter=”false” or gplusone=”false”

How can I add the ability to like a facebook fanpage?

Add the attribute like_url to your shortcode and add the url to it. If you want to like different things for every social network, use facebook_url, twitter_url or gplusone_url.


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1.2.9 | 24.05.2015

  • integrate twitter widget without fixed http:// schema, transform to // (thanks to @Ciprian)

1.2.8 | 23.10.2014

  • add the possibility to like any URL via custom shortcode (facebook_url, twitter_url, gplusone_url)
  • add spanish translation (thanks to Andrew Kurtis from webhostinghub.com for the translation)
  • minify and combine all javascript files for better performance

1.2.7 | 20.01.2014

  • adding google analytics universal tracking
  • remove the option where you can select your google analytics version. Most of you don’t know the version, it is detected automatically now

1.2.6 | 21.10.2013

  • fixed a copy & paste bug. sorry!

1.2.5 | 21.10.2013

  • fixed a bug, where google analytics tracking for twitter is not working

1.2.4 | 08.10.2013

  • fixed php warning “Creating default object from empty value”

1.2.3 | 08.01.2013

  • full compatibility for wordpress 3.5
  • including french language file (thanks to @oweb (http://www.office-web.net) for the translation)

1.2.2 | 19.10.2012

  • feature: adding an option to show buttons only on singular views (thanks @tiagosgd for feature-request)
  • feature: adding option to set facebook language
  • bugfix: some default options not observed
  • bugfix: show love to developer is not working
  • add a amazon wishlist widget to options page sidebar

1.2.1 | 10.09.2012

  • fixing an error with G+ Plugin. User can’t see hidden content when using G+.
  • fixing array_merge warning on activating plugin
  • integrating PressTrends Plugin API

1.2.0 | 12.03.2012

  • you can now also hiding content before user like the post/page (thanks to Ovidiu for the feature suggestion)
  • using this feature you can use the [l2g] shortcode: [l2g]here is your content to hide until user likes the content[/l2g]
  • this feature is not implemented like the download link (requesting the link via ajax), the content is only hidden in the html output

1.1.0 | 24.02.2012

  • refactoring plugin code for a more wordpress standard code base
  • adding standard css styles to the button, so after activating plugin, you can use it without adding any css styles

1.0 | 10.02.2012

  • initial release

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